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  1. Guess I'll have to go over Herman's head to get the job done.... "Dear Santa..."
  2. Any chance at all that Beck gets shown the door at the end of the season?
  3. According to the SECRant (I know, they're not the most reliable source on the planet) Jimbo Fisher is going to be aggys next head coach. I'll believe it when I see it...I doubt very, very seriously that aggy is the best offer that he'll get. If he does take it he's going to need to dial down his expectations when it comes to his new fan base because... For your amusement: https://www.secrant.com/rant/sec-football/jimbo-fisher-to-texas-aandm/73365911/
  4. Mack Brown for AD?

    Saw this on Footballscoop.com... I think I'd be okay with this. Mack's got a long history with the University of Texas and knows the culture and the pressure that comes with the position. He's popular, is instantly recognizable and has had a bigger impact both on and off the field since the days of Darrel Royal. He 's worked with the big money alum and, to the best of my limited knowledge, has a good relationship with most of them so he probably has a little insight on how best to manage them (to the extent they can be managed) and the money that they're willing to spend on athletics. My only real concerns would be how he'd handle difficult personnel decisions...I think that personal loyalty has gotten in the way a time or two (Greg Davis comes to mind...).
  5. If there's any school/fan base in the nation that can justify hiring Briles it's aggy. They live in a world with maroon rainbows and flying collies, they'd wash down that hire with a few sips of maroon kool-aid.
  6. Astros World Series

    I was at the Astros game the next day and saw Ryan throw the no-hitter! Easily the best baseball game I've ever seen, lost my voice from yelling and couldn't talk for a day or so after. As for ticket stubs, I love baseball and lost the stub for the no-hitter while my sister, who hates sports in general, still has hers. Damn.
  7. I think they should go with Jim Bob Cooter and hope that he'll do well there just to read/hear one writer/commentator say "the young men who play for him love Cooter"
  8. Urban Meyer Takes a Public Dig at Tom Herman

    Considering his tenure at Florida and the state of the program that Muschamp inherited Urban should probably refrain from commenting on the issue... From champs to chomped: How Urban Meyer broke Florida football
  9. Jean Delance Transferring

    Who'd be the most likely targets?
  10. Oh Aggy, Part Deux

    Days Without Doing Something Stupid: 0 aggy Cancels White Supremacy Rally "University officials said the event organizer — Preston Wiginton — did not have the permission of the university to hold the rally on campus" Riiiiiiiiiight
  11. I'm not crying...I'm watering my beard
  12. With Kendall Moore, DWA and Beck on the roster will Epps see playing time this season or is he a possible redshirt?
  13. Misc

  14. There should be an "Oh, HELL yeah!!" button for this one..."Like" just doesn't work.