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  1. For someone as detail oriented and as anal as Saban , he had someone put it there that day for a reason
  2. Would be great to get it at the spring game, it won’t be before for sure. Doubt it’ll be at SG
  3. We need to get him back to campus and make our push for Rover ASAP and again for spring game. Having 4 last year helps but white is damn good and worth it and a great fit
  4. Hope u are right and they arnt screwing this up
  5. He would be huge for other 3 Zona guys we are recruiting along with a couple of other west coast guys(Cali 5*s). Hope he can make it back when those guys come for their UOVs. Ringo is a perfect CB prospect, size , speed, COD, leaping, timing, plays the ball in the air, physical at LOS.
  6. Agree, we need to offer James today. He is just behind the curve in terms of size. He is a Hs soph at 6-3 240. He will add 30+lbs in next 2 years and will get to >285-290lbs by his RS soon year. He is a true center, something we haven’t yet recruited in 2018/2019/2020(Majors/Parr will likely play Center but they will need the work, they aren’t true centers right now).
  7. Agree in 2021 Earle is a very good replacement. Hoping we can still get back in with Mookie some point this year. It can’t be Illinois bc regardless of their coaching contracts, they could have a bad year and all be fired
  8. Sure there are but Mookie is a stud, no down playing this. Almost any replacement in 2020 isn’t as good as Mookie. This is a loss for us, hope we keep recruiting him
  9. Braun is in!!! No twitter account, so it’s per his family members.
  10. Attrition will 100% happen in secondary, possibly 2-3.
  11. Agree on TEs (5) but there will be attrition imo. (Brewer, Leitao, Epps(TE/WR), 2 FR). Should have also put H-Back/TE/Athlete That’s why I also put Athlete, if we don’t have attrition i think 6 DBs is a must, especially with the hybrids we play(Joker).
  12. i agree 1 will be hard, but i dont think we will have a small class. i think 24 minimum. i feel we will get to 25 1-QB 2- RB 3-WR 5-OL 1/2-Ath(includes 1 that could play TE/H-back) 4-DL 1-B-backer 2-LB 6-DB(includes NB)
  13. they are also not against playing with each other and other good RBs so that is a positive. Every RB knows we will sign 2 RBs in 2020 cycle so they should expect a talented guy with them. Evans and Milton, in this case know each other and have talked about playing together so thats a plus. We need to get 2 talented RBs in 2020 period.
  14. mom played basketball at UT under Jody C, in the early 90s ish?
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