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  1. i would not say he has completely lost his spot but if things go really south with Collins he would be considered but i dont think it likely PU will be a Longhorn. We need to take 3 this year, in a small class and 5 next year in a big class. (there are already 5-6 guys in '21 that are as good as PU)
  2. True. Thompson has been flirting with the portal so I’m not confident him sticking around 2 more years(assuming Sam stays for SR year). But I agree with most of y’alls points.
  3. Agree, he is very talented. His ball placement is elite vs poor competition. He has all the tools on tape. Would of course love to take both but a)not sure Stone want to be QB2 in any class b)Milroe eliminated Aggie and Bama after they both got a QB in their class also so he might not want a 2nd QB either I’m fine with Milroe, read he has a great mental makeup and he realistically has a minimum of 3 years before he sees the field in Burnt Orange. Everything will improve from a mechanics and seeing the field standpoint
  4. That’s more than just really good news. White can flat out play, by far the best LB in the state in 2020. He is darn good.
  5. Would love the commitment but ideally want him to wait until the weekend and pull a Roschon
  6. Its equavillant to BC’s “shhh” emoji but better
  7. This is too much good news overload, not sure I can handle it all. Also. don’t let Aggie hear you say anything about Herman and kissing anyone. Lsu will be the most talented team Texas has faced in a long long time. Maybe since 2010 Bama. Never will be sold in an EddieO coaches team but >6 1st and 2nd round draft picks on D as starters right now. And I love their WRs(J Chase #1 will be the best WR we face all year). They are beatable but talented. Just got my tickets, can’t wait for that one!
  8. Love both players. Athletic outside TE/maybe LJH type but I think JD grows to 240#. Stud DT QB1, who has a lot of Houston ties
  9. I know I’m in the minority, but not a fan at all
  10. Milroe played pretty good competition. Saw Milroe hudl and he is pretty darn good dual threat. He does need a lot of work for arm mechanics and footwork to really be elite. Has a really good feel for QB. Heard he is a very hard worker and leader. He is easily better than any QB Herman had at UH and that’s saying something Bc Ward was darn good. He can run and has some wiggle but isn’t blazing fast. I know Stone plays private school ball but what’s his competition like?
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