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  1. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    thats a different emoji. whats it mean kids?
  2. Shaka cost us a win again. Why play zone 16 mins is second half, they killed us. 8 OT games this year, 7 of which we were up and choked bc we can't be coached up. 3 seconds left and we can't inbound a ball bc nobody knows to go to the ball. So F'ing frustrating to blow it again. Shaka will be back be he doesn't deserve it
  3. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Only saw his video once since we haven't offered. He runs like he is in fast forward on espn highlights. Not sure if Newton is 3A or 2A but he and T. Brown are the 2 best players on the field by far. He would be a great second RB and maybe even a primary RB. Just hard to tell how good he is bc he just better than anyone Newton played. Caught the ball couple times from slot but not sure how good his hands are downfield. Having his type of depth is what title teams do. Gonna be interesting if we take 2 RBs this year or next. Don't think we can take 2 back to back years, unless someone transfers out.
  4. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Another DB , a CB from Neworleans https://247sports.com/Player/Chester-Kimbrough-86455
  5. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    thats good info. thanks for sharing. I'm sure more schools will offer and yes Texas coaches are definitely qualified to make their evaluations. being a hard worker and disciplined are not things that most fan see but are needed to make great players. saying that, my evaluation is different. as a SDE comparing him to the other 2 that I've seen so far in the 2019 class, i liked them more. Stripling and Leal who imo would play SDE in our 3 man front. would love to take all 3 but that likely won't happen. hope Tee Sweat kicks ass and becomes a great Longhorn.
  6. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    What do you guys really think of T Sweat junior video? 6-3 250, looks bigger than that but I am not that impressed. He is young for his age like Moro Ojomo and will/should really redshirt. I don't think he is quick enough even at SDE/DT. I think he should/will grow into a Nose, that's where I like him best in 2+ years. I think should be able to anchor well. Don't want to say its a bad commitment but I only like him at Nose. Positives:size, ability to anchor, ability to add WR, young for age so maturity physically and mentally is all ahead of him Negatives: doesn't appear to be athletic enough for a SDE, slow at snap.
  7. *****HornSports Bracket Challenge*****

    Agreed, none allow you to see picks until they are locked in when tip off of first game starts. Should be able to see them tomorrow. Don't want you copying my picks haha
  8. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I liked his feet the best as a pass blocker. The hardest thing for me was to compare the levels of competition for guys. SW looks like he is facing 210# DE at times so it's hard to judge how good those guys are. Camp videos show some things but without pads it's difficult to judge. I would like to see all the verified measurables also. SW is listed at 6-7, 280# so as long he is close to that Inlike him as a pure LT. Let me know what u think after watching his tape.
  9. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    SHA had a good synopsis a couple weeks ago and since then i have been watching film on these guys when i get time. 2019 QB(1) - r johnson: stud, perfect for this system. listed at 6-1, 190. hoping he is actually 6-1, don’t care about the wt at this time. biggest “weakness” is arm strength which is the least important thing in college and its not like its bad, its just not a cannon. electric running, very good passer but needs to continue to get more polished. has at least 3 years b4 he should play a meaningful down at Texas, redshirt. RB(1) - n cain:i slightly prefer cain more than glass bc i think he will play at 220# and 5-11. doesn’t do anything great but does everything very well. very good jump cut, good patience. d glass:good player but in my head i just don’t trust a Katy RB. i am not the biggest fan of our current Katy Tiger as a runner and that team is just a machine every year, that OL creates nice holes. while i love me some tyrion davis(love his size and power 6-1 230# and t sanders, very good around back at 6-0 220, i don’t think they will be realistic options. i also think we only take 1 in 2019 bc the best back is waiting for us in 2020 and i think we take 2 RBs in 2020. TE(2) - there are at least 8 TE offers and a couple more that should be coming. haven’t watched any TE film yet. probably need 2 if we want to run 12 personnel. WR(4-5) - g wilson: best WR, hands, body control, feet. he has it all. 6-0 but he isn’t a true slot, he can play there but i think he is a true X WR(slot is on his side in 11 personnel). j whittington: i think he can play slot very well but can also be a good X WR. quicker than you would expect from someone who is 6-1, 200 and very good stop start. some like him at safety but he has the hands of a WR and what does 200# slot wr help with, run blocking! he is going to own the middle of the field in this O. e higgins: X/Z WR, thick outside guy that can go up and get it. 6-3 220 and he gets angry if you call him an TE and he should. unless he adds another 20+ lbs, he should play outside. could play Z or X WR also. not polished yet but has very good hands. his body will be like anquan boldin/dez bryant. d wright: Z WR, another outside guy and 6-4 190. he looks like he should play 2 guard and can dunk on an 11ft rim. he must learn to play more physical though and will have to develop that along with learning how to run routs but has amazing tools to work with. I’m hoping he can redshirt. true slot: we need a pure dynamic shifty, quick slot bc we don’t have one on the roster. even RHM wasn’t one. someone 5-9 to 5-11 “jitterbug.” missed the best one last class. but not sure we can take 5 WRs this class. thats just too many #s when we need bodies elsewhere. i also love d lee from louisiana and j smith from arizona. both are studs but we have enough talent in state and in town. OT(2-3) this is the order i prefer them in, kinda but they are all takes and very talented. would love it if we could RS every OL we take in 2019. s wilkins: only thing lacking is i want to see it vs better opponents. great body and frame for a LT. like 99% of lineman he needs refinement with his hand placement and feet. t johnson: would like to see a more polished kick from him in pass pro. moves great on pulls. great body, pure tackle but needs 2 years with Hand to be a true stud LT. k green:i think reports have come out that people aren’t sure if he can play tackle. i don’t buy that, he can but needs a couple years. he can absolutely play RT at a all american level if he keep improving. j shepherd: another pure LT with great body for the position. just needs 2 years with Herb and will be great. need to still watch r parker(louisiana) and j buford(mizzou). OG(1-2) i think we signed a few in 2018, angilau(ROG), ghirmai(LOG) and possibly jones are all OGs. RS whoever we sign. i know i make a distinction btw L & R OG but thats mainly in pass pro better feet i put on backside, runs schemes work both ways. ejno: love his film at OG, i think he is a left OG, back side. moves very well, perfect for this O bc he can pull every which way and brings his feet. k thomas: like him a lot also, a right OG for me. has a few lbs he needs to shed if I’m going to pull him more but he is a bad ass. C(1) - b bragg:this guy is one of my must haves. mean SOB, nasty, iHop lover, and i mean the large stack. he can pull and move so well. great size at 6-4 290. i don’t care where he is ranked, come back to me in 4-5 years when he is going in first couple rounds of NFL draft. f u stanford. unfortunately, i don’t think we will have the luxury of redshirting him. don’t want a rs freshman starting without any experience when the team is going to make the playoffs ill have to watch more film on TEs and with the new reports on t sanders maybe him if he visits. ill have to go back and watch others like j ellis and others we haven’t offered yet but this is what i have now. hope to get back within 2 weeks with the D side. i hope we take 13 Offensive players-1 QB, 1 RB, 2 TE, 5 OL, 4 WR
  10. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Wow, that's impressive
  11. Selection Sunday Thread

    I think we are in as an 11 seed
  12. Texas and the NCAA Tournament - CHANCES

    We are in, 100%, not even the last 4 in. I think we will be an 11 seed, outside shot at 10 seed but I care about the matchup more than seed. Out SOS gets us in, taking Duke, zags to OT. beating, Ou, Bama, TT. We have good wins. Just a couple close bad losses that could have made us a 6 seed.
  13. we are in, barring multiple miracles. likely a 10/11 seed, unless we can knock off TT. Beating TT and things falling right could get us as high as 7.
  14. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    damn that was quick. we offered but are we interested now?