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  1. Sounds like ou leads for Washington now. His Texas ov is in June.
  2. His plan is to commit July 4th..... Probably is releasing a top list tonight as well.
  3. Only thing Bama is worried about with aggy is they know aggy is back in the bagman game...
  4. Starting to get mildly concerned of their durability.
  5. Sounds like aggy is really surging in the Broughton recruitment... IMO I would just write him off to aggy at this point.... It looks like they have identified the recruits this cycle they are going to "impress"
  6. He will be back next year..and I would not be surprised if he is here the year after that.
  7. Shaka 67-66 overall 31-41 Big 12 Missed tournament 2/4 years No tournament wins 4-23 on the road conference games the last 3 years. 14th highest paid coach And we have a F****** NIT thread. We're Texas
  8. 9 is about right but IMO 12-14 is where I think we're at this point... Lets just keep winning series in the Big 2 and see where the dust settles in May.
  9. I care... I watch every game and keep up with it just as much as I do football...
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