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  1. Don't try to rationalize that crazy lady.... She is a train wreck..
  2. Taylor Hamm - - “The Texas smoke is too much to ignore and I’ll look into what changed after he announces but multiple source say Texas”
  3. Each prediction is based off it's own 1 to 100% Oh well it really does not matter at this point.
  4. It's not a 100% scale. Its a percent where he thinks each has. Each team has its own 100% chance.
  5. Suchomel update on Broughton Don't think so. I was told by nothing has changed from the report given to me while I was in Atlanta, which had Texas behind A&M and Ohio State. If the family changes his mind, crazy things could happen but if what I was told is true (and it comes from an impeccable source) it's not 50/50. I asked him if this was about right and he agreeed Aggy 65% Texas 25% OSU 15% IT does not seem to have a clue. They said earlier it was 50-50
  6. Lets see if he takes any visits before he decides. If he visits aggy for the pool party that is a bad sign.
  7. Bama is still the favorite. He spoke to them today. Hank South said there is nothing to this.
  8. Might be the twins then.. If not I don't know who the staff would take this early.. They only take real studs this early.
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