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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I don’t live in Huntsville, but I am very involved with the high school. I have worked on an academic level Tee. I really respect him as a person. The day he committed, he brought Corby Meekins by to see me, and told me about his commitment. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to steal his moment. He is everything you could want in an athlete, a real team player and leader. Hook ‘em!
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    A&M In The Headlines...

    A&m may have to vacate the national championship that they gave Jimbo.
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    If I were to base it online predictions, I would say Garret Wilson to Ohio state. But when I talk to my brother, it seems like we have more than a chance. Hope we scoop em up. Told Roschon to link up with Bragg too but he is already on it. Hopefully they can swing some.more kids to the burnt orange
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    Interesting stats 8 total Texas offensive possessions in the game 1 ended taking a knee 1 TD 1 FG 1 Missed FG 4 Punts 0 Turnovers All of this on the road in a place where Texas has not won in a long time Texas is 4-1, 2-0 in conference Anyone here would have taken this if offered after the Maryland game. Absolutely everyone.
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    Congratulations are in order

    Shout out to our boy Aaron C for his wedding tonight. Beautiful ceremony set in the wine country of Oregon. He definitely outkicked his coverage, (as he will readily admit.) I was lucky enough to score an invite to the festivities and attended with mrs joeywa and my son. Congrat Aaron. You done good, bud!!! Thanks for having us out to be a part of it. BTW, here’s the backdrop of the “altar”:
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    BIG BOOM! De’Gabriel Floyd has committed to Texas. Profile going up shortly!
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Spoke to my buddy in Austin. – Sam's fine. Was a little stiff Sunday but was fine today. – Coaches are concerned game will be taken too lightly, so they're pushing on the gas a little this week. KU isn't a bad team. – Jones and Hookfin are going to be Horns. He did not say which was about to pop. Couldn't get him to understand my sentence, the bar was loud. lol – He would not elaborate, but said staff's confidence in the Bru McCoy recruitment has increased this week. They don't see a big name out there who will make a move this early so they don't think the situation will have time to resolve itself. Staff calls or texts him almost daily. – I asked about DT recruiting. They're still exploring the JUCO ranks. Don't see a lot to choose from otherwise. If that doesn't work, they'll look at a GT but honestly, they aren't so worried. They talk about Sweat like he's the next big thing in the middle. – He spent some time talking about the Herman-CDC relationship. Said it could not be better. CDC is doing things that Herman loves. The Journey thing was just a small touch and just the beginning. CDC is looking to max the "fun" in the game experience. I'm really liking CDC. – Things still look good with Noah Cain. Sanders continues to show us the love, but we don't have a real good read on him right now.
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    Ehlinger shoulder update

    We aren't good enough to start Shane and win on the road. The margin between us winning and losing every single week is narrow. Need our best players to win the rest of the way. Not sure why we think we can afford to take our foot off the gas? We aren't that good yet.
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    When I first saw Adimora’s tape I didn’t think there was a chance he was going to be allowed to leave the state of California. This kid is an absolute stud and Texas went all the out West and plucked him.
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    Not Texas related, but a USC writer spoiled Chris Steele’s commitment to to the Trojans by trying to be First on twitter to report it. This happens every cycle, but it is always frustrating to witness it every single time. I know some around here get restless about knowing when the next commit is going to drop, but we here at HornSports believe firmly in letting kids have their moments and not spoiling their time in the lime light. Even if we know a commitment/news is coming and have sat on it for any period of time we always let the kid break the story on his terms becuase that’s the way it should be. At the end of the day this about the kids and not us or anyone else. So just be conscious of that the next time you ask about who is committing next or when. We are not in the business of stepping on toes or breaking the trust of those we speak with.
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    Better than last year? That's why I said "trending". But what I am hearing behind the scenes is Texas will be the team to beat for the conference title. And this with OU being the media darling for that position. Of course, everything always hinges on the injury front, but this is true of all teams. Seahorn is hedging his bets a little, which is the prudent thing to do. Maintaining ones credibility, as a mod, is paramount as the opposite could be a death knell. Personally, I think Daniel has done a wonderful job and has been one of the better mods of all the sites. He doesn't exhibit arrogance or condescention. I like that. I, on the other hand, have nothing to lose as most on here already think I am an obnoxious blowhard. But, 10% to 90% of the time, I mostly know what I am talking about. We gone be good this year and we gone have a fantastic recruiting class. I think.
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    Per the univeristy, Calvin Anderson signed his paper work today and is officially a Longhorn.
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Not recruiting but here’s my daughter with Sam
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    Harrison Wier

    Five Thoughts: Iowa State

    Even without Sam Ehlinger in the second half of Saturday night's matchup with Iowa State, the Longhorns dominated the Cyclones all night and came away with a 24-10 victory. Todd Orlando and his defensive unit stepped up in a big way by limiting David Montgomery to 33 yards rushing and making Brock Purdy look like a freshman. The health of Sam Ehlinger looms large as Texas is set to have a short week and travel to Kansas. The good news is that Ehlinger warmed up on the sideline and was really in Tom Herman's ear about coming into the game. For now, here are five thoughts about the Longhorns' big win: Shane Buechele is selfless and serviceable After losing the starting job to Sam Ehlinger in the offseason, Shane Buechele could have easily exercised his option to transfer like so many other quarterbacks have in the past. Instead, the junior took on a mentor role with Ehlinger and remained ready to be called on. When Buechele's number was called against Baylor and tonight, he's been more than serviceable at the position. There's no doubt that the offense is entirely different when Buechele is in the game. Opposing defenses do not respect Buechele's ability to run, and it certainly makes this offense more predictable. When that happens, the pressure is turned up on Buechele, who does not have the pocket awareness that Ehlinger has and often can't get away from pressure. All in all, Buechele is a very serviceable backup quarterback who could be a starter in a different offensive scheme. As Tom Herman put it best, "He's the definition of a teammate." Resurgence of the defense Something must have snapped in Todd Orlando this week, because the Texas defense played with its hair on fire tonight. Todd Orlando's unit reeled in 6 sacks, 9 TFL, 1 interception and 1 forced fumble. The defensive line played unbelievable, and asserted pressure on Brock Purdy all night. Gary Johnson was placed as a spy on Purdy all evening, and laid some solid hits on the freshman several times throughout the game. The statline may not show it, but Kris Boyd had a great game guarding Hakeem Butler. At times Boyd gave up some plays to the 6'6 junior, but that was to be expected. Boyd also made some fantastic plays that cut Iowa State drives short. One of the biggest performances came from the Texas LB corps. The rushing attack has been a huge weakness of Texas' this year, but this unit stuck to its assignments and really made Brock Purdy air it out. It certainly helped that David Montgomery was out for the first half, but he was only able to accumulate 33 yards rushing in the second half. As a team, the Texas defense only allowed 62 yards (!) rushing. You have to credit the Texas LBs for maintaining gap integrity and the defensive line for getting a constant push up front. This will undoubtedly give the defense confidence as they head into the final stretch of the season. One last win in DKR for the seniors This year's senior class has arguably been through more turmoil than any other in Texas history. Abrupt coaching changes in-season, constant regression, and an embarrassing loss to cap off a forgettable era were followed by the arrival of a new coach with a completely different attitude and style. It took a while, but the seniors finally bought in to his vision and saw results. They came to Texas with the goal of bringing the Longhorns back to where they should always be, and now they are ever so close to that achieving it. To Charles Omenihu, Breckyn Hager, Gary Johnson, PJ Locke, Davante Davis, Kris Boyd, Chris Nelson, Anthony Wheeler, Calvin Anderson, Patrick Vahe, Tre Watson, and countless others: thank you. All of you are shining examples of the types of players Texas wants to wear the burnt orange and white week in and out. The season is far from over, but just know the Longhorn faithful are glad you chose Texas and will forever be on your side. Closing out games As Tom Herman said best, "We've always got to make it interesting, huh?" You sure do, coach. Just as this game was all but wrapped up, Texas decided to give Iowa State some life. It started with a Ryan Bujcevski line drive punt to Tarique Milton that was taken back to the Texas 15-yard line, and then moved further up due to a Ryan Bujcevski facemask. Iowa State scored a couple of plays later, but failed to recover the onside kick. Okay, no problem, Texas fans thought. Then, instead of deciding to take a knee to run out the clock, Texas decided to give it to Daniel Young — a player who has been notorious for coughing the ball up. And guess what happened? Young fumbled, and Iowa State recovered. Thankfully, freshman pass rusher Joseph Ossai wanted to go home. Ossai got a step on the outside and strip sacked senior quarterback Kyle Kempt, which was recovered by senior Charles Omenihu to seal the game. This team always has to make it interesting, but a win is a win. This cannot happen in the future, as turnovers like that or missed field goals could end up being costly. One more win... And Texas will be heading to Dallas for its first Big 12 Championship appearance since 2009. Who would have thunk it after the Longhorns lost to Maryland to open the season and almost blew a lead against Tulsa at home? 8 regular season wins and a chance at 9 is a big improvement from 6 a season ago. All in all, there is no doubt that Tom Herman has this program heading in the right direction. It will be very interesting to see how Texas comes out against Kansas next Friday. Many of the seniors on this time know all too well what it feels like to lose in Lawrence with a lot on the line. This time, Texas has a Big 12 Championship appearance on the line and much more at stake. After putting up 40 points against Oklahoma today, it is safe to say that Kansas should not be taken lightly. It will be the Jayhawks Senior Day and the last time David Beaty will coach a game there. Emotions will be running high, and Texas must be ready. How ready they'll look will also depend on the health of Sam Ehlinger. Tom Herman announced after the game that Ehlinger has an AC contusion at the moment, with an MRI scheduled for tomorrow. A contusion is certainly not as severe as a sprain, but it's concerning to see Ehlinger take more hits on his throwing shoulder. One more win, Longhorn fans; the drought remains, but rain is in the forecast. We'll see if it comes down on Friday.
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    *Inserts CB picks for Jacoby Jones and Noah Cain*
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    I’m not trying to overextend myself here. But Texas just went 4-0 over their toughest stretch of schedule and is looking like they will contend for the Big 12. 10 wins are legit in play. Texas is right where it wants to be on the field and in recruiting. If this keeps up Texas will make a splash somewhere on the trail.
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    Check out the following HUDL link: https://www.hudl.com/v/2AUF77 My nephew had the longest pass last week in Texas HS football (weekend of September 21th). FWIIW: UT coaches have been talking to him.
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Bored to tears here in the dead period . . . so I called my buddy down in ATX who didn't have much for me, but the little he had was nice to hear. Says we'll likely get another commit in two weeks coming at a need position (OL). Pointed to the SEC media predicting a 5th place finish for LSU. He said that recruits are starting to notice that some things aren't quite right at LSU. Said there is love being thrown Leal's way almost every single day. If we end up not winning him over, it won't be for a lack of effort. Said our athletes are experiencing transformations, due to the work Yancey puts them through. He said its quite noticeable and seems to inspire confidence in this team. Staff is turning over stones they ordinarily would not, searching for DL. You may see some new names soon.
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    We were asked to keep this quiet, but it looks like the cat is out of the bag now... DeMarvin Leal is in Austin and he is on official visit to Texas. Major development here. The plot has thickened.
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    Daniel Seahorn

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    This group would excite me more than the db haul from last cycle. But y’all know I’m biased towards the big man.
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    I’m not sure I could trust any source who is writing off a kid after one practice into his true freshmen year.
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Let me tell you a little about Tee Sweat. Aside from the fact that he is a really nice young man who was brought up properly and knows how to show respect to others, he is a hard worker. Yes, he is young to be a Junior; however, his behavior is normally superior to that of older athletes. He is conscientious. If he is scheduled to be someplace at a certain time, he will be there. He made up his own mind about committing to Texas. I suspect he was surrounded by subtle influences to commit to another school, but he made up his mind and announced. He is his own man. And, at least one other school is still calling him. He realizes it will probably continue until he signs. He is strong and fit, and it has come from hours in the gym. As I mentioned, he is a hard worker. When he committed to Texas, he had over 12 offers, but no one would have known it by his behavior. I heard it from another source. He absolutely deserved an offer. I wrote about qualities other than athletic, but I believe the Texas coaches are more than capable of evaluating that for themselves.

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