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    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I wanted to everyone to know, I took @Sirhornsalot post wrong and said some pretty childish and unwarranted towards him. I sent him an apology in PM but since I made my comments publicly I wanted everyone to know. I enjoy this board, its the only one I visit my longhorn news. SHA is a good guy and have known him on here for years. Its not an excuse for my comments, but I have been going through a tough time the last few months with family medical issues. Been burning the candle at both ends and believe me I dont have much wax left. Again not a an excuse for my behavior. Sorry for the shit show everyone! Hookem PS thanks for accepting my apology and your understanding SHA, much respect for you man
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    2nd or 3rd hand info, so take it for what it's worth. Struck up a conversation with a woman at work last week. I've seen her around, but we work in separate areas. She introduced herself. Last name Ojomo. Jokingly I asked if she had family in Katy (I'm in the dfw area). She said that her husband does, but she doesn't know the extended family as they are recently married. I briefly mentioned why asked and that there was a kid being heavily recruited by the same last name, but never told her my affiliation to any school. Fast forward to today and I run into her in the parking lot. She tells me that her husband told her that he has a nephew who is a big boy and is going to be a longhorn!!! Hope she's right...
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    A little on the long side, but we wanted to give ya'll a little something as we head into the home stretch.
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    doc longhorn

    Oh Aggy, Part Deux

    Daughter (Aggie vet school grad) thinks TAMU will never change until it gets rid of the Corps and all its faux "traditions". Son-in-law (Aggie vet school grad) thinks TAMU will never change until they get rid of the yell leaders and fish school. To be clear - daughter went to TAMU because they have the finest veterinarian school and son-in-law went to TAMU on a baseball scholarhip..and vet school. And both want to resume the rivalry with UT. Both think Dodds and bow tie were idiots. Neither are allowed to wear aggie swag in my home - including grandkids. That is my punishment for my daughter going to aggy. Told daughter she has been removed from my will, with the exception of a 12 year old, dumb as hell, sway-backed old Longhorn steer. Who farts when alarmed. Wife threatened to make my life hell if I removed daughter from will. Daughter still in will.
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    Daniel Seahorn

    Daniel's Crystal Ball Picks

    The Ossai pick is in. Lets get Weird.
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    I'm going to be out of pocket for the next day or so. My sister will be undergoing cancer removal surgery tomorrow morning. She's endured 7 chemo treatments and now they're ready to remove the dead cancer. That might sound simple, but she's also dealing with a pacemaker and defibulator, so there's some risk involved. For that reason, me and my family would welcome and appreciate any and all prayers. Thank you in advance!
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    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    well, hopefully he's not behind closed doors with Kevin Spacey.
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    Daniel Seahorn

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    It’s not an excuse, man. The coach at Carthage wants his team locked in instead of planning an elaborate ceremony in the middle of a Prep week for the biggest game of the season. Ingram has offers from everyone (literally), committed early, and hasn’t been taking any visits throughout the year. That sound like a kid that isn’t solid? We haven’t been worried about Ingram since the day he committed and he’s earned the benefit of the doubt.
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    This is pretty cool from BJ Foster’s Mother.
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    Thank you, every one of you, for lifting my sister up in prayer. That means so much. I am very, very, very, very happy to say my sister came out of surgery today around 12:30 with the cancer removed. After an hour in recovery she was in her own room talking to me. Everything went exactly as planned by the surgeon, no complications or surprises. Cancer got its assed kicked today. I'll end by saying I am so proud of my sister. She's 5'4, 100 and nothing yet fights like a bar room brawler. Thanks again, you guys/gals are the best!
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    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Good points but I gotta say the criticism of Brown is starting to get old and petty. The man brought us a national championship and to new heights of wealth and class. In short, he made us a great program again. No he wasn't Saban, or even Meyer, but he was a badass nonetheless.
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    Thank y'all!! I appreciate it
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    Andrew Jones diagnosed with Leukemia

    As many of you know, I was dx’d with breast cancer in late July 2015. The worst moment is hearing the words: you have cancer. Then there are tests and uncertainty, which if very stressful. After that, in my experience, everything begins to improve. Of course, some days are better than others, but you are busy with treatment and getting healthy again. I believe that an athlete (or former athlete, in my case), handles the rigors of treatment better than most, due to the training they have had. Athletes learn to push through fatigue and cope with stress, positively. I think Andrew will do fine. He will have the support of his family, his team, and The University community. If you have never read Toughness Training for Life or Toughness Training for Sports, by James Loehr, I highly recommend both of them. Both books use the same principles, and a former Olympian told me that their team psychologist used many of the principles in the book for sports. Hook ‘em, Andrew. Stay as strong as we know you are. It may not seem like it now, but you will come out of this an even stronger person than you are now. All of the best wishes for a smooth recovery. I will keep you in my prayers.
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    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Just read that Angilau is leaning towards coming to school. He cited early playing time and that he could get involved with the missionary work in Austin. He would take he missionary trip later with his spouse
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    Didnt post during the game wanted to watch us beat our first top 25 from start to finish. Couple of notes from this game: - Sam should be the guy but he still tends to make critical mistakes. USC and ou. Hopefully he matures out of those. - The refs are garbage as usual. Another mystery review over no flag. No facemask call on Hager either. - Hall and A. Davis are both better than Locke. - Why we run off right tackle is a mystery. Conner made our backs look all conference on the left Great win. now time to beat up some tortillas. BTW shame on all of you that picked the hillbillies to win.
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    Tweaked the format of the profile a bit for y’all. Hope y’all like it!
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    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    And this just in. Moore cancelled his trip to Oregon
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    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Liucci 4:11p Staf$#@! Worth noting: A&M has managed to sneak Brey Walker (OU), Vernon Jackson (Bama), Tre Brown (Bama) and Keontay Ingram (Texas) to campus without those programs being aware of it prior to the trips happening. That's what you call REAL recruiting and it bodes VERY well for the future, it's also why I wouldn't be at all surprised to see that happen again this weekend. Just not sure who that would be yet. Worth Noting – Brey Walker is already signed with OU, so if he visited it is a NCAA recruiting violation. This is why you can't believe much of what Looch says. And if you can, then he just gave up the school he covers to the NCAA. And Looch, the idea of having to sneak people onto your campus isn't sneaky. Its that no one wants to admit publicly that they were visiting you. Its not like you had to sneak anything or that Tom Herman was going to somehow stop a recruit at the DeadDogtTown city limit sign. My gawd they are a stupid lot.
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    Andersen update

    Has anyone else noticed that Herm is addressing issues like no other UT coach that I've seen? OL went from depleted and questionable coaching to a nice depth/quality and a helluva instructor to go with it. Lack of recruiting momentum coming out of the dead period? Insert Carrington at the 10th on an interim and BOOM! – We're rolling again. We had issues at QB, no depth and very young. We've gone from two QBs to four QBs with the ability to shirt one and have a JR and SOPH with great experience. Depth on the DL? We're now going to finish with a nice haul there. I'm pretty tickled with what I'm seeing. Herm is getting it done. We're going to seriously be bad ass in a couple years.
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    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    List of schools that have a commitment from a top 250 ranked player at each of the following positions; QB, RB, TE, WR, OL, DL, LB, DB. Texas Georgia Ohio State has all except QB. Everyone focuses on the DB haul, but having a stud at every position is how you build a team with no weaknesses. Pretty impressive.
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    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Westfield coaching staff can allow (or not) anyone they want to. Complaining on twitter just shows butt hurt. Texas has no say so over this. Thats just aggy wanting to blame Texas again. Westfield apparently has a rule that once a kid commits, that school's coaching staff is the only coaches allowed to see him on campus.
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    5 Quick Thoughts: Texas vs. Missouri

    Good stuff, both of you! Sirhorsalot, I disagree about #9.... I loved it! I have endured bad efforts by Texas football for decades, which were made tougher to swallow because the other team humiliated us with the horns down, throat slash, etc.... Well, teams seem to take on the personality of the coach, and finally we have one who doesn’t want to take that garbage lying down! I think I saw Herman run to Orlando and another assistant, and let them know we were turning up the heat after his QB mock dance. I also liked the reverse with a couple minutes left and a ten point lead. I don’t think Herman appreciated Mizzu posing for photos with horns down at the Bowl luncheon (apparently some players didn’t either). i don’t think Herman liked the pregame horns down by 2 Mizzu players. I don’t think Herman appreciated the goofiest touchdown celebration I have ever seen by the Mizzu QB. And I appreciate a Texas coach not taking the passive path in this case.
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    I will now be able to relax and enjoy the rest of bowl season.
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    my thoughts and comments: I love this group of WRs. They catch well, they run well with the ball, and I can't decide who is my favorite. Agree with everyone's comments that the OL play was a highlight. I look forward to continued improvement. Sam is the QB1...he earned it. He seems to be a bit of a gunslinger and tries to fit the ball into tight windows at times. ..but all the good ones do. I loved when he flattened the LB! I'm still concerned that opponents WRs seem to get VERY open. I'm not smart enough to determine whether it is someone making mistakes, bad defensive calls by the coach or what...but I'm concerned. I do like our defense as a whole. I just don't understand why we can't get a stud kicker. Right now, I assume that TH doesn't trust his kicker when he goes for it on 4th instead of taking a "sure" FG. I hate that. Otherwise, I might assume he is trying to be aggressive or make a statement saying we will do what we want and you can't stop us. As a general observation, special teams just scares me a little... As a Dad, I told my VB playing daughter when she was riding the bench to go to her coach and say, "Coach, what do I need to do to get better?" At the same time, hustle in practice, be vocal encouraging your teammates, be engaged during the games instead of pouting on the bench, and when you have a chance to play, play your butt off!. Foreman's Dad may be right...if the Coach doesn't like you, you may not play. So tell your kid to do the things that will make the coach like you. In every team sport in the world, coaches love the kids that hustle, have a good attitude, support their teammates. Don't tell your kid "it's not your fault." And maybe, just maybe, there are players who are better than you are...so go out there and help the the team be better by practicing hard and being ready to be the "next man up." There is absolutely no upside to a parent using twitter to express frustrations. //end rant// BTW, my daughter had that convo with the coach, hustled, worked hard, and earned a starting spot! Hook 'Em OU still sucks

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