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    Check out the following HUDL link: https://www.hudl.com/v/2AUF77 My nephew had the longest pass last week in Texas HS football (weekend of September 21th). FWIIW: UT coaches have been talking to him.
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    The Good, The bad and The Ugly: TCU

    Yeah shack better not end back up starting at C. We have a good group working the trenches, they are getting better each week. this OL is the lifeline to a big12 championship trophy. Without them we are back to last years woes of not being able to get a simple first down.
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    In his press conferemce Herman talking how Shack is the leader of the OL when asked about potential OL assignments going forward. Would be silly IMO to move Rodriguez off center. He has done well with snaps and overall play against two decent opponents and the the line seems to be cohesive currently. I have seen too many bad snaps, holding penalties, and inferior blocking by Shack for him to simply walk in and reclaim that spot. Any thoughts Hornsports nation?

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