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  • Texas vs Iowa State kickoff will take place on Saturday, November 17th @ 7:00 PM at DKR-TMS in Austin
  • Texas Football schedules Georgia for home and home series in 2028 and 2029
  • Texas Football ranked 13th in AP Poll and 14th in Coaches Poll


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    I woke up this morning still reeling from yesterday’s debacle, then I realized it is my 29th wedding anniversary. Since I want to see a 30th Anniversary I decided to put yesterday behind me and enjoy today. Hope y’all can all do the same. HookEm!! We’ll get em next week.
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    This Longhorn team has shown that they will regulate their play to the level of their opponent multiple times this season. Enough times, in my opinion, to say that it’s the norm, not merely an exception. The team does not exhibit the killer instinct across the board to dominate opponents, especially when they play poorly. There are still several games on the schedule that could prove to be challenging, if not every one of them. A few thoughts on game specifics: *Too many missed tackles *Often there were defenders out of position to make plays *Dropped passes *Offensive scheme by OSU seemed to continually confuse the Texas defense. *Zero urgency was exhibited until late 3rd quarter *OSU QB played very well, and made timely and smart decisions. I’m sure I’ve got more, but it’s late and I’m tired of thinking about this game. Bottom line, Texas and the staff still have work to do, and this program is in no way, shape or form “back.”
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    2020 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Parr for the course
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    I like it a lot. Let me explain... I hate that our starting corners will be out, but I think the team will step up and overcome it. Herman is not going to let them get comfortable and this will give them focus. Secondly, and most importantly, he is not backing down from his standards and building a strong foundation, unlike what's happening at tcu. Patterson's win at all cost mentality is coming back to bite him in the ass.
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    Congratulations google user.

    I could not come back until it was fixed because I couldn’t get anything on my screen except the ads. And I’m pretty sure Aaron has left my yard. I don’t hear the lawn mower.
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    Texas produced over 500 yards of offense on Saturday, did not turn the ball over, punted once the entire game and held West Virginia to only 4 possessions in the second half. The Longhorns somehow still came up short, falling to the Mountaineers, 42-41, in Austin. Todd Orlando and his defense now find themselves at point in the season where they will either figure out a way to piece things together down the stretch, or else Texas may limp to the finish line with a 7-5 record. After rewatching the game, I want to take a look at the three main factors that define every defense in the country — personnel, scheme and execution. This will help give some answers to a burning question: what the heck has happened to the Texas defense? Personnel There is no denying the fact that Texas sorely misses Poona Ford and Malik Jefferson. The two upperclassmen held the defense together for all of 2017. Ford gave the Longhorns max effort at the nose tackle position and lived in opponents' backfields. Jefferson’s ability to play sideline-to-sideline and serve as an effective blitzer made him the ideal Big 12 middle linebacker. Fast forward to 2018, and Texas is not lacking talent. Chris Nelson, who took over for Ford, is a good run stuffer who demands double teams. Anthony Wheeler took over Jefferson’s MAC position, but had seen a lot of playing time his first 3 years on campus. Wheeler was a highly decorated recruit out of Dallas Skyline whom Texas stole away from Oklahoma at the last minute. Outside of Ford and Jefferson, the only other starters the Longhorns had to replace were DeShon Elliott and Jason Hall (when Texas played Dime). It could be argued that their replacements, Caden Sterns and BJ Foster, are even more talented than their predecessors. What can be forgotten easily is life in the Big 12 is unforgiving for defensive players. Texas is counting on true freshmen at several key positions, but also have PJ Locke, who is probably best suited for safety, playing nickel. It was thought before the season that Locke would move to safety, but backup Josh Thompson was not ready to be thrown into the fire quite yet. Add up all those factors and throw in the fact that Texas is now in the ‘Air Raid offense’ portion of the schedule, and it is not surprising to see the defense having some issues. Scheme Let’s go back to Jefferson for a second. Prior to the Oklahoma State game a season ago, Todd Orlando cooked up the 3-2-6 dime defense, featuring Jefferson and Gary Johnson as his two linebackers. The ability and athleticism of those two players, combined with rock solid Poona Ford in the middle, gave Orlando the confidence Texas could stop the run with 5 and 6 man boxes. This also allowed for Texas to add an extra defensive back on the field to take away the ability for teams to stretch the Longhorns vertically. Texas has not had as much success with the dime defense this season, and the primary culprit is linebacker play. Right now, Texas is trying to utilize Anthony Wheeler like they utilized Jefferson, and it isn’t working. Wheeler is showing that he lacks instinct in the run game and can’t cover TE’s or RB’s in coverage. This has also made life for Gary Johnson more difficult. Johnson was able to play freely and fly all over the field in 2017, because he and Jefferson complimented each other well. I’m sure when the defensive coaches watch the film from yesterday’s game, they will see the tentativeness Johnson is playing with right now. The Longhorns have a scheme that is conducive to stopping Big 12 offenses, but it may take a few years to get the type of players at each position that Todd Orlando wants to have. In the meantime, Texas has to tweak the scheme to fit the current roster. Execution Todd Orlando, Jason Washington, Craig Naivar and Oscar Giles can do all the coaching and preparation they can, but at the end of the day, Texas has be able to execute. The two-point conversion from yesterday is a good example. West Virginia came out in a formation featuring 4 receivers on one side and David Sills V isolated on the opposite side. Tom Herman called timeout to talk about how to defend it. West Virginia adjusted by flipping the formation and isolated David Sills on freshman CB Anthony Cook. Herman and Orlando did not like that, and subsequently called another timeout just before Will Grier fired a slant to Sills. So at this point, Texas knew the formation and West Virginia had already shown them a play. Texas adjusted. They flipped Cook and Kris Boyd, and instructed LB Jeff McCulloch to take away the throwing window for the slant. I’ve watched the play dozens of times now, and the Longhorns actually had it defended pretty well. Graham and Omenihu stayed in their rush lanes, and McCulloch dropped back a couple steps to take away the slant. Once Grier pulled the ball down, it was 6 Longhorns vs 5 mountaineer blockers. Johnson, Wheeler and McCulloch were all in perfect position to fill their lanes and force Grier back inside where Chris Nelson and TaQuon Graham were waiting. Instead, McCulloch took way too many steps toward the middle of the field, and Grier pranced into the end zone untouched. Execution is a combination of both personnel and scheme. Sometimes you can have all the right players on the field and the perfect play call, and you still get beat. What’s next? The good news for Texas is that all 3 of these areas of fixable, but it is not something that can be fixed overnight. There is no free agent pool to choose from, and Todd Orlando can’t change his entire defense in a week. The Longhorns will see growth in all 3 areas as they continue to fill the roster with high quality recruits and are able to adapt their system to fit the team’s strengths. The number one thing that would benefit Texas at the moment is not overcorrecting and doing something drastic, but simplifying things and trying to put players in positions to succeed. If an offense out-executes you, tip your cap and move on. Todd Orlando didn’t just forget how to coach defense in a year, and the players certainly didn’t forget how to play it. It is a frustrating time for Texas fans, but there are much brighter days ahead for the Texas defense once the personnel, scheme and execution all come together.
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    Harrison Wier

    Five Thoughts: West Virginia

    Yes, which is what is concerning. I wouldn’t say Herman got out coached. He made some questionable decisions, for sure. Orlando has to make some changes and if he refuses to, it’s close to time for Herman to play the veto card.
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    Some other thoughts: - Anthony Cook will be very good. - Kris Boyd had a big bounce back game. - The Texas LB corps is the worst unit on the team. - Ehlinger had the first on that 3rd down run where Texas elected to kick a FG fo go up by 7. The play should have been reviewed. - Tre Watson is one of the MVP’s of the offense. - Orlando has to do something with the three-man front. No pressure on Grier is very bad for any defense.
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    North Texas Golfer

    Five Thoughts: West Virginia

    Good write up Harrison. Despite all the negative nancies on this board and other boards, Texas is better than they have been in at least 5 years and is making progress. Not to mention that we getting really good play from the QB position.
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    Oh Aggy, Part Deux

    In honor of aggy blowing another lead and falling to Auburn, I give you the following:
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    More thoughts.... I'm wondering now how difficult it is for college students age 18 to 21 to stay focused in a buttoned-up business like manner for 12 straight games that amounts to an entire semester. You have to learn how to have the RPMs roaring every 7 days, to include focused preparation. I'm assuming a coach name of Nick Saban has figured out how to do that. Looking back, Mack garnered a string of 9-win, then 10(+) win seasons. But in that stretch he did the following: a) 5 straight losses to OU, two of them historic beat downs b) often not a really outstanding product on the field (I recall more batted passes than I ever saw elsewise in my entire life) c) Only won two... 2... BigXII titles in 16 years. Somehow it seems the Horns were flying high the whole of Mack's first dozen seasons, but there were crushing losses in there now and then, and some Sept games were not "lock'em up" games, in spite of lopsided scores. I kept wanting to see the other team almost owned. The Big Three came in and never really shot the moon. (old domino game). The juggernaut never came about. My disappointment Sat night was throwing away a #6 ranking the week before the CFP (that it?) rankings come out. Plummeted to #15. This team was in position to go all out and win the remaining regular season games -- come what may in the title game. At least go 11-1 and Top 10 and in the conversation. That was left on the field all 60 minutes of the clock. Know how hard it is to get a #6 ranking these days with 3 to 4 spots annually handed to the same several teams until they basically throw them away. Last time here, the freshmen were not in middle school. Or barely. That was a gift to have had USC, TCU and OU in the first half of the season and get through those games. The #6 spot was likely (by now anyway) too high a perch. But my gosh, you get there why don't you show up ready to bit the heads off nails and smash wooden wine kegs and throw tires over goal posts. I saw no anger, hostility, fierceness on that field. I'm an older guy. I stood in card section on a dismal Nov afternoon and watched TCU with Sonny Gibbs beat a #1 Texas team 6-0. That was my worst loss ever in person. That and the end of the 30-game streak against Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl rematch. Sat in the end zone and took it on the chin from Notre Dame fans in the final minutes. You have to hate losing really bad to bring it every game. Maybe too much emotional-mental energy to ask young men for full season. And, the other team is totally amped to ruin your day. That's part of it too. Finally, I wish the AD would not accept any night road games after middle of Oct in BigXII. Ever.
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    Texas and particularly Stan Drayton have been putting in a lot of work to get their foot in the door in the St. Louis area, and their efforts may finally be paying dividends. The Longhorns managed to land linebacker Ayodele Adeoye during the last recruiting cycle, and went a little further out and landed defensive end Daniel Carson as well. Drayton also dropped off a stack of offers at local powerhouse Trinity Catholic — the home of new Longhorn commit Marcus Washington. Washington was one of four players at Trinity Catholic to be extended an offer from Texas last year along Mookie Cooper, Shammond Cooper, and Isaiah Williams. While Williams is committed to Illinois and never really considered Texas, both Mookie and Shammond are still heavily considering Texas. Washington recently took an official visit to Texas for the USC game, and both he and his father came away raving about the Longhorns. At one point it looked like Washington was going to stay closer to home and side with either Ohio State or the home team Missouri Tigers, but the Longhorns did a great job recruiting him and managed to seal the deal when they got him on campus. Player Information Name: Marcus Washington Position: WR, SS High School: Trinity Catholic City & State: St. Louis, MO Measurables Height: 6’2 Weight: 191 40-yard: 4.75 Shuttle: 4.28 Vertical: 32" Statistics 2015: 35 rec, 583 yards (16.6 YPC), 8 TDs 2016: 33 rec, 676 yards (20.48 YPC), 13 TDs, 6 INTs 2017: N/A Film Pros: Possesses good size at 6'2, 191 pounds. Has a frame that will allow him to fill out well. Does a great job of catching the ball with his hands. Really snatches the ball out of the air. Displays great ball skills. Shows craftiness with routes and an ability to get separation from defenders. Is elusive after the catch and shows an ability to gain yards after catch. Shows tackle-breaking ability and fights for every yard. Tall, long strider as a runner. Eats up real estate quickly. Plays the game aggressively and confidently. Loves to compete. Always finds a way to get open. Will move the chains at the next level. Has an ability to be utilized in multiple ways. Took snaps in the wildcat in high school. Cons: Lacks staight-line speed. Won't threaten a defense vertically. Runs a little bit high and upfront, but is easily correctable in college. Sometimes displays too much confidence. Things like throwing the ball at a defender after scoring will not cut it in college. Hard to predict his ceiling. Could end up being great, but hard to know how much better he will get in college. Summary Marcus Washington is a four-year varsity starter for Trinity Catholic in St. Louis, Missouri and is also a two-year starter at both outside wide receiver and safety. Washington is viewed long-term as a wide receiver prospect, but that hasn’t stopped him from putting up great numbers on both sides of the ball. Washington tallied 21 offensive touchdowns along with 6 defensive interceptions as an underclassmen and he also chipped in with some forced fumbles. I will be curious to see if he is able to sustain those numbers as an upperclassman. Washington is a possession receiver that lacks straight-line speed to stretch the defense vertically but makes up for it in other ways. Washington is very crafty with his movements in his routes, and is consistently finding ways to get separation. On top of that, he does a great job of tracking the football in the air and making adjustments. One of Washington’s strongest assets is his hands and his ball skills. Washington shows off a strong set of hands on tape, and he really attacks the ball. You don’t see a bunch of body catching from him on tape and he shows off a very good catch radius. After the catch Washington shows good elusiveness and good tackle-breaking ability, and is capable producing a good amount of yards after the catch. Washington has the makeup of a player who is going to be a quarterback’s best friend when the offense needs to move the chains. He’s not going to blow you away in shorts, but the more you watch him, the more you appreciate him as a player. Final Verdict If I’m being honest, the first time through Washington left me a little underwhelmed, but as I worked back through the tape I came away feeling better about him. He’s not going to test off the charts, but he’s a guy that I believe does his talking when the pads come on. Washington plays the game aggressively and confidently — something any team wants out of a guy who will plug into the outside receiver position. I don’t think his ceiling is super high like some the blue chip wide receiver recruits you will come across, but I think he has a pretty solid floor and will end up being at minimum a solid contributor as a collegiate player. In the long run, picking up Washington’s commitment can only help Texas’ standing with his teammate Mookie Cooper. Texas was already in really good shape with Cooper, but you can never have enough aces up your sleeve when you are recruiting players of Cooper's caliber. With Washington on board now, I am now curious to see how the Texas staff tweaks their recruiting focus with the players they are still pursuing.
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    Take that Fatterson.
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    AP Poll, Week 9

    I think we need to make it to the CCG before we start talking about who we will face. At this point, I see a number of games the top 3 teams might lose. Heck it could be Iowa State and Tech playing for the championship. 1 game at a time and let's enjoy this season. Plenty of football left and chaos is hiding behind every yard marker.
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    You can always tell when aggy is getting worried about Texas. They go into full BS mode to make themselves feel better...
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    Exactly, Horns better be ready in Stillwater next Sat night.
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    Ehlinger shoulder update

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    IMHO I haven't noticed that any site can really lay claim to getting it right more than any other site. And that's because they rarely make definitive statements. They know how to say everything so no matter what happens they can claim they were right. Been reading all these sites for years now and it was that way then and it's still that way. Hell, if you read and pay attention to what Daniel says on here, he's probably on target as much or more than anyone. He's just not constantly throwing stuff out to see if it will stick on the wall. If he throws something out there you can almost guarantee that it will stick.
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    Here’s a YouTuber that I’ve been watching. He has some valid points
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Commitment #20 is Marcus Washington
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I really think this is the OLines time to step up and go win the game. No stupid holding calls. No blown assignments on 3rd and short and we win this regardless of who plays corner.
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    Ehlinger shoulder update

    Horns #6 AP Prime Time at Stillwater. ABC. Herbstreit & Co. (right?) Horns' Product-on-Field in full display. Storm Trooper Whites. ala Rose Bowl 2006. Bring it. As in please, Todd Orlando, bring the heavy beast-mode wood.
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Yeah cant wait to see the game

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