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    Per Justin Wells of Inside Texas, 5-Star ATH and USC signee Bru McCoy has entered the transfer portal after notifying USC of his intentions to transfer. Texas will be right at the top of the list for his next destination and don’t be surprised if it comes together quickly. It’s on ladies and gentlemen.
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    Daniel Seahorn

    Update on the #Bruuuuumors

    As you can probably tell by now I was very hesitant to discuss this, but with things looking like they are leaking out I’ll share what I can on the latest #Bruuuuumors. Texas finished runner-up in the Bru McCoy sweepstakes earlier this month, and came very close to reeling in the 5-star ATH from SoCal. The hiring of Kliff Kingsbury at USC solidified McCoy staying home, but once the NFL came calling that added another layer to the story. There was talk that McCoy would consider a transfer if Kingsbury bolted, but even after Arizona made his hire final things were quiet. That was until today. Earlier today we received a tip that McCoy was looking to finalize his intentions to enter the transfer portal. I wanted to dismiss it since it still seemed like a wild rumor, but after cross checking that (b)rumor in fact had legs. With things like this being sensitive and so incredibly fluid we didn’t want to hastily post something and get the board’s hopes up. So where do things now? Well as things sit McCoy is still enrolled at USC, so there hasn’t been any movement just yet. Discussions were had today, but no official decision has been made. So right now we are in wait and see mode like everyone else. If things do indeed progress... we will go from there. But until McCoy’s name enters the portal Texas can’t contact him and not much else can be said at this time.
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    Read that Patrick Hudson is going to participate in Spring ball. I figured he would've medically retired. If he is able to come back and play that would be huge.
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    BY: Harrison Wier Let’s try this again, shall we? Bru McCoy committed to USC at the Army All-America Game, signed his letter or intent and then enrolled shortly after. About a week, after McCoy enrollee, then USC offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury left to take the head coaching job with the Arizona Cardinals. Ultimately, Kingsbury’s departure along with some other factors led McCoy to enter his name into the NCAA Transfer Portal. And as they say, “the rest was history.” McCoy’s recruitment was always pretty straightforward. He was always destined to go to USC. Mater Dei has become a USC pipeline in recent years, with some of McCoy's teammates like JT Daniels and Amon-Ra St. Brown heading to the Trojans. Texas quietly entered the picture for McCoy and slowly began to shift momentum its way. With a great season under its belt and USC clearly being far from stable, McCoy was intrigued by the prospects of playing in Austin. At the All-American Bowl however, McCoy decided to go to Los Angeles. But Tom Herman won the battle, as McCoy found his way to Austin as a Longhorn. Thanks, Transfer Portal! McCoy is the No. 1 rated athlete in the nation, and the No. 4 prospect overall. This is the biggest get for Texas since Vince Young, rankings wise. Let's analyze how McCoy will fit on the 40 acres: *I analyzed McCoy as a WR because that is the position he will likely excel at in college. If he does indeed play some OLB, we will do a separate analysis* Player Information Name: Bru McCoy Position: ATH High School: Mater Dei City & State: Santa Ana, CA Measurables Height: 6’2.5 Weight: 212 40-yard: 4.62 Shuttle: 4.22 Vertical: 37.9" Statistics 2017: 46 Rec, 770 Yds, 11 TDs, 23 Tckl, 3 TFL, 2 Sacks 2018: 71 Rec, 1312 Yds, 13 TDs Film Bru McCoy Film Pros: The first thing that stood out is McCoy's excellent footwork. He is a solid route runner, which will translate well to college. Excellent hands. Hardly ever uses his body to catch the ball. Great vision with the ball in his hands. Excels at getting yards after first contact. Can high point the ball when needed. Uses his size well against smaller DBs. Excels at multiple positions. Can be utilized in the slot or on the outside and have the same positive impact. Not afraid of contact. Demonstrated he can be physical in the run game as a blocker and pancaked several defenders. Cons: Sometimes is a little bit slow to get off the ball at the line of scrimmage, but makes up for it with his speed. Not enough film showing McCoy's ability on a diversity of routes. He mainly ran post routes and double moves at Mater Dei, but showed some ability on fade routes and bubble screens as well. Summary There is no other way to put it — Bru McCoy is an elite talent that can excel in the Texas system. McCoy has the ability to be a Lil'Jordan Humphrey type of player. He can be utilized outside, in the slot, or even in the backfield due to his physicality. McCoy will fight for playing time early on, especially if Humphrey decides to forgo his senior season and enter the NFL Draft. McCoy may not have the size advantage that Collin Johnson and Lil'Jordan Humphrey do, but his athleticism creates a unique nightmare for opposing defenders. McCoy has a rare skillset that contains elite hands and footwork along with fantastic vision with the ball in his hands. In the Texas offense, McCoy has the ability to shine. With his speed and athleticism, Tom Herman has tons of different options at his discretion when it comes to McCoy, including bubble screens, intermediate slants, post routes, double moves, and more. McCoy has the ability to excel at all aspects of the Texas system, but it may take him some type to get familiar with the playbook. Nevertheless, we expect McCoy to show why he is the No. 1 athlete in the country for the 2019 class and make an immediate impact upon his arrival at Texas. Final Verdict This recruitment had some twists and turns, but ultimately the majority of those covering both USC and Texas football felt that McCoy would be a Trojan when all was said and done. With the Mater Dei connection to the Trojans as well as McCoy's parents indicating a preference for him to stay close to home, Los Angeles seemed like the likely destination for the 5-star. However, McCoy decided that a change of scenery would be nice, and Austin would be the perfect fit. There is no way to put into words how big of a victory this is for Tom Herman. With questions surrounding the stability of the USC program and whether or not new OC Kliff Kingsbury would stick around or bolt for the NFL, Herman took advantage and pulled off a last-minute upset. McCoy will compete for playing time immediately, and by the time his tenure at Texas ends, he has the potential to be one of the best players Texas fans have seen in burnt orange in years.
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    BY DANIEL SEAHORN Early on in the last recruiting cycle, we discussed the probability of Texas landing a monster offensive line class that consisted of some of the top prospects in the state of Texas. You all probably remember the picture of guys like Branson Bragg, Kenyon Green, Tyler Johnson, and Javonne Shepherd all together with Coach Herb Hand when they made their way to Austin early in the cycle. As you know by now, that dream haul didn’t quite come together, as Green pledged to Texas A&M, Bragg continued to the Stanford curse, and we are still dealing with the Shepherd saga heading into NSD2. While things didn’t come together for Texas along the offensive line like they would have hoped in the 2019 class, things may already be coming together for them in the 2020 class. They already have a four-star in the boat in form of Logan Parr, and the staff has been hard at work on Chad Lindberg, Damieon George, Jaylen Garth, and Jake Majors. Stanford once again has played a big factor for Lindberg and Majors, and I’m sure that Texas fans are tired of seeing the Cardinal steal big-time prospects from the Lone Star State. Landing those two would send the message all the way to Palo Alto that this aggression will not stand, man. Lindberg is set to take official visits later this spring, but Majors’ timeline was a bit unknown — until now. I’ve mentioned previously that the staff was being more aggressive this time around, and even with that I may have undersold how aggressive they were getting. Coming into this weekend I didn’t think they would press for a commitment, and I was dead wrong. Majors went from a perceived Stanford lean to a Longhorn commitment, and the Longhorn staff was able to put a big notch in their belt by keeping the master technician home. Player Information Name: Jake Majors Position: OT, OG, OC High School: Prosper City & State: Prosper, TX Measurables Height: 6’4 Weight: 280 40-yard: N/A Shuttle: N/A Vertical: N/A Statistics No statistics available. Film Jake Majors Film Pros: At 6’4, 280 pounds Majors already possesses good size and will put on more good weight once he hits a college weight room. Very technically advanced for a player at the position at this point in his development. Possesses good feet and moves very well laterally. Shows good quickness and moves fluidly when climbing to the second level on blocks. Shows great patience in pass protection and does a great job of mirroring pass rushers. Also, already shows some counters to power rushes on tape. Shows very good awareness when it comes to tracking and picking up twists, stunts, and blitzes. Almost never see him get off balance and is always under control even after engaging with defenders. Possesses a good punch and can really shock a defender off and knock them off balance. Very smart player and always seems to put himself in the proper place to execute his assignment. Moves with urgency as a puller and will likely be a big asset in that regard at the next level. Moves well in space and does a good job of tracking his assignment. Shows good aggression and does a good job of finishing defenders off. Cons: I have questions about his length and think it could give him some issues. While he could probably play it in a pinch, I don’t think he sticks at tackle at the next level. Have questions about how well he is able to anchor against legit power rushers. Summary Jake Majors is a 2-year (and soon to be 3-year) starter at offensive tackle for Prosper (TX) high school. Majors is a composite 3-star prospect across the networks as things sit today, but I’d be willing to wager that he will be significantly bumped up once evaluators actually dig into the film and undo their wrongs. There is a lot of positive to discuss when it comes to Majors’ game and for an offensive lineman at this stage in the development, that is pretty unique. At 6’4, 280 pounds, Majors already possesses good size and will continue to fill out going forward once he hits a college S&C program. While I have questions about his overall length and ability to stick at tackle, he can probably play it in a pinch and projects to be a very good interior player at either guard or center. Majors is a close to a master technician as you are going to see for a young offensive lineman. He takes good, efficient steps, plays with good pad level, and takes good angles to execute his assignments and blocks. Majors displays very good agility quickness both laterally and vertically when it comes to executing double teams and climbing to the second level. He consistently gets movement on the down linemen and gets his body in the right place to pick up the linebackers and doesn’t get off balance in the process. Majors does a good job of controlling and steering players whenever he gets engaged with them and shows the aggression you like to see from players at the position. If Majors gets the chance to finish you he’s going to do it, and it will bring joy to the heart of every coach that turns his tape on. Majors’ great technique also shows up in his pass protection. He’s incredibly patient and does a great job of mirroring rushers and already displays some counters to power rushes. Majors shows great awareness and recognition of stunts, twists, and blitzes and always seems to have himself in the right place at the right time. While I do have some questions about his ability to anchor, that comes more from the place of him not playing against better rushers. Majors’ tape was a joy to work through and he is going to be a great player wherever he ends up. You don’t see many this far along technically at this stage in development, so it was both fun and refreshing to see a player working diligently at honing their craft. Final Verdict It’s hard to understate how big of win this for Texas kicking off the 2020 recruiting cycle. The staff lands in my mind an elite offensive line prospect in Majors, and at the time finally lands a body blow to Stanford, who has been making a living at pulling elite offensive prospects from Texas over the past few cycles. Landing Majors now gives Texas two great building blocks along the offensive line with Parr already committed, which gives them more ammo as they continue to press for Lindberg, Garth, and George going forward. Parr has already gone on the record about how close he is with some of the players I just mentioned, and that could go a long way with eventually securing their commitments down the line. And If you want to go even further down that rabbit hole, securing an elite group like that could eventually go a long way with making significant progress with a guy like Zach Evans. For now, Texas fans should enjoy and celebrate accordingly because this a fantastic pickup and Majors is a guy I think could make his way into the two deep early after enrolling in the spring next year.
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    2020 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Per his Twitter Jake Majors to Texas
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    After the slow start that Texas had to the 2019 class, Tom Herman knew it was imperative to get a jump on a key number of prospects in 2020. With that, Elite Day was born. Texas did an excellent job of getting a number of key 2020 prospects into Austin before its annual Junior Day in February. Herman and Co. did a great job with a number of recruits and put themselves in a great position moving forward. Here are some various visitors and our confidence levels: Chad Lindberg - OL, Clear Creek (High) Texas has really separated themselves as of now for Lindberg's services. He loves Austin and has a brother that attends Texas, which doesn't hurt. If Lindberg sticks to his timeline of taking spring officials and making a summer decision, we like Texas' chances. Of course, Texas is going to have to stave off Stanford, and Lindberg has expressed interest in playing with Zach Evans at the next level. For now, Texas is in a great position. Keep in mind that Stanford always makes things interesting for prospects of Lindberg's caliber, so things could change quickly if Lindberg visits Stanford and enjoys his time there. Vernon Broughton - DL, Cy Ridge (Med-High) Broughton is a must-get in this class, and Texas is prioritizing him as such. You probably saw the picture of Broughton and his dad in Texas uniform on Twitter. Broughton's dad is a mammoth, so it's not hard to see where Broughton gets his size from. This one is probably a little trickier because Alabama wants him and other schools are going to prioritize him as well. He hasn't set a timeline to my knowledge, but this one could have some twists and turns. For now, Texas is in a good spot. Zach Evans - RB, North Shore (Low-Med) I put the level as such because I don't even think it's worth mentioning Evans at this point. This recruitment is going to be a roller coaster, but it is worth mentioning because Evans found the time to come to Austin even when his brother could not take him. Texas remains in a good spot, but other schools like LSU, Clemson, and of course A&M are going to continue to push. Jase McClellan - RB, Aledo (Low-Med) There have been rumors that McClellan is looking around a bit, and the visit to Texas will only increase the magnitude of those rumors. McClellan has been a Sooner since 2017, which was a very early commitment for a 2020 prospect. Texas was obviously not pushing for 2020 prospects that early, so there really wasn't much competition with the Sooners. Tom Herman is turning up the heat now, and McClellan seemed to enjoy the visit to Austin. Texas is in the picture now. Look for the staff to keep pushing. Jake Majors - OL, Prosper (High) Majors has become a priority for the Texas staff, and if you've seen his film, you know why. The Prosper OL is extremely technically sound and projects well at the next level. His composite three-star rating is nowhere near where he is as a prospect, and that will probably be fixed once the 2020 rankings are updated. Texas is going to keep pushing for Majors, and have put themselves in a really good position. Bryson Washington - C.E. King, Safety (Medium) Washington reminds me a lot of Texas signee Tyler Owens. He's got a good frame, and carries elite speed/athleticism. Texas will be selective on who it takes at safety in this class due to the depth they already have, but Washington is a prime candidate. He likes Texas early, but other schools like Oklahoma, Alabama and Clemson are going to keep pushing. Texas positioned themselves nicely after this weekend. Jaylen Garth - OL, Port Neches-Groves (High) The former protector of Roschon Johnson made it into Austin this weekend alongside his former quarterback. Garth notched an LSU offer whilst on his visit to Texas, but waited until his visit was over to post the offer on social media. Garth immensely respects the Texas staff, and I think that little tidbit means something. Texas is going to continue pushing Garth, who could decide to pull the trigger early. He may decide to slow it down a bit if other schools like LSU come knocking. For now, Texas is in a prime position. Prince Dorbah - DL, Highland Park (Medium) Texas did some solid work getting Dorbah back on campus, but Oklahoma remains the main competitior. This one is still shaping up to be a Texas-Oklahoma battle, and it doesn't look like Dorbah is going to make a decision anytime soon. Texas will continue to work on Dorbah, and I would cautiously say they are the leader as of now. The staff needs to continue pushing, however. Right now Dorbah feels like a priority, and it will remain that way. Jaylon Jones - DB, Cibolo Steele (Med-High) You probably also noticed Jones this weekend after he posted a "DBU" edit on Twitter featuring the burnt orange. Elite Day had a really positive impact on Jones. Jones got to spend a ton of time with former Cibolo Steele DB Caden Sterns, which only helped the Longhorns' cause. Texas is looking good early, but other schools like Florida and A&M are going to combat the visit high. Texas is in a good position right now. Damieon George - OL, North Shore (Low-Med) George and Evans have consistently expressed the desire to play with each other in college, and that appears to be genuine. George doesn't say much about his recruitment, but it's definitely easy to assume the visit went well. George has a legitimate interest in leaving the state, and likes the appeal of the SEC early on. Alabama, LSU, and A&M are all schools in the Southeastern Conference that stand out to George, and Texas has some work to do to wear off the shine of the conference. The visit to Austin this weekend was a solid start. Kelvontay Dixon - ATH, Carthage (High) Keaontay's little brother took to Twitter to highlight his visit to Austin. Texas continues to solidify itself as the clear leader in this recruitment. Dixon is not a product of being Keaontay's little brother, either. Dixon is a legitimate prospect that carries some very intriguing qualities in an ATH take. Texas just needs to stay the course here.
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    Daniel Seahorn

    Bru McCoy To Texas

    Per Yahoo, 5-Star ATH Bru McCoy has signed his financial aide agreement to attend Texas. It’s happening, folks.
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    That would be great for his future, if he would do that. Demonstrate his flexibility at the D1 level. I am happy for him and happy for us. Please remember to be gracious in our good fortune. Bru made the right call for his future, but it took a great deal of maturity to do it. I commend his parents for the way they brought him up, and for the way they have supported him throughout this entire process. He has so much on the line. With his talent, he is making more than just a college decision. We are bringing on another young man with outstanding character and maturity beyond his years. Welcome to the 40, Bru!
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    S-T-U-D. Herb Hand is on his way to landing him a hell a haul for the 2020 cycle.
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    IF Bru switches his LOI to Texas, the Horns would have the #3 rated recruiting class, dropping ATM to #4. The aggy tears and wailing would be so prolific, we just might need ear plugs and a wet suit.
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    Daniel Seahorn

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I know I’m late, but I would really appreciate it if we wouldn’t derail our lovely recruiting thread with the talk of politics or snowflakes. Thank you.
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    Bru has been given a full release from his LOI by USC.
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    Commitment Spotlight: Bru McCoy

    Had to be a gut wrenching decision for the young man. I have no doubt that we will show him the love he will need to be happy here and have the success he deserves. Thanks to his parents for giving him their support in his decision, even though it means he will be farther from home. Would like for them to know how much we appreciate their great sacrifice. And that goes for all the parents who put their trust in The University of Texas to care for their sons and daughters in the best way possible. Hook'em!
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    Bru McCoy To Texas

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    I agree with the need for lineman but I'm damn sure not passing up Bru McCoy!
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    This is what I have dreamed about for our Walk-On program. We have 4-5 legit PWO that can and will help this program succeed. 1)great to practice against bc they provide great competition on the field 2)great off the field and in the locker room bc most (not all) bleed Burnt Orange 3)depth for injuries 4)it’s great for our special teams, punt and kickoffs mostly. Some of u around a decade ago remember Michael Ungar. Jake, for example , could play kickoffs, kickoff returns, punt coverage, punt returns, FGs and FG blocks while thumping at LB in practices. Great job by Herman and company to drastically improve our Walk-On program.
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    2020 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Gabe Brooks changed his Stanford pick on Majors to Texas. Gabe is one of the best on the crystal ball predictions.
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    SHA you damned fool!...Clemson had trouble because Jimbo is the best coach ever!....get it right!
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    Would it matter if I wrote anything in this space? Would anyone even read it? lol
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I agree a little bit. But our problem with Oklahoma this year and last is that we don't have enough game breakers. Take it to the house once or twice a game like our Big 12 competition does and we really beat them. We won't have one possession games with the Ok State, WV and Tech's of the world if we don't have to sustain every drive for 10 plays. We just didn't have enough speed on offense. Let's add game breakers and keep up the work on the lines as well.
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    dont know where to put this...(if I can put it) but this is pretty awesome....: there were 129 defensive players drafted in the 2018 NFL draft and Poona graded out better than........all of them with a 90.3 grade. I did not see a mention of how many of those 129 were secsecsec... speaks pretty highly of our ability to develop D Linemen...
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