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  1. 11 points
    This is pretty cool from BJ Foster’s Mother.
  2. 10 points
    Didnt post during the game wanted to watch us beat our first top 25 from start to finish. Couple of notes from this game: - Sam should be the guy but he still tends to make critical mistakes. USC and ou. Hopefully he matures out of those. - The refs are garbage as usual. Another mystery review over no flag. No facemask call on Hager either. - Hall and A. Davis are both better than Locke. - Why we run off right tackle is a mystery. Conner made our backs look all conference on the left Great win. now time to beat up some tortillas. BTW shame on all of you that picked the hillbillies to win.
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    I've got a great story of a coach that thinks of his players as his own. There is a young man I know who is an upper classman and currently starts at an FBS school in a power 5 conference. One night as a freshman he was driving some of his teammates around after curfew. The next day his coach came by his room and took his keys. He told him he could get them back whenever he was going home but he would have to turn them back in when he returned to campus. The kid didn't like it so he called his dad to tell him what had happened. The dad, who was a highly successful, well known football player, called the coach and informed him that he needed to give his son the keys back. He told him he owned the vehicle and he would decide who kept the keys. The coach told the dad he could come get the keys, since he owned the vehicle, but he would need to take the vehicle and his son back home. The coach then informed the dad that as long as his son was on this team he was a member of HIS family and would follow HIS rules. He then proceeded to tell the dad if that wasn't acceptable or he ever called again for similar reasons his son would be done playing football at the university. The dad called his son, told him to do exactly what the coaches told him and never call him again to complain about the rules or punishment. That is a true story and I'm sure some parents wouldn't like it but it is exactly how it should be done. At some point everyone is held accountable for their actions. I personally would prefer those lessons be taught on a team or in a classroom rather than in a courtroom or at the morgue.
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    Heck of a win by the Longhorns today in Morgantown to get bowl eligible. Will Grier going out with a broken finger on his throwing hand early on changed everything the Mountaineers did offensively and it certainly took the pep out the home crowd. With Grier out, the Texas defense only allowed 7 offensive points to West Virginia and kept the offense in check for much of the game. The other 7 points game via a misguided throw from Sam Ehlinger that ended up going the other way for a touchdown. With or without Grier on the field today, this was a big win in several ways for Tom Herman’s bunch and it should be celebrated accordingly considering what has transpired for most of the year. · The Longhorns are going bowling, baby! After the past few years the Longhorn fan base has learned not to take bowl games for granted. Texas hasn’t been bowling since 2014 and that resulted in a blow out at the hands of Arkansas in the Texas Bowl down in Houston. Texas needed to win one of the two remaining games on their schedule and both were far from being a given. I honestly didn’t see a Longhorn victory in the cards this afternoon, but the Mountaineers losing Grier early on made a big difference and the offense showed some signs of life on the road in a hostile environment. Going bowling is obviously good for several reasons for Texas. Despite the program still being a work in progress, it’s a step in the right direction and it continues to show that progress is being made in Austin. This is far from the standard of course, but the team has been competitive in a matchup and they will get to benefit from the extra practices in December. On top of that, the upperclassmen in the program that have never experienced a bowl game will get to do just that before they graduate and I think everyone can appreciate that. · The return of Connor Williams provides a jolt We’ve beat up the offensive line for their pitiful performance this year, so it is only right that we highlight them when they have a solid day at the office. For starters, it was great to see 55 suited up and looking like his old self out there today. Williams set the tone early on the first drop back of the game, as he dominated his man and finished him off for good measure. The offensive line overall just looked different in a good way with Williams out there and aside from keeping Sam Ehlinger and Shane Buechele clean today (though Zach Shackleford would have given up a sack had Ehlinger ate the ball on the interception) they took it to the Mountaineer defense to the tune of 233 yards rushing on 5.5 yards per tote. You will take that all day and twice on Sundays. The bad news of the day was the offensive line suffering yet another injury when Patrick Vahe left the game with a knee injury. With Vahe out Terrell Cuney slid to left guard and Shackleford was inserted at center, so this will be your likely grouping going forward if Vahe has to miss extended time. · The defense comes up big once again With Holton Hill being out for the rest of the year, I felt like the defense was going to be in a bit of trouble when it came to covering the productive Mountaineer wide receivers. While Grier being out certainly impacted the game, the secondary held their own and then some against the likes of David Sills and Ka’Ruan White. None of the Mountaineer wide receivers cracked 75 yards receiving today and on top of that, the defense held running back Justin Crawford to 64 yards on the ground. As mentioned earlier, the defense only allowed 7 points to a normally potent offense, and they also forced two timely turnovers via fumbles. This unit has kept some very explosive offenses in check this year and I imagine they will be up to the task next week against Texas Tech in the regular season finale. · Texas landed a hidden gem in Daniel Young While I will forever be miffed about the mishandling of the JK Dobbins recruitment, I have to say that it looks like Texas found themselves a nice player in Daniel Young. The freshman from Westfield seems to get better each week as he continues to get more involved in the offense. It looked like he would easily go over the 100 yard mark, but he ended up settling for 85 yards rushing on 12 carries (7.1 yards per carry) and a touchdown, while also notching 3 receptions for 14 yards. He does a little bit of everything for the offense and as long as he continues to improve in blitz pickup he will be on the field a lot over the next several years. I thought Toneil Carter was going to end up being the more productive back early in his Longhorn career, but Young is already making a name for himself despite not getting more touches sooner in the season. · Big 12 refs at it again for the third consecutive week Once again we all watched the referees opt not to throw a flag in-game only to review it and drop a flag on the Longhorns for the third week in a row. I had never seen this done before prior to the TCU game and definitely have never seen it called three straight weeks on the same team. You will be hard pressed to find another team in the country that this has happened to and I would love to get a clear explanation on what the rule is because it has reached absurd levels at this point. As far as Texas goes, they obviously need to either coach up their players better to avoid this reoccurring penalty or they need to dump that kind of screen completely, because it is obvious the refs are looking for it when Texas plays. I hate ending my thoughts on a sour note, but it is something that needed to be said. Today is a good day though, because the Longhorns picked up a big road win over the Mountaineers and can end the season 7-5 with a home victory over Texas Tech. Bring on the Red Raiders.
  5. 7 points
    I'd say this just ensured he puts his name in the draft hat. He just screwed his team over!
  6. 7 points
    Folks, if you've read enough of these summaries and opines from Daniel since he's been around, you know he "gets it." So many times I read and stop and think to myself "exactly." We're fortunate to have him.
  7. 6 points
    Hager here...Texas 45- WVU 3 burning sofas.
  8. 6 points
    Daniel Seahorn

    Note On Connor Williams

    When Connor Williams was fully dressed out last Saturday for the Kansas game it was safe to say it raised a few eyebrows. For awhile we’ve thought the All-American left tackle was done for the season and likely had played his final snaps as a Longhorn. Not so fast, my friends... We’ve heard Williams practiced some last week and is slated to do the same again this week in preparations for West Virginia. Barring any kind of setbacks during the week it looks like 55 will make the trip to Morganstown and be available to play. Getting him back would be huge for an offensive line that has struggled all season long.
  9. 6 points
    Go through those classes and remove the guys who never made it to campus, washed out or haven't stayed healthy enough to contribute and you get a slightly different picture. The 2014 class drops into the 30s in national ranking if you take out the guys who didn't make it to campus or washed out when Strong was hired. Those are your seniors and redshirt juniors right now. You can remove 10 blue chips from the 2015-16 classes (counting Kirk Johnson and Patrick Hudson because of injury), plus two more from 2014 (Roberson and Catalon). Far more significantly, erase three offensive linemen (Delance, Hodges, Major; add Hudson if you want). There's a fair chance those first two guys would be your starting tackles right now. Okafor could play guard. Kerstetter could have redshirted. Etc. So the recruiting rankings don't tell the whole story. To be sure, too many guys haven't been adequately developed. That's hardly the fault of the coaches who've had one spring, summer and part of a fall with them. And it's a rare athlete who can reach his potential when he's playing for a new position coach in a new system every year or two.
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    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Yeah not being able to be a lazy ass in practice and having to attend classes bothers some. Imagine that..
  12. 6 points
    I should have saved myself a bullet point for the charlie fox of a review in which Texas was retroactively taxed with a penalty when no flag was thrown initially. I’ve never in my life seen that happen before on a football field.
  13. 6 points
    I feel like if we combined all of our Hornsports posters minds we could make a pretty good OC. Lol
  14. 5 points

    Orlando to stick with Texas

    Per Brian Davis from the Statesman, Orlando will stay at Texas for the next season: IMO, this is some pretty good news.
  15. 5 points
  16. 5 points
    If it's not too late, I'm going with Texas 28-14.
  17. 5 points
    Tellin ya Hager is my favorite defender on this ball team. Kid is a savage. Face mask and still knocks the crap outta the QB. Idc if it was targeting that’s a football play right there. He gonna be a big time player for us next year as well.
  18. 5 points

    Happy USMC Birthday.

    242 Years
  19. 5 points

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I read this earlier today. I knew there were injuries to the offense but I guess I had viewed them one at a time and not as a whole. I will chill out on Beck. But I still have questions about how the staff goes about substitutions. At this point I will be ecstatic with a Texas or Cactus bowl appearance. I'm still hoping for an 8-5 season when its all said and done
  20. 5 points
    Well earned nomination with the way the Texas defense has played in year one under Orlando.
  21. 5 points


  22. 5 points
    The Jimbo Fisher/A&M stuff is nonsense. 1. A&M isn’t a better job. 2. FSU has an easier path to the playoff opposed to playing third or fourth fiddle in the SEC West. 3. Fisher was linked to Texas and LSU in previous years. Both better gigs than A&M. Believe he ended up with pay raises in both years.
  23. 5 points
  24. 5 points
    What did you guys do with the Recruiting Thread
  25. 5 points
    Rumors are out there that Beck has been relieved of play-calling duties.
  26. 5 points

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    They either leave or they don't. We have four or five games left this year. Then we will sign a bunch of recruits in February. Then spring practice. Then summer workouts. Then August practice next year. Drink a beer. Worry less.
  27. 4 points
    Texas junior safety DeShon Elliott has turned in a heck of a year and has been rewarded for his efforts by being named a finalist for the Thorpe Award. Elliott will be up against Alabama’s Minkah Fitzpatrick and Iowa’s Josh Jackson for the prestigious award given out to the nation’s top defensive back.
  28. 4 points
    Dan Neil was going off on the LHN and he even called the refs "idiots". The others on there as well said it was a terrible call. I really think Texas should try and appeal it.
  29. 4 points
    Dan Neal just called the refs idiots for the play where Hager got ejected for targeting. He said the O-linemen had his faskmask pulling his head down so by the time he got free and raised it was too late for him to do anything else. Glad he confirmed what I saw!
  30. 4 points
    Someone came in our locker room before the game, stole our running game, and replaced it with one that works.
  31. 4 points
    Today Herman gets his first top 25 win as Texas HC.
  32. 4 points

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    This one is near and dear to my heart. Coached this kid in middle school here in the STL area before they moved to Texas. Miss hanging out with the family. Great kid, great fsmily. https://mobile.twitter.com/grayson_y78/status/931569667348582403
  33. 4 points
    Incredibly well-deserved.
  34. 4 points

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I'm not Daniel and I look forward to his response, but, I don't consider Marshall to be a slot, which is where we'd use Waddle if we were going to get him. Moore is a serious showstopper. We're okay at the slot as long as we hang on to Moore. Marshall is a true wide out. He's a 5-star for a reason, he's very good at being a wide out. Very fluid, has nice size and decent speed and great hands. I would compare him to Collin Johnson, but better hands and more aggressive to the ball.
  35. 4 points
    It’s as bad as I’ve seen in CFB all year long. And I watch a ton of ball on Saturdays.
  36. 4 points
    On Ehlinger, Herman said in his postgame presser that the coaches were going to use him on one series in the game - he even said the plan was to use him on the 4th series, which they did. He wasn't going to play any more than that unless absolutely necessary. Herman followed that up by saying it had been 21 days since he had real game snaps and it wouldn't be fair to throw him into a situation like that. While Ehlinger was cleared to play and no longer in concussion protocol, he apparently is suffering from an inner ear issue. Not sure if it is a separate issue or a byproduct of the head injury sustained 3 weeks ago, but probably a good thing he didn't play much last night. He needs to fully heal and be ready to play in Morgantown.
  37. 4 points

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Thanks for the info. Sounds like a rat bastard aggy.
  38. 4 points
    True Blue Longhorn

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    For me the Orlando/Beck media availability this week allowed a peak behind the curtain and goes a long way to explain a lot of personnel decisions. Every player at the UT under this staff must earn its place on the field through assimilation into the Texas (Herman) culture and consistent performance/effort in practice. This is the baseline to be met before getting an opportunity on Saturday to earn reps based on game performance. Talent or ability to contribute to the teams success takes a backseat to the establishment and adherence to the teams culture. Their conviction to this ideal for me is encouraging as it is much easier said than done. i.e. Urban Meyers Florida years and most recently a certain running back at OU. Everyone can be disappointed in the W-L but I am happy with the direction of the program. Hook Em!
  39. 4 points

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    What I've been saying is presented very well in this article. How the Texas offense fell apart due to injuries This was beyond any realistic worst-case scenario. Entering the 2017 season, the Texas Longhorns couldn’t afford injuries at two key positions — left tackle and quarterback. Before halftime of the third game, the ‘Horns had already been lost All-American junior Connor Williams and had been without Shane Buechele, the sophomore starter at quarterback, for six quarters. But those were ultimately far from the only key injuries faced by the offense, before or since. To understand why the offense has struggled so much, it’s worth looking back on a timeline of the injuries and the resulting impact on the team. August 8 — Elijah Rodriguez suffers a high ankle sprain Only days into preseason camp, the prospect right tackle, redshirt junior Elijah Rodriguez, went down with a serious high ankle sprain in practice. Two days later, he had surgery that left him with an indefinite timetable for a return. Rodriguez hasn’t played this season and doesn’t appear likely to return for any of the final three games. Impact: The injury to Rodriguez not only cost the team one of its best offensive linemen, it also left it without the most versatile player in the unit — the Houston-area product was capable of playing four positions. Ultimately, the loss of Rodriguez forced a sub-par senior — Tristan Nickelson — and an inexperienced sophomore — Denzel Okafor — into roles for which they were not prepared. August 17 — Andrew Beck fractures his foot again Less than 10 days later, the ‘Horns lost another key player at a position with limited depth when senior tight end Andrew Beck suffered a fracture foot. Within days, he was declared out for the season. Impact: Entering preseason camp, Beck was the only player on the roster with experience playing the position at Texas. An effective blocker, he also had the potential to emerge as a pass catcher in a more tight end-friendly offense. Instead, his injury left the ‘Horns relying on a former wide receiver, a graduate transfer who arrived during preseason camp, and a freshman who was largely a wide receiver in high school. September 2 — Shane Buechele suffers a bruised throwing shoulder After an offseason spent questioning whether the sophomore could stay healthy for an entire season, it only took one game for Buechele to suffer another injury. He ultimately missed two games and showed questionable arm strength when he returned against Iowa State. Impact: Buechele’s injury forced true freshman Sam Ehlinger into action early, with Ehlinger playing his second game on the road against No. 4-ranked USC. Injuries at the position were one of the worst-case scenarios before the season and it didn’t take long for that to come to pass. September 9 — Patrick Hudson suffers a knee injury Late in the blowout against San Jose State, redshirt freshman right guard Patrick Hudson went down with a non-contact knee injury after a promising performance. An MRI later revealed that he had torn his ACL. Impact: The nation’s No. 2 offensive guard in the 2016 class was set to become a key back up for Texas in his second season on the Forty Acres and his injury left the ‘Horns thin at the guard position. September 9 — Garrett Gray suffers a knee injury The former wide receiver became the starting tight end after Beck’s injury and performed poorly against Maryland before suffering a knee injury against San Jose State. He hasn’t played since. Impact: Gray likely wouldn’t have been a competent player had he remained healthy, but his injury did force freshman Cade Brewer into action long before the coaching staff would have liked. Offensive coordinator Tim Beck was left scrambling to find a way to effectively utilize Brewer. September 16 — Connor Williams suffers knee injuries In the season’s third game, the ‘Horns lost the one player the offense absolutely could not afford to lose — All-American left tackle Connor Williams. In the first half against the Trojans, Williams suffered a torn meniscus and sprained two of his knee ligaments. He hasn’t played since. Impact: Not only is Williams a generational talent at the most important position on the offensive line, but the team also lacked an effective replacement with the injury to Rodriguez. As a result, Nickelson briefly took over the position, but it quickly became apparent that his lack of mobility in pass protection could single-handedly sink the offense. September 28 — Buechele suffers an ankle injury After returning to the starting lineup for only one game, Buechele quickly suffered another issue, as the school announced the following day that he had sprained his ankle against Iowa State. Impact: Once again, Ehlinger was forced into the starting role. October 14 — Jake McMillon misses game with a hand injury An injury in practice kept McMillon, the starting right guard, out of the Oklahoma game and limited his participation in the Oklahoma State game. Impact: With Hudson out, redshirt junior Terrell Cuney showed why he failed to receive playing time in the past — he’s undersized and susceptible to the bull rush. October 14 — Kyle Porter suffers an ankle injury Sophomore running back Kyle Porter carried the ball three times for seven yards against the Sooners before leaving the game with a sprained ankle. After missing the Oklahoma State game, Porter hasn’t received a carry since. Impact: Given Porter’s lack of effectiveness as a runner, his injury wasn’t particularly significant, though he did provide value as a blocker when he was healthy. October 21 — Ehlinger suffers a concussion The freshman threw a brutal game-ending interception in overtime before the school revealed the next day that Ehlinger was suffering from concussion symptoms. He then sat out the Baylor game and didn’t play against TCU due to an inner ear issue that may be related to his head injury. Impact: Just when it looked like Ehlinger was taking control of the position and the team, Texas was forced into another change at quarterback, complicating the play-calling situation for Beck. October 21 — Zach Shackelford suffers a concussion Just as McMillon was returning to health, starting center Zach Shackelford, a sophomore, also suffered a concussion during the game against Oklahoma State. Like Ehlinger, he didn’t play against Baylor or TCU. Impact: Cuney was once again pushed into the startling lineup due to the injury and largely played poorly, especially against the Horned Frogs. October 21 — Reggie Hemphill-Mapps suffers a knee injury One of the team’s most explosive playmakers on offense missed the second half of the game against the Cowboys after sustaining a knee injury. Impact: Hemphill-Mapps played in the next two games, but totaled only one catch for five games in those contests. As the player most capable of turning short catches into long gains, the diminished impact of the redshirt freshman has hurt the Longhorns offense. October 28 — Toneil Carter suffers a concussion Just as freshman running back Toneil Carter was seemingly breaking out with a 15-carry, 70-yard performance against Baylor that also included a touchdown, the speedster suffered a concussion. Carter missed the game against TCU. Impact: The rush defense of the Horned Frogs probably wasn’t going to give up much yardage against any Longhorns running back given the state of the Texas offensive line. However, losing the pass-catching ability and explosiveness of Carter when he was finally getting an extended opportunity was certainly unfortunate. November 4 — Denzel Okafor misses start due to injury Nickelson started the game with the first-team offense as a result of Okafor suffering an undisclosed injury in practice, head coach Tom Herman said on Monday. Impact: Okafor has struggled throughout much of the season after being forced into the starting role at left tackle, but he earned the role for a reason — Nickelson is a liability even at right tackle and an even bigger liability at left tackle. The ‘Horns ultimately gave up seven sacks in the game, a season high for the Horned Frogs. Understanding how much all the injuries along the offensive line hurt the 2017 team requires some further context. Last season, Williams and left guard Patrick Vahe combined to produce much of the yardage for Doak Walker Award winner D’Onta Foreman. And the offensive line as a whole struggled to protect Buechele, allowing 32 sacks on the season and ranking No. 108 nationally in passing down sack rate. In other words, this was a line that needed to show some improvement without Foreman and without former starter Kent Perkins and part-time starter Brandon Hodges, who became a graduate transfer. There were no guarantees that it would have become an above-average unit even at full strength. At the least, however, Texas could have counted on being able to pick up some yards running left and successfully protecting the blind side of the quarterback. Ultimately, the loss of Hodges, and the subsequent fall transfer of former Under Armour All-American tackle Jean Delance severely limited depth across the entire unit — any long-term injuries to starters or back ups along the offensive line or at tight end were going to be a problem. By the third game of the season, the ‘Horns had lost the team’s three best blockers, the back-up tight end, and the back-up guard, all to long-term injuries. No other position group in football has to play with the same level of coordination as the offensive line, where any break down can sink the entire play. An offense that gets behind the chains and struggles to pass protect stands little chance of succeeding. Meanwhile, strength and experience are paramount in pass protection and run blocking. Texas has lacked continuity, strength, and experience for almost the entire season. Even the more experienced players, like Vahe and Shackelford, were’t able to redshirt. McMillon redshirted, but arrived as a defensive end, moved to guard, moved back to defense, then moved back to offense again. Meanwhile, the quarterback position has been a revolving door — neither player has started more than three games in a row the entire season, resulting in a lack of continuity at that position that has made game planning and play calling more difficult. It has also left a leadership void on the offense. At positions that have had relative health, like running back and wide receiver, the older players have struggled to produce meaningful contributions — the two freshmen running backs are clearly the most talented players at their position and the three leading receivers are all second-year players. And yet, the leading receiver was demoted to a back-up role three games ago. One of the two seniors at the position has hardly played most of the season because of his poor practice habits. So Texas fans can complain about the lack of week-to-week improvements and scrutinize the issues with individual play calls, but the bottom line is that injuries play a huge role in a brutal game like football. And the ‘Horns have suffered a rash of them without the depth to insert experienced back ups as replacements. Despite that, Texas is somehow several plays away from being a two-loss football team. In those three games, mistakes by Ehlinger and the defense were as responsible for the losses as any mistakes by Beck. Put any of those three games in the win column and all of a sudden the entire season feels much different. Instead, the players — and coaches — are dealing with extremely difficult situations every week. “They look out and one minute this guy is playing and the next this guy is playing,” Beck said on Wednesday. “The next minute this guy is playing, the next minute Shane is at quarterback and the next minute Sam is at quarterback. They kind of see the revolving door. It's hard to have any consistency when that is happening. I think that was the first game that we started the same offensive line two games in a row.” As a result, Beck admitted several weeks ago that he was pressing as a play caller. The players are pressing, wanting to succeed. But as head coach Tom Herman has pointed out all season, the key to success is playing confidently, without hesitation, and with trust in the training provided by the coaches. Due to the circumstances, none of that has really been possible for the offense. “They are so eager to try and do well,” Beck said. “Sometimes they are trying so hard, they are trying too hard. So we're trying to not press, but we are pressing, we know that. It's hard not to.” Beck closed the press conference by noting that “most people” see the injury issues and the constant changes in personnel and understand why the team is struggling. But based on how fans perceive Beck’s job performance this season, it’s clear that many don’t understand. And so instead of understanding why the offense consistently fails to show improvement from week to week, a difficult task due to the changing levels of competition and the challenges of a difficult schedule, fans are instead reflexively blaming Beck. In doing so, those fans demonstrate an abject lack of understanding about why the offense is where it is. Sad. https://www.burntorangenation.com/2017/11/9/16629190/texas-longhorns-offense-injuries-connor-williams-tom-herman-tim-beck
  40. 4 points
    I had heard on ESPN radio a couple of weeks ago that the aggs wanted to go after Dabo Swinney. This is all the way back in August. Dabo Swinney Isn’t Going to Texas A&M. Stop it. https://cfbcountry.com/2017/08/22/dabo-swinney-texas-am-rumors/
  41. 4 points
    I would want my son's coach to discipline him if he messes up. There is more life than football and coaches should mold these kids for life not just football. If the Lamar coach feels the same way then its a positive. On the other hand if its another Foreman's Dad type then I would take this as a shot at Herman. Since he wasnt clear which stance he is taking its difficult to know. My opinion is he probably is the prior not the latter. What father wouldnt want his sons coach to help the young man learn responsibility and accountability? Most would I assume. Anything else is not parenting but instead is BFF'ing. He also put a "#WhyAreWeInThisProfession" which I would take it as molding kids for life and such, not just winning games. Just my take. So I see this as a positive. Its usually very easy to spot the Foreman Dad type.
  42. 4 points
    That's encouraging. I was starting to believe we had a bad offense. I cant wait to see the innovative plays our new offensive wizard will run. They must be "cutting edge" plays since they won't require blocking, running, throwing, or catching. Beck must be one hard headed SOB to not at least tried to run some of these new plays the past ten weeks.
  43. 4 points
    Ryan Bridges

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    "The players hate Herman" is the stupidest thing I've read in at least a week. That's not hyperbole. A few players probably hate him, maybe even more than they hate standing on the sideline watching better players play.
  44. 4 points
    Malik Jefferson is having his best year as a Longhorn and it hasn’t gone unnoticed, as he has been named a Butkus Award Semifinalist. Jefferson has been credited with 76 tackles, 8.5 TFLs, and 4 sacks so far this year.
  45. 4 points

    Astros World Series

    Can’t believe an Astros WS thread hasn’t been started. Helluva game both tonight and last night. A little bit of everything and the Astros got out of LA with their first franchise WS win and now have home field advantage. I know @Daniel Seahorn @Johnstark23 @MBHORNSFAN @Aaron Carrara & @streettopeschel are paying attention to the games. Who else is? Next game on Friday. Let’s go ‘Stros!!
  46. 4 points

    Staff Predictions: Texas vs. TCU

    This game is a must win for recruiting. Cook and Adeoye We have to show recruits we can WIN big games not just compete. Texas wins tonight, if for no other reason, because you all picked TCU to win.
  47. 4 points

    View from the Cheap Seats-Baylor

    View from the Cheap Seats-Baylor All right with the world For one amazing, cool sun drenched Texas fall morning which gave way to afternoon, all was right with the world. Baylor has once again returned to mean and face it, they suck. TEXAS dominated play on both sides of the ball and left Waco with a blow out win, ho-hum, isn't that the way the world is supposed to turn? Oh, well except for the last 8 years where Baylor has actually been a decent football team, regularly making appearances in the Top 15, even once finishing in the Top 5. Over the same period, TEXAS has only finished ranked once. Baylor even won a Heisman, all was out of whack in college football and for one afternoon, sanity reigned and all was right with the world. Doubling down on a great day for College Football was an early celebration of the 242nd Birthday of our beloved Marine Corps and we were at the Omni Hotel at the Star. It's pretty cool to be able to watch games on a 50 foot (if not bigger) screen off the reception area. Awesome location with some great friends. My role was narrator and have to confess, part way through the explanation of the single table by itself, the face of my friend in the sig pic kept appearing at the table, smacking on Doritos (his favorite) and doing his best to choke me up. Absent companions. Happy Early Birthday @HALOMAN @WapitiHorn @Texas X @USMC Groper@usmc88 @USMCAIRWINGER @usmchat @USMCVET and many others left off. With the win, TEXAS put itself in great shape to go bowling. 4-4 with 4 games to go and one is Kansas. Yes, they beat us last year but they are battling Baylor for the cellar of the conference. Which means TEXAS only needs one win vs TCU/WVU or Texas Tech, all teams that now have clear holes. But then, so does TEXAS. Bowling means extra practice, something this team needs. It also means we might have a couple more OLs back from injury. One observation which seemed odd at the 3/4 of the game mark. Cheap Seats was already thinking "next year". Conner Williams is projected to be gone but what of Malik? What of DeSean? Would he bolt with a 2nd round grade? What does our OL look like next year with many backups getting extensive experience? Can someone step up to fill Poona Ford under discussed but very important role? Stop me if you have heard this before but once again the defense won the day. D played with their hair on fire and set the tone one Baylor's 1st pass, again, stop me if you have heard this before but DeSean Elliott took an INT to the house (more on him later), Malik Jefferson and Bricklyn Hager played like men with their hair on fire and Holton Hill is positioning himself as one of (if not the) top Cornerbacks in the conference. And while Baylor is a REALLY BAD football team, make no mistake, they still have a good offense. In fact the only quibble the Cheap Seats has with the D' was that we did not substitute more heavily in the 4th quarter. Would hate losing someone in a blow out game. Speaking of which, hope Charles Omenihu is ok, he was in a great deal of pain in the 4th and heard no further reports. Keep in mind the Cheap Seats avoid all reports, post game shows etc before going to press to avoid being influenced by others opinions. Good bad or indifferent, our thoughts are our own. Defensive player of the game? Should do a poll, one can make the case for Malik, Holton Hill and Bricklyn. All American We have had one player who has played all year at an All American level, our Aussie transplant Michael Dickson. Currently ranked #3 in the nation in average punting, his biggest strength (besides flipping field position) is pinning opponents deep inside their 20. Kid has been a huge weapon for the team. Offense The Cheap Seats has been heard. Tim Beck ran a diverse offense, potentially the best scheme of the year, utilizing the short passing game to supplement our ineffective run game. We actually saw extensive playing time for Toneil Carter who showed well along with Daniel Young. Both flashed speed and the ability to break tackles. Of course excitement should be tempered considering Baylor is the WORST rushing D in the nation. Still, would not be surprised if Carter isn't our go to back for the balance of the year. He was elusive, broke tackles, showed good vision and has good speed in the open field. In the course of recruiting, things often work out for reasons beyond a team's control. Carter is one of those cases. He basically fell in Coach Herman's lap when Georgia landed a windfall of RBs. Personally don't care how he got here, just glad he's here and FINALLY getting used. Big props to Shane Buechelle. Kid is a competitor, came out on a bad ankle and still ran the ball, including a 28 yard TD scamper right up the middle. More importantly, he used his superior accuracy to throw for 256 yards on 27 for 34 passing and a 74.3 QBR. Seems QBR is a better measure of QB success and that is the 2nd best mark recorded by a TEXAS QB this year, glass half full. Glass half empty shows the best QBRs set against the 2 worst teams on the schedule. Shane also the easy choice for Offensive player of the game QB Controversy? Don't think so but hope CTH does not go brain dead stupid like the Baylor coach and flip QBs each series. Continuing on the theme of "next year", we have to have a more accurate passer along with an improved offensive line to have success in 2018. CTH with a huge call this week. TCU on the road and they are now playing for their lives as all BigXII teams have a conference loss. Shane would spread teh ball among 10 different pass catchers, with Cheap Seats pre-season break out player Lil Jordan Humphrey logging 5 grabs for 55 yards and a TD, oh and another great hurdle but this time he didn't fumble. We also saw slant and drag routes, which were odd as one Mod swore Shane didn't like those routes. Weird cuz he sure throws them well. In another oddity, Reggie Mapps continues to return punts but is in the WR dog house for some reason. Considering he has been TEXAS best WR this year and most effective with the ball in his hands, we hope CTH is more worried about winning than practice vs TCU. We just don't get benching superior playmakers to play back ups trying to prove some point. And was Jerrod Heard full time back up QB? If so, why didn't he play the whole 4th quarter. Great chance to get him some meaningful reps. In summation, defense continues to show it's the pride of the BigXII and one of the best in the nation. They need to keep it up, we have the #7 #17 and #22 scoring offenses still on the schedule. No rest for the weary/wicked. Offense sputtered and struggled at times, took too long to get going but in the end put up a nice day vs a tomato can. Cannot do that vs TCU or WVU on the road and hope to win. We continue to handicap ourselves by playing backups at WR. Individual player honors Another mid game thought, we have 3 players legitimately competing for post season honors. DeSean Elliott is an easy Thorpe finalist, DBU is BACK BABY. Michael Dickson for the Ray Guy Award and Malik Jefferson for multiple Defensive player of the year and Top LB of the Year awards (Butkus, Nagurski and/or Lombardi). Ranking the BigXII #1 Iowa State. They have wins over OU and TCU (#2 and #3), where else should they be ranked? Bowl eligible, how good a bowl bid do they get? #2 OU Continuing to play great offense, still with a shot at the playoffs, need to win out to play for the conference and hope. #3 TCU Frankly thought about dropping them further, they did NOT look good vs ISU, well they are going bowling, still with a shot at the conference, can't imagine they are still in the playoff hunt #4 OSU Mullet still the best interview in CFB.. . .yeah Mike, drinking heavily leads to wins, shot at the conference title and a Sugar Bowl bid #5 TEXAS in a coulda/shoulda/woulda season, we coulda/shoulda/woulda been ranked higher. Need two more wins to go bowling, thinking Texas Bowl. TCU/Kansas/WVU/TT on deck. #6 WVU need a win to go bowling but a tough road, ISU, KSU, TEXAS, OU #7 KSU Need 2 wins to go bowling and they have a tough slate, ISU, wVU Okie Lite and TT #8 TT Needs 2 wins to go bowling, KSU Baylor TCU TEXAS. #9 Kansas battle for the cellar this week #10 Baylor F Baylor CFB Playoffs (if we had a vote today) #1 Bama Resume not great but they are destroying people #2 Georgia My question, if Georgia upsets Bama, do both get in? #3 tOSU win out and they should be in #4 Notre Dame looked great since 1 point Dawgs loss Just a bit outside Clemson, big game with NCSt then a title match vs Miami? Whisky, unbeaten UDub OU Bedlam looms large
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    By Ryan Bridges I won’t repeat my rant from last week. This team is close — objectively closer than they’ve been in years. (Eleven of their 21 losses the past three seasons came by 14 points or more. There’s some teams left on the schedule that could pull that off, but it hasn’t happened yet.) The offensive coaches aren’t doing a good job. The players aren’t taking advantage of enough opportunities either. Let’s rip the Band-Aid off and start there. Side note: I’m throwing this together in a hurry because I’m preparing to move across an ocean later this week. I gave the videos a lot of attention but the text was rushed at the end. At least you’re not paying $9.95/mo. for this. The Last Play Yes, this was the same route concept against man coverage that Clemson used to beat Alabama in the national championship last year. I hate the idea of running it to the left, but if I’m stretching for excuses, maybe there were defensive tendencies the coaches factored into their decision. Seeing the play-call and knowing that Reggie Hemphill-Mapps was out, the personnel makes more sense than it did at the time: Collin Johnson would have been a decoy where Dorian Leonard lined up; Lorenzo Joe is a smart player who they thought could execute the pick; and Jerrod Heard was the next man up after Hemphill-Mapps. I like the idea of having Lil’Jordan Humphrey out there somewhere, but that’s not egregious in my opinion. Two man defenders lined up at the same level against receivers with tight splits are begging to be picked. Heard did not take a good angle but he was still briefly open because his man had to bend around his teammate. I’m not interested in arguing about degrees of openness or whether the result would have been 1st & Goal or touchdown — this ball has to come out. Missed Opportunities P.J. Locke had a chance to recover the fumble at the 1-yard line on the drive that ended with the game-tying field goal, but someone blew a whistle, so I can’t blame him too much. There were also like four dropped passes on offense, and this offense isn’t good enough to drop passes. But let’s look at the two missed interceptions, because there’s some interesting schematic stuff. The first play is a good example of what makes Todd Orlando’s defense so confusing to offenses. The boundary side is playing Cover 2 and the field side is playing Quarters. That’s nothing fancy. Four players will be rushing the quarterback. You’d expect it to be the three down linemen and a linebacker — it’s almost always been Malik Jefferson. Instead, Charles Omenihu drops into the middle hook, Gary Johnson blitzes the B gap and John Bonney blitzes off the edge. I’m not sure what Mason Rudolph was thinking, but this throw was never going to be a good idea. An interception there gives Texas the ball at its own 39 or 40; after the punt, they took over at the -19. The receiver did a great job becoming a defender, though. The implications of the second drop, which was truly a drop, were much worse. Texas’ offense would have taken over at the Oklahoma State 36 with 1:07 left to play — four more yards and they’d be in range to attempt to replicate Josh Rowland’s season long of 49 yards. The defensive call exemplifies what the defense did most of the game: rushing three and playing three-deep, five-under zone coverage. Much like opposing teams have been doing to Texas’ offense, the Longhorns defense challenged Oklahoma State to run the ball, and they couldn’t consistently do it. Coverage Sacks and Quickness Sacks Breckyn “Brecklyn” Hager is a one-trick pony, but he’s probably the best on the team at that trick. The first of Hager’s two sacks was the definition of a coverage sack (Rudolph had close to six seconds in the pocket). This drive was Oklahoma State’s chance to answer Texas’ touchdown. It was 3rd & 4 near midfield, and Texas was playing Cover 2. There’s absolutely no one open. Good job, good effort. Hager’s second sack came in an equally critical situation. Without it, the Cowboys may have been able to attempt a field goal to end the half or get into range to run a play other than a Hail Mary. Note that it’s a three-man rush again with three-deep, five-under coverage on the back end. It’s a huge advantage for a defense if it has a pass rusher who can win one-on-ones when he gets them. Malik’s Game-Saving Tackle Last week, Naashon Hughes and Malik Jefferson teamed up to make back-to-back tackles that gave Texas’ offense the ball and a chance to win the game. Malik did it again on Saturday. 3rd & 3 at the Texas 13, five minutes left in the game. Oklahoma State runs zone read, with Rudolph pulling the ball and trying to run off-tackle. Technically, Bonney would be responsible for the quarterback, but he’s nine yards deep. Malik has the frontside A gap, but when he sees Rudolph pull the football, he scrapes over the top and makes the open-field tackle. The result: OK State attempted, and missed, a 29-yard field goal. Bullets Dodged It seemed like Texas had more lucky breaks go against it than in its favor — especially when it came to the officiating — but it caught a break here. They’re again running their three-deep, five-under zone. Oklahoma State is in a 3×1 set. They run four verticals, with the #3 receiver occupying the deep middle defender (Bonney). This puts Brandon Jones over the top of the #2 and #1 receivers, but fortunately he has the cornerback and nickel trailing them. In theory, this should force Rudolph to float the ball over the shallow defenders, hopefully giving Jones time to intersect the route. Somehow, Jones is slow to react to the throw. Splicing the two shots together, we know Rudolph started his throwing motion when the receiver was between the 35- and 30-yard lines. The ball looks to be at least two-thirds of the way there as Jones is planting his foot in response. Almost certainly he wasn’t disciplined with his eyes. And I don’t know what was wrong with his cleats, but he’s way too athletic to be stumbling and slipping around out there like he was. Speaking of poor eye discipline, for the second straight week we have a Texas DB looking for the football while out of phase with the receiver, enabling the receiver to get even more separation. The ball isn’t going to you, it’s going to him — focus your energy on catching up. Run D Locke seemed like he had a rough game again. He was tentative against the run on Oklahoma State’s lone touchdown, getting owned by a receiver who gave up 30 pounds to him. What I’ve seen of Malcolm Roach at defensive end this season has been mostly disappointing. He should get stronger, but he just hasn’t looked like the same player that he was playing in space as a freshman. He didn’t read his key on this 3rd down on a drive that led to the game-tying field goal. He’s supposed to drop back into the middle hook area, but only if he reads pass. He has to play the run first. He abandons the edge, and the Cowboys narrowly convert. Here’s a more positive play by the defensive front — one that potentially saved Texas from falling behind by 14 in the early second quarter. OSU runs outside zone, and Texas slants that way and brings a blitz off the backside edge. Poona Ford is a goddamn monster, breaks through and forces the cutback, right into the waiting arms of Chris Nelson. First man wraps up, second man rips at the football. Hell of a play. Ehlinger Every game, Ehlinger has made a number of plays that Shane Buechele can’t make. Against Oklahoma State, he made fewer of those types of plays than he had in any previous game. I don’t know whether that was due to linger effects from the totally-not-a-concussion he suffered last week, or whether it was because there’s enough tape on him now that defenses have him figured out (the same thing that happened with Heard and Buechele). Still, it’s hard to look good behind this offensive line. They had worked their way downfield behind a couple of nice runs by Ehlinger and had converted a 4th down, putting them inside the OSU 30. Then the right side of the line does this. The splits is not a good position to start a play for any player. Terrell Cuney gave it a shot anyway. Then he kicked it up a notch by not helping Derek Kerstetter at all. Against a twist stunt, it’s not enough to give the lineman a friendly nudge in your teammate’s direction. I’m running out of time to type more notes, so briefly, OSU’s coverage to the trips side was interesting — they were trying hard to take away the WR screen, but Texas had Hemphill coming across the formation for a quasi screen anyway. Sam’s got to throw this ball away. And briefly, the touchdown. I haven’t been able to find this cable cam view in the high-quality version of the game that I saved, so here it is in potato definition. I guess because this play yielded points once, Tim Beck decided to try it a hundred more times. I don’t know. I don’t think it worked again. But let’s celebrate the time when a two-yard gain on it was enough for six points.
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    Dominick Wood-Anderson De-Commits

    Obviously, I disagree. I think the hypersensitivity is confined to a large portion of the Longhorn nation. I mean, they're writing stories this week on how Longhorn fans feel and what we've been through for years. What everyone else thinks is where the writer turns it around and makes the case for a stellar job by Herman. And it was dead-on. As I explained in detail in a previous post, at best you have a push on what was expected this season from this team. No one called a win over USC, OU, OSU. No one called a win over KSU or a loss to Maryland. So we're back to square one about where we figured we'd be. And we're having a big fat cow about it. We're trying to fire an OC. We're ready cast off tailbacks who can't gain yardage. We're ready to sacrifice the neighborhood stray in a voodoo ceremony to do whatever we can outside of accepting the painful truth. We have an OL in deep caca. Thats a solvable problem for the future. So no, I don't think recruits are looking at this and thinking anything other than what they're seeing – a team playing lights out and coming up short against teams they were never supposed to be playing with in the first place. And I most certainly disagree with your last sentences. Rational thinking people make assessments at the end of the season and can easily see we are in a different universe than we were any of the last 6-7 seasons. We're a spoiled fan base when we refuse to remember our own thoughts and words of just a few months ago because we were teased with thinking we'd win a big one. The big one will come and the evidence for that has been laid out before you.

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