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    FYI it's kinda long. I wasn’t planning or expecting to have to drop one of these pieces so early in the season, but now that I’ve had a day and some change to think it over I’m going put some of my thoughts on paper about what transpired on Saturday in Austin. I said in the predictions piece on Friday that no matter how the game played out that you couldn’t get too high or too low because the season can’t be won or lost in week one. I’m sticking by that because obviously there is still plenty of season left to circle the wagons. They say in coaching that when you go back and watch the film it is neither as good nor as bad as you thought was when the game was playing out live. More times than none that holds true. I’m sure when Tom Herman and his staff go back through the film they will find some positives that they feel like they can build on, but they will probably also find plenty of things that they either need to fix or scrap completely going forward. At the end of the day the game against the Terps brought about a lot more questions than answers and given how the schedule is setup, that isn’t promising for the Longhorns. So where do we start? From the moment this staff was hired and put in place we’ve heard time and time again about how the little things have been stressed and how Herman constantly harps on the details. It was hammered home how the team would be sound fundamentally and discipline would be instilled after the previous staff failed to accomplish that. After taking in that game in its entirety I can safely say it feels like everyone was sold a bill of fake goods. Bad angles in pursuit, alarming number of missed tackles, defenders not hitting their run fits, busting simple protections in pass protection, blunders on special teams, and lastly... penalties. These are things that plagued this team last year and led them becoming the butt of several jokes nationwide. After watching this team on Saturday all those things mentioned seemed to be front and center once again like nothing had changed. Except this time there is no Charlie Strong to blame it on. After the game, Herman said something along lines that if everyone expected things to fixed in nine months then they were mistaken. I don’t think anyone reasonable expected all issues to magically disappear between now and last November, but at bare minimum I was expecting this team to be able to go out there and execute what is being asked of them and that they will play sound, disciplined football. It’s safe to say that bar was not cleared. At this point I have questions that span from things such as why some guys seem to be stagnant in their development and when is it time to give other guys a bite at the apple to what exactly was going in the coaches’ office when they were going over game planning for Maryland? For instance, the staff knew going in they were deficient at tight end and were going to have to trot out Garret Gray as their starter if they wanted to use him in personnel packages. Gray is a converted wide receiver who in normal circumstances is probably not going to see too much PT in an ideal situation. The coaches knew going in that the situation was far from ideal and they still opted not scheme around the position like Herman had previously mentioned. Instead they put Gray in situations in which he had to win as a blocker on the edge and it went about as bad you would expect. They also opted to keep Gray on the field when they decided to go to empty sets rather than putting another receiver out there, which I didn’t really understand at all. That’s just one example, but here’s another. Linebackers are still completely lost when it comes to their run fits. We saw a lot of this last year to the point where you had to ask if guys just weren’t getting it or were the coaches just horrible teachers. At this point it’s probably a bit of both because after having months to hammer out the basics they were back to getting gutted in the run game and letting Maryland rip off big runs. It was no secret that Maryland wanted to establish the run early and pound the rock. Everyone knew for months that was what they wanted to do when they rolled into Austin. Yet the defense looked completely bewildered and confused. Want another? The secondary is still getting balls thrown over their head in crucial situations where they absolutely can’t allow it and guys seem to not know where there help is coming from. This once again led to the defense not being able to get off the field and kept drives alive for Maryland. You can take your pick and just about every guy in the starting lineup gave it up on Saturday. So once again are things just not clicking for guys or are the coaches horrible teachers? These are the kinds of things going through my mind as I watch the same issues from last year play out in week one of this season. The offense has plenty of things it has sort out in short order, but if the defense is going to allow 40+ per game, then it makes the margin of error for the offense almost nonexistent and forces them to have to be perfect. That’s not feasible. Speaking of the offense, my worries about the running back position came to fruition on Saturday. Texas doesn’t have a feature back on the roster to pick up the slack left by D’Onta Foreman (landing JK Dobbins stings even more now). On top of that, the offensive line wasn’t getting a consistent push at the LOS for the run game to get going and they had Shane Buechele under fire most of afternoon, which was something I wasn’t anticipating to be an issue outside of right tackle. The run game was basically abandoned early on as Texas found itself in a big hole it had to crawl out of thus leading to Buechele having to throw the ball 50+ times. Anytime the Texas offense looked like it was getting some momentum or putting a drive together, they found a way to shot themselves in the foot via penalties, lack of execution, or poor play calling. I love Drew Mehringer as a recruiter, but he better be drilling his group all week on how to run a proper pick route. If my three year old daughter can tell it’s an illegal pick then you need to go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate how you are teaching the technique. While I’m talking about coaches going back to the drawing board, Derek Warehime needs to rally his troops. It’s unacceptable that Maryland was able to get pressure on Buechele with as few as three rushers at times. It’s unacceptable that his bunch looked befuddled when it came to picking up blitzing linebackers who are tipping their hand. This is day one stuff that an experienced group shouldn’t be struggling with in week one. Can’t happen and shouldn’t happen. This brings me to the topic of the quarterback. As you see I just laid out some issues that were surrounding Buechele on Saturday and I’ve already previously written on the board that I don’t fault him for a lot of the stuff that transpired out there. Was he without fault? Absolutely not. The first series of the game was as bad of a series you will see from Buechele and it resulted in him getting squared up for a big hit that he doesn’t need to be taking. He wasn’t as crisp on the deep balls as we’ve seen in the past, he self-sacked and self-pressured himself at times, and he isn’t going to strike fear into a defense with his wheels and ability to improvise. He’s not perfect and nobody is saying he is. With all that said and all the issues plaguing the offense, Buechele still posted a respectable stat line that included 375 yards passing with a completion percentage of 65% and three total touchdowns. Lets make things clear. Buechele is far from the biggest issue holding the offense or the team back right now. Before we start screaming for a change at quarterback, I would rather see a staff competent enough to scheme around the strengths of their starting quarterback who threw for almost 3,000 yards last year and set freshmen records in 2016. Capable staffs can scheme around the strengths of their personnel. I don’t think Sam Ehlinger, a kid who was just taking snaps on the high school level several months ago, is going to be some kind of magic bullet that people are making him out to be. He has yet to take a snap at the collegiate level and people think he will be the answer to kick starting the run game without having anything to go off of. If the offensive line doesn’t get its act together it may not matter who is back there taking snaps, so be careful what you ask for. I’ve talked/written a lot. But these are the things that have been on my mind since the clock hit triple zeroes on Saturday. At this point I have as many questions for the coaches as I do for the players, because I feel like the coaches didn’t have their team put in the best possible position to go play confidently and to be successful. Texas was never going to win all of their games this year. That wasn’t feasible. Thinking this team was going to hit the corner and win 10+ games wasn’t any more feasible. At this point this team needs to show it can put together a complete football game for sixty minutes before we start trying to predict wins. Saturday’s loss to Maryland showed that this team isn’t anywhere close to competing for championships of any kind. The season isn’t over by any stretch, but expectations need to be dialed back and recalibrated until the team proves it on the field.
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    Coaching a team as a 17-point underdog is never easy. You must have — and instill in your team — a healthy fear of your opponent. But you also have to convince your players that they belong on the same field, and that they can win. You do this by telling them no one’s giving them a chance, telling them they’re going to shock the world, telling them they’re going to punch the opponent in the face and keep punching until the referees stop the fight. That was the attitude Texas took into the game. The defense executed it, but not the offense (or special teams). It’s not enough to tell your players that this is your plan — you have to demonstrate it through your actions. This is why I understand and appreciate decisions like going for it on 4th & 2 on the first offensive series (even when you don’t convert), and throwing deep on 1st down from your own 1-yard line (even when it’s intercepted). It’s why I would have gone for two in overtime. Seventeen-point underdogs don’t secure upsets by playing for field goals and field position. Moving on… The Defense I haven’t had a chance to do a full rewatch yet, but it sure seems like this unit is figuring things out. I do think that schematically, Todd Orlando’s defense matches up well with what USC tries to do — maybe we’ll get into that during the bye week. There are also still problems in the back end: every offense so far has targeted Kris Boyd and Brandon Jones; two of them had success doing so, and one was a couple of misconnections away from it. But let’s start with positives. Just wow. On 4th & Goal, USC tries to punch it in with inside zone. They get two double teams on Chris Nelson and Poona Ford, which you’d expect to be enough for Roland Jones to gain a few inches and six points. Instead, Nelson goes nowhere, and Ford splits his double team. The real key, though, was Malcolm Roach. He’s lined up on the inside shoulder of the tight end, who’s drawn the near-impossible task of cutting him off. You can see how that goes. Note that Texas has two defenders on the far right in position to stop the zone read. I think this makes Charles Omenihu the team’s sack leader. It’s been cool to watch him grow into the player Charlie Strong thought he could be. This was USC’s second offensive series of the second half. They were up 14-10 and had just connected on a long pass to get out from their own 13-yard line. At this point in the game, the Texas defense’s performance felt unsustainable. Then Omenihu came through. He leaned into USC’s right tackle, apparently got his inside hand under the tackle’s pec and eased him right out of the play. Daniel could tell you more about what went wrong with the tackle’s technique. It’s scary how effortless Omenihu made this look. USC’s first two touchdowns were flukey. On the first score, they were trying to exploit Boyd’s tendency to jump underneath routes. The No. 1 receiver sets up for a flash screen, and the tight end fakes like he’s blocking then runs the fade. The Texas defense is doing something you’ll see a lot of in this post: playing Quarters coverage with a solo call on the single-receiver side. This allows them to bring the free safety over to cover the No. 3 receiver if he runs a deep route. But the weakside corner wasn’t completely on his own: the defense was also dropping the B-backer to take away the quick game to that side. Boyd blew me away with his discipline on this play (little victories). Sam Darnold has to improvise. No. 3 has run a deep route, so the free safety, DeShon Elliott, is on him. I can’t even get mad at this play — that’s an almost impossible throw and catch. I would have been far more upset if Darnold had run this in, which he might have been able to do since the pass rush had been washed out. The second touchdown, however, involved a lapse worth getting upset about. First, let’s admire Breckyn Hager. I don’t know that anyone on the team approaches every play with the unbridled rage and tenacity that he does. Now, to the ugly stuff. The pass rush and deep coverage forces Darnold to check it down, which is exactly what the defense wants. At this point in the play, USC has, hypothetically, four blockers (one is behind the defense and can’t help) to take on seven defenders. The only thing the defense has to do is funnel the ball into a smaller and smaller area until Roland can either be tackled or shoved out of bounds. Somehow, Holton Hill still doesn’t understand leverage (and he’s far from the only one guilty of this — just look at their kick coverage). This is JV stuff, and it’s infuriating. This was one of the turning points of the game. The potential game-saving sack was dangled in front of us, then The Darnold did his thing. I think it was around this point in the broadcast that Joel Klatt was saying Texas couldn’t sit back and had to keep attacking. On the previous play — the first of the series — they’d played zone and allowed an easy completion over the middle. This time, they went Cover 2 Man and tried to overwhelm the left side of USC’s offensive line. Darnold and USC offensive coordinator Tee Martin did a great job targeting the weakest link in the coverage: Anthony Wheeler on a running back up the seam. Wheeler seems to anticipate a route to the flat and overruns it, letting the back cut inside, but he did an impressive job of recovering for a big man. That doesn’t make it any less painful. Here’s the same coverage against trips that I said you’d see again. USC releases the back to the trips side, actually giving them a 4×1 look — and 4-on-4 matchup to that side, since the Rover is blitzing and the B-backer is dropping underneath the No. 1 weak. Roach is beating the right tackle up like Omenihu did on his sack, but the solo receiver is able to get separation (way too much) on Boyd on the slant route in time for Darnold to find him. The rest is just luck. Watching Elliott return this pick, though, makes me wonder why anyone ever thought this guy would be a linebacker. I’m not entirely sure what Texas was going for on this one; someone definitely screwed up, but I’m not sure whether it’s Hager or Jefferson. What likely confused them was the late motion by USC, which changes the look to the field side from deuces to trips. Neither Hager nor Jefferson seemed to notice. My guess would be that initially Hager was supposed to drop to account for the back while Jefferson would spy Darnold and rush if he saw a lane. I would then guess that their responsibilities should have flipped once the back flipped. Either way, someone needs to carry that tight end up the seam. Darnold handed Texas a gift with this play. This one gave me flashbacks to Notre Dame scoring on the first play of overtime last year. It’s trips again from USC, and the same coverage adjustment from Texas. Boyd’s receiver gives a jab step to the corner before cutting to the post, and that’s all it takes to get separation — but Boyd should have inside help from Jones. Instead, Jones is jumping the deep route by the No. 3 receiver, who is already covered low by Wheeler and high by Elliott. If you need something to cheer you up a little, watch Jefferson maul Roland. The Offense There’s something we’re not being told about the running backs. I’m sure of it. There is no way that these coaches made it this far into their careers if they were so bad at evaluating that they legitimately think there’s no difference in the abilities of Chris Warren and Kyle Porter to carry the football. Herman said in Monday’s press conference that Warren was averaging only 3.8 yards per carry. He got only four carries. This is what we call a small sample size. But if that’s the company line, let’s compare Warren’s 3.8 ypc to Porter’s 1.8. There’s a big difference between 2nd & 6 and 2nd & 8, and an even bigger difference between 3rd & 2 and 3rd & 6. This is always true, but especially when your offense is struggling. It doesn’t have to be about generating explosive plays. This is as simple as helping out your freshman quarterback. (By the way, it’s 10 yards for a first down. 3.8 x 3 = 11.4. 11.4 > 10.) Porter is a better blocker. I get it. That’s a good reason to use him as a blocker; it’s not a good reason to give him Warren’s carries. Use 20 personnel. Do something. Don’t make him the lead blocker for your quarterback when you’ve only got 1 ½ healthy quarterbacks and pretend that it was a good idea. This is up there with 2014, when Shawn Watson gave Johnathan Gray so many carries over D’Onta Foreman. Maybe Warren isn’t practicing as hard as the coaches would like; Herman noted, after all, that a lack of work ethic in practice had been costing Armanti Foreman snaps. That’s fine. (Well, it’s not, but you know. They’re trying to change the culture or whatever.) But don’t pretend that the two are equals. Warren or the freshmen need to get more touches. That’s step one to fixing the run game. I’m afraid that we’ll continue to see them rely on Sam Ehlinger until he’s knocked out of a game, at which point he’ll be replaced by the unimaginative package with Jerrod Heard back there. [/rant] I’m starting this one with the fun stuff only because Ehlinger had an opportunity to make a similar throw to the one Darnold made for the touchdown in OT. Before the snap, it looks like USC is going to bring the house, but they actually rush only four, drop two underneath defenders to spy Ehlinger and pick up any crossers, and play what looks to me like off man behind it. Ehlinger, of course, does a nice job extending the play and finding Foreman, but he missed the fact that Lorenzo Joe’s route was going to run off the safety, leaving Lil’Jordan Humphrey open on the exact same route that beat Boyd. It’s still a great play; I’m just illustrating that there’s plenty of room for growth. You have to like the way Foreman keeps working to find an opening and give Ehlinger somewhere to go with the ball. As I said above, I love this play-call because actions speak louder than words. If you want to communicate to your team that you’re coming for the Trojans’ throats, a QB sneak isn’t the way to do it, but max protect three verticals is. USC doubles Collin Johnson at the top, and they’ll get a de facto double team on Humphrey in the slot, but Devin Duvernay is matched up one-on-one. Tim Beck likes this more than he should — recall that Shane Buechele threw a pick to Duvernay on this same concept against Maryland. The throw is late, and I wonder if this is the max of Ehlinger’s range, but that’s not really the issue. With the off coverage, this should be converted to a deep comeback, in my opinion. Make that determination pre-snap based on the coverage if you have to, but take the 15-yard gain and first down. It doesn’t matter how much faster Duvernay is than the other guy if (1) the quarterback doesn’t get the ball out in time to lead him, or (2) the corner is so far off that Duvernay can’t overtake him. This should have been a flag. I know the hand was at Ehlinger’s neck, but something — maybe the defender’s hand, or maybe his glove — caught Ehlinger by something, probably the chin strap. By rule, grabbing and pulling the chin strap is the same as grabbing and pulling the facemask. Even worse, by rule, it’s a flag if there’s any doubt. You’re a blanking idiot if you don’t have doubts as to whether it was a facemask. But beyond that, this is the sort of play that was lacking in the first half. A good rule of thumb is that when you hear the announcers gushing about how fast a defense is, the offense should be serving up a healthy dose of misdirection, screens and draws. Texas doesn’t seem to have a slow screen in the whole damn playbook (and I’ve been lamenting this fact for years), but at least they made an effort to slow USC down later in the game with misdirection (reverses, throwback, etc.). Window dressing aside, this was a major play in Herman’s playbook — a concept I highlighted in my breakdown of his offense during the offseason. I wish we had the all-22, because I’d bet Johnson was open on the deep crossing route. The jet motion removed the curl/flat player to the playside, the corner doesn’t have leverage on the in-breaking route, and at less than five yards’ depth, none of the underneath defenders should be a threat. What keeps this from being a short gain, though, is that tight end Cade Brewer got hung up on the blitzing outside linebacker. That disrupts the timing, lets USC’s defense recover from the misdirection and gives that defender time to GRAB EHLINGER BY THE FACE WHAT THE HELL ARE THE REFS DOING? As annoyed as I was at the personnel decisions and absence of misdirection in the offense, this was a terrific play-call. Another play that Beck and Herman love is the snag or spot concept. It was all over the place in the Maryland game, for instance. (Apologies — I should have started that clip with a trigger warning.) If I know that, USC certainly does. The defense overreacts to the sprint action, and no one accounts for Brewer coming back across the formation. Let’s overreact. Hook ’em.
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    1. Herman is right and Urban Meyer gave us Aaron Hernandez. He left Florida in a wreck. In fact, its why he left, and then lied about his health as he left. 2. Meyer is just being opportunistic, as he's trying to put down his main competition in a place he wants to have success. 3. F Meyer.
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    I get it with Boo's injury and the possibility of Sam starting a lot of QB talk going on. QB was hardly the reason for our inept start. Sure it would great if the QB was another VY to overcome some of the deficiencies but hes not. We should be talking why 4 years later why our defense is so bad. Why are we not able to fit the run with a seasoned and experienced LB core. Defense is why we continue to lose games. Has anyone asked Tom Herman or Orlando why he didnt play Gary Johnson in the middle on Saturday? One of you X's and O's guys....Daniel, Harrison, Ryan or anyone else have an explanation as to why our LB's are consistently in the wrong gaps? Maryland had a play of at least 25 yards (25, 50, 46, 27, 40, 40). Most of these are runs. Fix half of those and we probably win that game. Everyone knows im picking on Wheeler here but does anyone truly believe hes trying to hard? Locke and Jones played terrible to but we all should be concerned with teams defensive ineptude.
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    Buechele update - 9/7/17

    IMO, if Herman is as smart as we think he is, he starts Ehlinger. It's Thursday and Buechelle hasn't taken a snap all week. Now we hear its a bit better but that he's going to "try" to practice. We're two days from kickoff. You can't run this offense with a bum shoulder and even if you could, you risk injuring Buechele even more just before we face USC. We can beat SJSU without Buechele and we should.
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    Recruiting smear tactic by Meyer. It's no secret he wants to come down to Texas and try to get the best of the best to go up to Columbus.
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    Daniel Seahorn

    Potential Injury News

    He shouldn't be asked to throw it 50 times. None of the QBs on the roster should be. This isn't Texas Tech. The offense needs to be much more balanced.
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    Potential Injury News

    Hopefully, they all got their feelings hurt.
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    I hate losing but proud of this team. They never quit fighting and that is different than years past.
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    Several years ago, I'm at a wedding. A young 17 yr old guy and a gal that I'm a distant relative of. Anyway, I'm standing there next to a cousin who is older, and we're off kind of away from the crowd. And I mumbled "they have no chance." And he said to me, "they're going to make it because they don't know they have no chance." That comes to mind right about now.
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    Playing quarterback is hard. Playing quarterback without a run game, minimal pass protection, and an unimaginative game plan and play-caller is harder. So before we dig into the things Shane Buechele did wrong on Saturday, let’s briefly consider what he had to overcome. Some of this will be a defense of Buechele, but my thesis is that the challenges won’t change whether Buechele, Sam Ehlinger or Jerrod Heard is taking the snaps. No Run Game As best I can tell, the plan to run the ball was: don’t. In the base offense (not Wildhorn or whatever they’re calling it), Texas ran inside zone 67% of the time. The offensive line got movement 0% of the time. Now, the Maryland defense was giving up the outside, which is why Texas threw so many bubble and swing screens, and they were productive plays. But Maryland also left itself open to some other runs, especially counters. Tim Beck called counter-G once, but Buechele threw the bubble screen instead – a good thing, because the playside of the offensive line took the play off. It’s true that Texas fell behind early, but by the second half, they had made it a close game. And besides, converting short-yardage situations is a lot easier when there’s actually a threat to run the ball. Maybe a more mobile quarterback can open things up, but the benefits will be mitigated if the team is running only one play, poorly, and changing only the ballcarrier. Occasional Free Rushers Connor Williams had his worst game as a Longhorn. (click to play) And he still looked like an All-American next to his peers. (click to play) Because the protection was so bad, Texas used more seven-man protections. The result was always something like this. (click to play) 2.5 to 3 receivers trying to find space against seven defenders. Buechele pressured himself on this particular play, but we’ll get to that. Tim Beck On a day when the play-calling was very special, this goal line series stood out. (click to play) The first clip is a crack screen (at least according to Tom Herman). Reggie Hemphill didn’t block the safety, so it wouldn’t have mattered, but I also don’t know what Dorian Leonard is doing. He could block the cornerback and stay on him – which isn’t a crack screen – or he could act like he’s running a slant and then block the first defender who shows. He tried to do both but succeeded only in telling the cornerback that it was a screen. The point is to pull the corner inside (he’ll think he’s covering a slant route) and cut off the pursuit, eliminating two defenders. Of course there’s also the issue of Garrett Gray, whose fruitless hop to catch the ball slowed his turn upfield. The second clip is a snag concept that looks to be designed to go to Chris Warren*. That raises the question: why not have those receivers block? But there’s a lesson that we can learn here, one that you’d expect a Power 5 offensive coordinator to anticipate rather than learning with us – the fans. When the offense throws the ball to the flat over and over, eventually the defense starts jumping those routes. When the defense starts jumping short routes, other routes come open behind them – like Leonard’s corner route on this play. I thought maybe Beck was concerned that Buechele couldn’t see over the line well enough near the goal line to throw it over the middle, but then he called this levels concept on a two-point conversion attempt. (click to play) And Buechele executed it well, putting the ball up over the defender and… right through Lil’Jordan Humphrey’s hands. In fact, there were lots of things that Buechele did well, and some plays that he singlehandedly turned from bad to good. (click to play) Here’s a passing concept that will become familiar in this post. I don’t know why Texas wasn’t running a slant/flat combination to the boundary, unless Beck gets a bonus for every wasted receiver/route**. Maryland gets not just pressure, but a free rusher, with only four guys. The likeliest hot route, Hemphill, is bracketed. This is a terrible play, but Buechele single-handedly keeps it alive and converts it into a first down. (click to play) It’s 3rd & 9, and the offense is trying to set up a drive concept to the field, with Duvernay running a drag route and Hemphill running a dig route behind him. It takes a little time to develop, which isn’t something Buechele had much of. There’s no blitz this time, just Patrick Vahe failing to pick up a defensive line twist stunt – something he’s struggled with his entire career. Before Hemphill has even made his cut, Buechele has a loose defender – ONE OF ONLY THREE PASS RUSHERS ON THE PLAY – barreling down on him. Again he keeps the play alive and completes it for a first down. I don’t mean to excuse it, but seeing plays like this helps to explain why Buechele flushes himself from the pocket at times. Where Buechele Fell Short Hesitation Texas ran this double-in concept repeatedly in short-yardage situations. (click to play) Maryland is in 2-Man coverage (two deep safeties, man coverage underneath). The Y (Gray) should and does clear out space for Buechele to throw to the slot (Humphrey), but instead Buechele hesitates and the pressure gets to him. And yeah, “Why are they running four-yard routes on 3rd & 8?” is a great question. (click to play) Here’s the same concept from above combined with a go route and a quick out. It’s 4th & 2, the sort of situation where you’d like to have the threat of pounding the ball with your 250-pound running back. Maryland is again in what looks to be 2-Man, but I think the Terps had wisely started to double team Collin Johnson by this point. That may be why Buechele didn’t throw this ball, but I doubt it; it looks like there should be enough cushion to the safety for the throw to be safe. The limited space between Johnson and the sideline could be another reason he hesitated. Whatever he saw, it’s not the end of the world, but he makes things way more difficult when he leaves the pocket for no reason. It constricts the amount of field he has to work with and gives the linebacker who’s spying him a free path to the sack. That leads us to our next problem. Self-Pressure (click to play) Same concept. Maryland’s in Cover 3 this time. Based on the concepts and coverage, Buechele picked the right side of the field to attack, but the DB covering Hemphill has outside leverage on the out route. So Buechele’s first look wasn’t open, but the play isn’t doomed yet. The pocket is intact, and he still has a whole other side of the field to check out – there’s even one whole wide receiver over there***! (The one guy who’s open is Kyle Porter.) Instead, Buechele stumbles forward for a few yards. At least he got the first down. Buechele wasn’t good, but he did lots of things right, and he was hyper accurate on nearly every throw. Three passes were dropped (a long ball to Johnson, a two-point conversion to Humphrey and a deep comeback to Duvernay), the game plan and play-calling were unimaginative, and Maryland overwhelmed Texas’ pass protection all day. * I’m basing this assumption on all the trouble Texas went through to move Warren around before the play, but the more I watch it – now that the clips are already made and the article already written – the more I think Buechele may have pre-determined the throw himself. ** The personnel decisions, especially when Texas went with empty sets, were puzzling. Wide receiver is the deepest position group on the team. Texas is down by multiple scores. They’re going to throw the ball. They telegraph that they’re going to throw the ball by lining up in empty. WHY ARE THEY WASTING TWO OF THEIR FIVE SPOTS FOR ELIGIBLE RECEIVERS ON GARRETT GRAY AND KYLE PORTER (SOMETIMES CHRIS WARREN)? If they’re going to tell the defense what they’re about to do, at least do it with the best players for the job out there on the field. This is like lining up in goal line but playing only the guys on your roster who are 200 pounds or less. *** ^^^^!
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    Buechele update - 9/7/17

    Whoever plays quarterback, we can't give up 400+ yards on D again.
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    Wisdom from Urban Meyer

    I thought the fairy dust comment was more indicative of what he thought the fans think the coaching staff was capable of within the 1st 9 months of being on the job. I just really didn't think he was placing blame on the players especially considering how much Herman preaches love...
  14. 6 points
    Herman is getting blasted after one game.... I don't remember another coaching staff ever having a leash this short. Part of the reason is ridiculous expectations - I am as guilty as any. I drank the Kool Aid.... seeing what happened at Cougar High, soaking in the MENSA talk; attention to detail talk; urine test talk; special forces (teams) talk.... Yes, part of it is ridiculous expectations. The other part is just Herman's personality. He is an alpha - he controls the press conferences. He is confident - just shy of arrogance. This is neither right nor wrong - it is who he is. And, he will be loved for it if he wins. He will be our precious little Bill Belichick. If he doesn't win, the flood of criticism will be greater because of it (see John Macovic). Yes, I drank the Kool Aid and had ridiculous expectations myself. I have changed. I now use Mack Brown as my measuring stick. He came into a program that was in shambles. In year one, after beating New Mexico, his team got blasted and I mean blasted by UCLA. They were outmanned and outclassed. Not only that but they lost their blue Chip quarterback to injury (Richard Walton) and had to go with redshirt freshman (Major Applewhite). The point is, by the end of that season, that team was playing about as good as any he had. They went 9-3 and then blasted Jackie Sherrill's Mississippi State team in the Cotton Bowl. This is my new measuring stick. I want to see week by week improvement and a team playing good enough to compete honorably in a bowl game by the end of the season. Herman is certainly getting paid like a Mack Brown, I want to see he and his staff perform like a Mack Brown! I will sit through a rebuilding process with my pom poms if I can see it happening. But as orange as my blood is, I am getting rather tired of what I have been witnessing for the last 7 years or so! I have a lot of yard work that needs done. and could use my ticket money for things like putting my kids through college.
  15. 6 points
    I postponed posting any thoughts following the Maryland game because I was admittedly way too unreasonable following the game. After having time to calm down, some thoughts: Shane didn't play a great game, but he is far from the most glaring issue with this team. He had some terrible reads, but the O-Line didn't help him. I'm sure that didn't help with his reads and progressions. Heard had his moments in the past, but the passing limitations he showed as time went on tell me that he's not the answer. If you ultimately want more mobility to cause headaches for the D and open up the run game, then Sam is your answer. It's not ideal to once again throw a true freshman out there, but sadly, that's starting to become an ongoing theme with the program. For now, as long as Shane is healthy, start him. Work Sam in with some packages, and if he's shown you enough by mid-season, re-evaluate the situation. All that said, I don't think Shane is the leader that Sam will eventually be at QB. Shane comes across as a quiet guy (even if he was yelling in practice), and with a team like this and a program in this state, you need a vocal leader at QB. Teams often take on the persona of their QB. Sam may have lost the Maryland game too, but from what I've read and seen, I'm pretty sure he would've gone down swinging. And for the Heard contingent on this message board, I'll give you that he'd probably be a stronger, more vocal leader than Shane too. Admittedly I have no hard proof, but I believe this team desperately needs that leader...and it's not Shane. I have seen enough of Tristan Nickelson. Just stop. Find someone else. Rotate the line around if you need to. Just no more Nickelson. I have seen enough carries from Kyle Porter. Just stop. Give Warren and Johnson 15 touches each. Injury concerns be damned. Make them prove to you they can make it through a game without getting hurt. I need to see some more playing time this week for Hager, Shark, and Johnson at LB. If Tom sees from them the ability to actually fill a gap and be fundamentally sound, then make the tough call and sit your "blue chipper." That's what you're being paid to do. Finally, please put Reggie in on kick returns as well as punt returns. Duvernay is not the answer on kick returns. There are clearly other issues that make you want to reach for a whiskey drink, but no one has time to read that much text on this board.
  16. 6 points
    This is the best damn part of this board to me. Ryan puts in A LOT of work for this. It's sad to watch the ugly play but its eye opening. Thanks Ryan for doin this every week!
  17. 6 points
    F for the OL is being generous.
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    Followed by And
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    Ok, someone will know where to find the clip, but did anyone notice one of the ref's reaction to the Ehlinger fumble in the first half? He was jumping up and down waving his hand in the SC direction prior to actually seeing who had the ball. We can know this because he proceeded to try to see who had the ball. My first thought was "my God this ref is an SC homer." Yes, the refs left lots of calls uncalled in one direction and thats not good. What is good is that we almost overcame all of it. I tip my hat to Mr Ehlinger. What a gutty performance by a freshman on the big stage. Cade Brewer, nice to meet you. My game ball goes to the ENTIRE DEFENSE. Compared to week 1, its almost like someone came in and stole our defense and replaced it with one that works. I spent most of the game thinking "man, OU must be seeing this and thinking "oh shit." Maybe Okie State, too. Defense scores!!!! You have to admit, . . . watching that broadcast . . those announcers were leaning heavily to UT at game's end. lol Collin Johnson is going to have a huge year. Someone really needs to step up and make teams pay for double-teaming Johnson. Where is John Burt? I scratch my head on the game plan. Hard to argue because we almost won with it. But where was the run game? We racked up all kinds of yards the previous week and toward the end of the 1st half, we were starting to push them around a little. Warren should have had 20 carries, minimum. I sure hope Connor isn't hurt too bad. A knee injury seldom only keeps you out for a week. Thankfully, we have a week to get everyone back in good health. Malik Jefferson had his best game ever. I'm proud of him for stepping up. The whole front 7 forced USC to be one dimensional. When that happened, all bets were off. PJ Locke is a man. He's not 40 though. Kris Boyd has his best game ever. I like the hitting. We were lighting people up. Bummer that we lost, but we counted on this being a loss. Face it, we didn't really think we'd win until the 4th qtr. I'll take it. We will beat OU. So we're 1-2. I predicted 10-3. So there's another loss somewhere, probably OSU.
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    *****Texas vs. USC Game Thread*****

    Did not expect this team to stay within 15 points. To lose in 2OT and show the improvement from week 1 to now that we showed speaks volumes for the future.
  21. 5 points
    Okay, here's what I posted last Saturday in the San Jose State game thread. Page 11 of that thread, last post on that page. You heard here first. I'm calling it. We beat USC. And, no, I haven't started drinking yet.
  22. 5 points
    Craig Way's version is pretty good too. I was sitting at the other end of the Rose Bowl that night and when I saw Vince take off for the right corner, there was nobody there and I knew he was going to score. I then looked at the clock and saw :19 seconds left and I thought, did we leave them too much time? Heck of a game, so glad I got to be there.
  23. 5 points
    NFL never looks the same from pre-season to regular, and from regular to post-season. Whole different game. Same players. Higher stakes. This team Saturday night will make us wonder where the hell they were Sept 2nd. We will be scouring the depth chart examining names and numbers.... We'll see hitting and gang tackling and pursuits that will make us think it's Jan 2006 all over again. Revolution about to break out. Gonna get nasty. USC about to get some smash mouth Texas football delivered in Storm Trooper White. Fast. Hard. Reckless.
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    View from the Cheap Seats-SJSU

    View from the Cheap Seats-San Jose State U Controlled scrimmage Make no mistake, coming off a 4 game losing streak, Longhorn fans were treated to an outstanding performance on both sides of the ball. Longhorn Nation needed this game badly. But before the fan base starts chanting “playoffs. . .playoffs”, keep in mind, this was one of the worst teams in FBS football. While generally the Cheap Seats are pretty positive, have to confess, the hangover from the Maryland game still clouding the Cheap Seats vision so if you sense more than a bit of skepticism and concern, you are reading correctly between the lines. Props to SJSU for their “We are Houston Strong” T-shirts, very nice touch. SJSU’s 1st year OC, Andrew Sowder walked the TEXAS sideline last year as a quality control coach for our WRs. So glass half full, TEXAS did just about everything it needed to do to put up the most complete game we’ve seen since UTEP last year. 56-0 pretty much says it all. SJSU was almost completely shut down by the D. With the exception of a single 2nd quarter drive by SJSU, which the D snuffed out with a 4th down stop at the 10, the D played exceptional, recording 7 drives of 4 and out or less. Offense struggled to open the game. After a pair of 6 play and punt drives, the offense would score 3 TDs to close out the 1st half. Second half was even more impressive though it was clear by then that SJSU was ready to get on the plane to head home. 6 drives in the 2nd half, 5 TDs and a concern which could have serious consequences over the next 10-11 games. Chris Warren showed why he should be the unquestioned starter at RB. Have to say, him only getting 16 carries was wise given his history of injuries. The man is VERY HARD to bring down and is neither arm tackled or tackled by one opponent. A half full/half empty observation: Great gameplan, played to our strengths, didn’t put the game on Sam’s young shoulders. Half Empty: WTF was this last week. This game plan likely leads to a win vs Maryland. Our run game flat wore out SJSU. Again, it’s SJSU, it’s a controlled scrimmage so let’s not start thinking we’re the Bama power run team. But this is our strength and it creates a balance that helps open up the passing game. Half empty observation: Kyle Porter rushed for less than 3 ypc in the 1st half on half his carries. The Cheap Seats fears that like two years ago when the staff rewarded Gray’s off the field leadership with too many carries, taking said carries away from more talented and younger RBs. In limited duty, again vs a worn out and over matched D, both Carter and Thomas showed flashes. Hate to throw a good kid under the bus . . .but Porter is a liability in our eyes. Half Full observation: Holton Hill off to one heck of a start to the season, returned another INT for a TD. With 3 career INTs, he has 3 pick 6’s to go with his FG block return for a TD last week. Half Empty observation: Our lack of a competent FG kicker is going to cost us a game this year. Half Full observation: Gary Johnson makes his D1 debut with a great scrape to the ball carrier for a short gain/tfl. Kid looks like and plays like a LB Half Full observation: Heard looks good in the Wildcat. ..but so did Chris Warren who took a Wildcat 41 yards for a TD. Wild cat is a wrinkle USC is going to spend a great deal of time preparing for. Half Full observation: Lorenzo Joe with the catch of the early season, snagging an overthrown ball but having the body control to drag the toe for a long completion. QBs like it when their WRs make great/tough catches. Half Full observation: Sam E’s best throw of the game was crossing route to Armani Forman setting up a Heard Wild cat TD. Half Full/Half Empty: 6 1st half drives, 3 TDs 3 punts Half Full observation: Pass pro was excellent. Half Empty observation: As good as the D was, the secondary was beaten deep on several occasions but the SJSU QB could not connect. Half Full/half empty observation: Run D was stout. . .pass D and pass rush was shaky at points. Only 1 sack What does it all mean? After the crap fest of the Maryland game, you could not have scripted a better story for the SJSU game. 56-0 and both sides of the ball were dominating. The problem is, this was against SJSU, one of the worst teams in FBS football. Watching USC take Stanford apart both with their passing and running games, this is going to be a huge test for Todd Orlando’s D. Speaking of “tests”, over the next 6 weeks (we have a bye after USC) TEXAS and Orlando will face the #22 ranked passer, the #41 ranked passer, the #4 ranked passer, the #2 ranked passer and the #10 ranked passer in the nation. We have our work cut out for us. Perhaps the crap fest that was Maryland is leaving too much of a hangover but like UTEP last year, the Cheap Seats is not sure this isn’t a case of fool’s gold. How good is this team really? Is 2-3 over the next 5 our ceiling or our floor? Go 3-2 and we’re back sipping the kool aid. Coach Herman on the hot seat? Hardly, anyone making that claim is simply stirring the pot. There is no question his takes were way too optimistic coming out of fall drills and this team a far bigger mess than he realized. The talent is there, can it be “coached up” to play to their ability? Cheap Seats would have heavily bet on the over for wins and losses at 7.5 before Maryland. Really glad no bets were made and today 7 looks to be a challenge. Next up-USC This game will be far different than the last time the Horns rolled into LA. USC is coming off a complete dismantling of a quality Stanford team. 600+ yards, 28-7 half time lead 10-12 on 3rd downs, very balanced 300+ on the ground and through the air. Make no mistake, this could be the best team TEXAS faces this season. . . .yes, despite the land thieves visit to the shoe, USC could be better. The bad news, both are VERY GOOD (oh how that sucks to type). Bigtime test for Coach Tom & Company. And if you have not noticed, Cheap Seats is staying away from the QB controversy. Make no mistake, Sam showed some flashes and showed some talent that Shane simply does not have. He also showed he is a true freshman and made several true freshmen like mistakes. The Cheap Seats could certainly see why he is compared to gunslingers like Brett Farve in terms of his style. Assuming Shane is 100% healthy, he should start v USC. Of course we need the SJSU game plan vs the Maryland/put the game on Shane’s shoulders game plan. To beat USC, we need to have a very balanced offense, we need to be able to run and to pass. Sam’s threat of the run is a strong weapon but (and cue the screams of outrage from some circles) he just isn’t as good a passer and will not enjoy as clean a pocket as we saw vs SJSU. Stacking up the BigXII #1 and lord is this hard to type, OU. . . .in the biggest game of the weekend, the dirt burgers put their stamp on a potential playoff spot #2 OSU. . .Cowboys faced a 2nd tier opponent but looked good on both sides of the ball. Bedlam will be VERY interesting this year. If the Cowboy’s D is for real, watch out. #3 TCU ….Moving up a couple spots, TCU beat an SEC opponent for the 2nd best BigXII win of the weekend and looking good on both sides of the ball. Always good to see the Pigs get taken down. #4 KSU Behind the #4 ranked passer in the nation, KSU destroyed a Tier 3 opponent #5 WVU Coming off a tough loss to Va Tech, WVU bounces back with a big win over East Carolina #6 TT Off #7 TEXAS Looked great beating a bad FBS team #8 ISU Overtime loss to Iowa, they will give us a game in Ames but still thinking we win #9 Props to my UTSA Roadrunners for beating Baylor #10 Kansas. . . .destroyed by a good MAC Central Michigan team which gave the Dallas Cowboys a new backup QB this year.
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    Aggy vs Nicholls St.

    USC is going to be tough. Aggy is awful. Baylor is awful. We're not awful.
  26. 5 points
    Either that or OSU over hyped.,struggled last week and DB's got exposed this week. Won't b there last loss. Screw mayfield
  27. 5 points
    Give Naggar a shot. Really have to make sure I spell check everytimeI type his name. Lol
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    Buechele update - 9/7/17

    Wait a minute. You're assigning blame to Herman for not "getting" a transfer QB, and then admit that Zaire should have come to Texas? This isn't the NFL where you can throw money at a free agent at a position of need and your problem is solved. A player has to decide to come here. Even if there were other guys out there in G5/FCS/JUCO, there's no guarantee that they would have been worth a scholarship or that they would have had any interest in coming to UT.
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    Multiple reports are out that 4-star WR Jaylen Waddle will visit Texas this weekend. We've been able to confirm with a source that Waddle is indeed visiting to take in the SJSU game. Waddle previously visited Texas just before the dead period and continues to show interest in Texas. Texas still has work to do, but they are staying on him. (H/T to Taylor Hamm for having this first.)
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    QB Isn't the Problem (by Ryan Bridges)

    NL, So your saying.... He's a true sophomore and is still learning? I agree. Lol
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    Spotted you.
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    Pissed Off

    What I'd like to see this weekend . . . a team that ditches all that fancy pre-game hype stuff jumping around. Maryland showed that stuff doesn't work. Just shut up and go win the game . . . a team that is playing LIKE ITS TOTALLY PISSED OFF. The rag on you this off season was that you're "the team that lost to Kansas." And now you've lost to Maryland, the Kansas of the Big 10. You completely wiped away any positive vibes and momentum built throughout the off season by showing the world you're, at least potentially, the same team you were last year. That should be unacceptable on this team or any team. And it should be enough to keep you focused for the entire week. San Jose should be a complete wipe out of an opponent. You've got a monster to deal with on the horizon so let SJSU serve as both the punishment for last week and the preparation for the following week. As my HC once told a team I played on . . . the most important game of the season is the one we're playing this week.
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    While you guys are arguing about 10 wins and championship-caliber QB play, the coaches and players are trying to figure out how to rebound from losing to a mediocre team they were picked to beat by three scores. Buechele is the QB because he's accurate, experienced (relative to the competition), mostly poised and can generally execute the passing concepts, as we saw in the spring game and more often than critics care to admit during actual games. Personally, I think Ehlinger can come close to matching his poise and a little less close to matching his accuracy, but he can't match his experience or, if the spring game is any indication, his ability to execute the passing game. That may have changed since April, but none of us know. Heard can't match Buechele in any of those areas. He's a much better runner. How well do you expect him to run when there's no threat through the air and his offensive line is getting pushed around? You might start by watching the 2015 Iowa State game. There are a lot of problems to fix. It's easy to start by blaming the QB because most people watch the ball, and he's usually got the ball. Getting the offensive line to give a damn, teaching the backs to identify holes, or injecting some creativity into the playcalling would do much, much more for the offensive production of this team than taking the passer off the field for a wide receiver playing running back.
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    This was a thing of beauty, folks. The best writers in Hollywood can't script something like this. Aggy,, in their endless and totally predictable envy of all things Longhorns, decided they'd do everything they could to get their matchup with UCLA moved to Sunday night. Like UT did with Notre Dame last year, which went so well given that we won. Instead, Aggy set themselves up. The most clever of kamikaze moves, they got all the spotlight on themselves so that they could show the world the second largest choke job of all time, . . . saved UCLA's coach's job , . . and cost their own coach his job. IMO, this is priceless. Only aggy could cook up something like this. LOL
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    Alright, I'll throw in my .02 TL;DR Tough loss, season's not lost yet, don't fire Tom, Shane can still be the guy, coaches screwed us on offense, players need to man up on defense. Nick Saban, in his first year at Bama (after many years experience, a BCS Championship with LSU, and NFL head coaching experience) came in to Bama, went 7-6, lost 4 games in a row (including one to Louisiana-Monroe), lost the Iron Bowl, then scraped a bowl win against Colorado in some mediocre bowl. He went on to build the most dominant program in my (short) lifetime. Is Tom Herman = Nick Saban? No, probably not. But Saban didn't have the fairy dust either. Is Tom Herman "the guy"? I sure hope so. I still think so. But you can't project a coach based solely on one season, much less one game. Let's see where they go from here. I disagree with you guys saying Shane isn't "the guy" and doesn't have "the moxie". I don't know whether he is or not, but I certainly think that he still has the potential to win A LOT of games in burnt orange. SHA, you're a former QB, so maybe you know better than me...and I don't remember watching those games with Major at QB...but did he have to deal with his OLine not being able to block 3-4 guys, a defense that dropped 7-8 defenders all game long because his OC called 60 pass plays (52 pass attempts plus the times Shane scrambled on a called pass) and made no attempt to establish a running game, or a defense that couldn't stop exactly what they knew was coming when he seemed to will his teams to victory? Because that's what Shane had to deal with this week and I felt like he played well enough to not lose his job (not a ringing endorsement, I know, but he didn't play perfectly and definitely has room for improvement). I felt like he made mostly accurate throws (although it seemed like his deep throws were not as accurate as they were last year, but we know he has the capability to make very accurate deep throws), was able to hit the guys he was targeting, made good reads (hard to do against 7-8 in coverage), and ran hard when his number was called. I think calling for him to be benched in favor of Sam is premature and wouldn't have changed the outcome of this game. A lot of people on other boards are also talking about "is it the players or the coaches?" A good question considering that the players have been the constant over the past 3-4 years. I think on offense, it was definitely the coaches. Not establishing a run game, calling empty set pass plays on short yardage situation even when they were dropping guys into coverage, and not sticking with things that were working. I think the offensive skill players played really well (other than RBs b/c they didn't get the opportunity). OL needs schematic work for sure. Defense? It's hard not to look at the players. The whole game DL was not winning their 1-on-1 matchups to create pressure, LBs were filling wrong gaps, DBs that are supposed to be able to cover were losing matchups down the field and giving up 3rd and longs (I'm looking at you Kris Boyd), and there was a lot of diving at ankles instead of actual tackling. I was most disappointed on Saturday that we were out physical-ed, because all we heard during the offseason was that the coaches' goal was to field a team that was physical and hard hitting, and I saw the exact opposite of that, especially on defense (even with the occasional good play made). I don't know enough about defense to comment on their scheme, but I've seen a lot of people comment that it was very complicated and complex, probably to our players' detriment. Fixable issues? I hope so. Don't give up the ship just yet. One game does not make (or unmake) a season. The season is not yet lost. Herman's tenure as Horns HC is not yet lost. Our recruiting class is not yet lost. Hold fast, I have a feeling that we'll be just fine. I'll be watching for improvement against SJSU. For those of y'all coming to Cali for the USC game, I'll see y'all in LA in 2 weeks. Hook 'Em! \m/
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    Where was this supposed improvement in both the DL and OL we have been hearing about since fall camp? Shane didnt make any difference but he had no run game or protection either. That sack on the very first offensive play (he could have avoided) set the tone. Shane made the post game comment that Maryland was doing some thing they had not seen before. Outcoached? It seemed the coaches were the ones that came in short sighted, over confident and unprepared. Isnt that supposed to be the one thing about Herman? His attention to detail and being prepared? I remember him saying when he was hired "No im not nervous, the only time you should feel nervous is when you are not prepared." Well coach you were not prepared.
  37. 5 points
    NTG, Are you really going to use TWO passes to make your case for Heard as a passer? If you are going to cherry pick the highlights then lets make sure you get the lowlights in there as well.
  38. 5 points
    Most of blame lies with the guys in the trenches. OL was terrible and over-hyped and very overrated. OC never even attempted to establish a run game. Needless to say you arent going to win many games when you give up 51 points. DL and LB cant fill gaps. Orlando forgot to bring Ed Oliver with him. LB's are overrated and cant grasp the concept of filling gaps in their 3rd year. Yes MJ is overrated. Poor angles and poor tackling. Locke on 3 and long in particular comes to mind basically gave them a first down freebie. Untimely and ineffective blitzes. DB's getting beat consistently. Boyd and Hill were goated. I am still at a loss as to why our horns cant learn basic tackling, angles, and run gaps 4 years running. The positives. Atleast we didnt roll over like we did vs Kansas. I saw fight in them and that was new. Yes we should have won this game but there was improvement at least they never gave up.
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    Well if thats true Strongs cake suck. Hermans cakes suck! This team is terrible people. What talent? How many top 10 classes has Maryland had? Boyd, Locke, Boo, Hughes, MJ, and so many more are terrible. Yea Holton Hill had 2 gimmie TD's easy pick and easy block FG return. Even the almighty Conner "Can do no wrong" Williams goated with 2 holds back to back. So Strong came in to fix Mack Brown notorious SOFT team, I guess that means Herman is coming in to fix Strong soft team? Who is gonna fix Hermans soft team? Well I want my f##king CAKE. Tired of this garbage product. Makes it even worse with all the shitty media hyping every f##king little thing as all american, stronger, better, discplined blah blah blah bullshit Another coach same result. f##king garbage shit show. Outplayed but 2 and 3 stars.
  40. 5 points
    I can't believe my eyes. Advantage Texas on special teams? Never thought I'd ever see that. lol
  41. 4 points
    I've been around a bit and have noticed a troubling trend in UT football. It goes something like this: Unit struggles mightily / New coach or philosophy is introduced / Unit improves. Each time what the new coach brings or the new philosophy is as follows: Simplify things, let the players stop thinking so much and just fly around and do their jobs. I first remember hearing this early in the Mack Brown era with the OL. I have heard it with the defense on many occasions (Robinson made the correction twice) and it occurs with QBs. Now I am hearing it with this team. Can we just sign an agreement to never get things too complicated again so that we don't ever have to "simplify?"
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    Aggy vs Nicholls St.

    The great thing about beating SJSU 56-0 is that we should have beaten SJSU 56-0. So something very good and right has happened.
  43. 4 points
    I'm Happy! Just in case anyone was wondering.
  44. 4 points
    Glad to see people here agreeing this was a recruiting tactic. Herman took over and is promptly ending Meyer’s ability to snatch up Texas talent. How do you do get those players turned off of Texas? Insinuate the coach blames their players and you’d love them. Its pretty slimy stuff.
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    Buechele update - 9/7/17

    PURE SPECULATION Watching the game Saturday I thought Buechelle was hurt, and possibly slightly concussed, when he was blown up at the goal line on the first offensive drop back for Texas. Maybe it really is his shoulder. Maybe both his brain and his shoulder were injured. Just my opinion. Sam is not ready to run the offense. Here's a thought: Don't run the offense. Run what Sam can run. The stupid play is to attempt to have him run what he has not mastered. I think Sam is a winner and tough. That will show if he is given the chance to succeed. If he cannot run enough of the offense to succeed then play Heard. Same drill for Heard. Run only what he is capable of.
  46. 4 points
    Just win and this "kick me while im down" goes away.
  47. 4 points
    For me personally its not a short leash for Herman or the staff its being at the end of the leash for the Football Program. We have settled for just seeing weekly improvement for at least four seasons and that morsel of hope still alludes us. My meltdown after Saturday has numerous layers. I really liked and respected Charlie Strong, the person. I wanted him to succeed not only because that meant the team would succeed but I genuinely wanted it for him. I did realize last year that it just wasn't going to happen and knew the change should be made. When Herman was named the new coach (everyone knew it was coming) I had reservations. It wasn't that I had any knowledge of his ability it was that his resume was almost identical to Coach Strong's. We were told that Herman had the qualities that Charlie lacked (organization, attention to detail, ect...) and those traits would bring the necessary change to ensure success. He came in and was exactly as advertised. Energetic, detail oriented, and great at pressers. He embraced the tradition and old guard, he reminded us how great the university was/is, and he was killing on the recruiting trail. I didn't find him just shy of arrogant, I find him straight up arrogant and that's great with me because were are Texas! Leading up to the kickoff he had delivered on everything he said day one. The excitement was back, facility enhancements, players were buying in, and the hope was back. Then the game started and we were the same old incapable bunch of yahoos we had been when Strong was here. No defense, special team breakdowns, inconsistent line play, and an anemic offense. Some are saying its the QB again. Its a never ending nightmare. After the game we get the same garbage excuses we've been getting. I want Herman to go Marshawn Lynch at the press meetings, don't say shit. Stop talking at all and win some freaking ballgames. I don't want to know what went wrong, I don't want to know how its going to be fixed. I just want to see an improved football team. At this point I wont compare Tom Herman to anyone. He's not Charlie Strong, Mack Brown, Darrell Royal, or any other coach. Tom Herman is the only head coach at THE University of Texas, he is being paid a small fortune at his dream job. He wanted it, he got it, and he needs to get results. If he wanted to avoid getting blasted he should have stayed in Houston. If he wanted to be a legend he's at the right place.
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    When Tom Herman first arrived at Texas, he reiterated time and time again that his team would be the most physical and disciplined on the field. That was not the case today. After a promising start to the game with a Holton Hill pick six on Maryland's first pass attempt, the Longhorns fell apart - in every aspect. Although Texas tried to mount a comeback during several crucial moments of the game, Maryland always struck back. Although the results speak for themselves, it's necessary to dive in deeper to this game and what exactly happened. Offense The offense was decent at times, and at other times bewildering. First of all, Texas has absolutely no rushing attack. The offensive line got out-physicaled by Maryland's front four practically the entire game, which did not help Kyle Porter and Chris Warren III. That being said, I am still baffled as to why Porter is playing over Warren. Don't get me wrong - Porter is a talented running back. But he's not Chris Warren. Sometimes, backs have to create holes for themselves and use their vision to gain positive yardage. For Porter, that trait is not developed. Instead, Porter hesitates when hitting the holes, and is not big or strong enough to shake off tacklers in open space. Yes, he's shifty, but that only matters if he can get to the second level. The coaching staff raved about Porter the entire offseason, and I now wonder if that's because the Texas run defense is so bad that they misguided Stan Drayton. The blame, however, does not solely fall on the running backs. The Texas offensive line, said to be one of the strongest units on the team (aside from RT) were dominated the entire game. Even All-American LT Connor Williams struggled towards the end of regulation, in which he accumulated two costly holding penalties. The RB's seldom had holes to run through, and Shane Buechele was under pressure inside the pocket all day long. A big reason for that was a lack of an abled body at the TE position. Converted WR-to-TE Garrett Gray got the start for Texas today, and his inexperience showed. Gray may have soft hands, but his blocking ability is subpar at best. The loss of Andrew Beck and the only real TE on the team hurts in a major way. Considering the circumstances, Buechele and his receivers had a decent day overall. The main disappointment on offense was offensive coordinator Tim Beck's play calling. More often than not, Beck made highly questionable calls that did not place his unit in the best position to succeed. In short yardage situations, Beck often made repetitive and predictable play calls. The Longhorns went for it on 4th down three times today, and failed to convert once. In one situation later in the game, Beck elected to go for a 4th down conversion at midfield instead of letting All-American Michael Dickson pin freshman QB Kaism Hill deep. As a result, the Longhorns turned the ball over on downs and Maryland scored seven plays later. Although there were some bright spots, Tim Beck did not help his team today. Scoring only 21 points on offense is not enough to win in the Big 12. Tim Beck and his offense have a lot of work to do. Defense The Texas defense gave Texas fans horrifying flashbacks of the 2016 season. The Terrapins rushed for 263 yards on offense, frequently attacking Texas right up the gut for big gains. Where Todd Orlando is well-known for his extravagant schemes and the toughness of his players, that was clearly lacking today. More often than not, Orlando brought too much pressure or not enough pressure at the wrong times. For example, DeShon Elliot was brought up to the box in a running situation, but had nobody behind him to provide assistance. Once the Maryland rusher got to the second level, it was off to the races. Speaking of miscues, the Texas secondary did not look like the talented bunch that has been praised all offseason. The only defender that lived up to the standard was Holton Hill. Kris Boyd was beat in coverage all day. Brandon Jones looked lost and had no idea how to get off blocks. PJ Locke was nonexistent the entire game. This is not the physical defense that Orlando has a reputation of building. Granted, it's only the first game - but not a promising sign regardless. I lost count of how many poor angles defenders took as well as the poor effort at getting off blocks. The most concerning aspect of the defense's performance has to be the run game. Once a rusher got to the second level, it was a foot race. It seems like Orlando's LB's are not hitting the proper gaps, or maybe his DL is not getting enough penetration up front. Whatever it is, this unit clearly lacks the physicality and discipline that is needed to succeed. If the Texas defense cannot hold the Terrapins to under 51 points, how will they fare in the Big 12? If they don't improve dramatically, not great. The first step is stopping the run. Special Teams Surprisingly, this unit had the best performance of the day despite several miscues. First, it began with a missed 42-yard FG from Joshua Rowland. Then, on Rowland's next attempt, the kick was blocked and returned for a touchdown. Not an ideal start on special teams for Tom Herman. Then, the tides began to turn. On a Maryland FG attempt, senior DT Poona Ford got a hand up and blocked the attempt, which resulted in a 65-yard touchdown return from none other than Holton Hill. Shortly after in the second half, Reggie Hemphill returned a punt for 91-yards and the score, thanks to a miraculous block by Malik Jefferson. While special teams did not score a single touchdown for Texas last season, this unit scored twice for Texas today and in large part kept the Longhorns in the game. Although there were several miscues that led to points, they can be fixed. I have faith that Tom Herman can sort this unit out, but that appears to be the least of his worries at the moment. Overall, the Longhorns just did not appear prepared today. That just goes to show you that preseason hype is worthless if the results do not match on the gridiron. College football opening weekend can be a spectacular or heartbreaking thing. For Texas fans, this instance was unfortunately the latter. That does not mean that the Longhorn faithful should abandon ship. As the Texas coaching staff emphasizes time and time again, take it one game at a time. One loss does not mean the season is over. Texas fans are tired of a decade of mediocrity, and want the results immediately. At some point, they will come. But right now Tom Herman has many issues to address. Until they can be fixed, Texas fans will just have to do what they've done for the past decade - remain faithful and keep going. It's the only thing any football fan can do.
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    I understand okie. I agree my own expectations of a blowout were unrealistic. I knew that when i made my prediction of a blow out in favor of Texas. One of the main issues I have when it comes to our football program is how we have lowered expectations from the first game til the end of the season. First it was let the coach get his players in and lack of talent to new coordinators to culture and whatever else. I am not saying Fire Herman by any stretch. I was his main fanboy the last 2 years. That said call it what it is. A new coach has nothing to do with FUNDAMENTAL FOOTBALL. There is a reason they call it fundamentals. Its not coach specific. Maybe its bad habits formed by previous coaching staffs or maybe its just players refusing to learn. If its the former then Herman let us all down including the team. If its the latter and it CONTINUES then Herman needs to give others a chance. I am still a fan of Herman and I am sure he has his reasons for some questionable things but thats why he is paid big money and I am not. I am just tired of our team being the butt end of jokes. I was not expecting to see farie dust sprinkled on this team but I sure the hell wasnt expecting consistently bad fundamental football.
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    Potential Injury News

    I noticed a difference in his delivery immediately after he was thrown to the ground pretty hard, and I think it was mid to early third quarter. I was concerned from that point on. It's one reason I was getting really po'd at the guys taking unnecessary pot shots at him. You know fellows, you will never have a woman's intuition.