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  • Texas will face Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship on Saturday, December 1st @ 11:00 AM in Arlington, TX. Game will be televised on ABC
  • Texas Basketball (5-1) loses to Michigan State in title game of Las Vegas Invitational 78-68


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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I don’t live in Huntsville, but I am very involved with the high school. I have worked on an academic level Tee. I really respect him as a person. The day he committed, he brought Corby Meekins by to see me, and told me about his commitment. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to steal his moment. He is everything you could want in an athlete, a real team player and leader. Hook ‘em!
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    Jacoby Jones is in the boat, folks. Felt good about this one, but wasn’t expecting an announcement so quick. Profile coming later this evening. Lots of versatility to Jones’ game that makes him a great fit for what Texas does upfront defensively.
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Spoke to my buddy in Austin. – Sam's fine. Was a little stiff Sunday but was fine today. – Coaches are concerned game will be taken too lightly, so they're pushing on the gas a little this week. KU isn't a bad team. – Jones and Hookfin are going to be Horns. He did not say which was about to pop. Couldn't get him to understand my sentence, the bar was loud. lol – He would not elaborate, but said staff's confidence in the Bru McCoy recruitment has increased this week. They don't see a big name out there who will make a move this early so they don't think the situation will have time to resolve itself. Staff calls or texts him almost daily. – I asked about DT recruiting. They're still exploring the JUCO ranks. Don't see a lot to choose from otherwise. If that doesn't work, they'll look at a GT but honestly, they aren't so worried. They talk about Sweat like he's the next big thing in the middle. – He spent some time talking about the Herman-CDC relationship. Said it could not be better. CDC is doing things that Herman loves. The Journey thing was just a small touch and just the beginning. CDC is looking to max the "fun" in the game experience. I'm really liking CDC. – Things still look good with Noah Cain. Sanders continues to show us the love, but we don't have a real good read on him right now.
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    Harrison Wier

    Five Thoughts: Iowa State

    Even without Sam Ehlinger in the second half of Saturday night's matchup with Iowa State, the Longhorns dominated the Cyclones all night and came away with a 24-10 victory. Todd Orlando and his defensive unit stepped up in a big way by limiting David Montgomery to 33 yards rushing and making Brock Purdy look like a freshman. The health of Sam Ehlinger looms large as Texas is set to have a short week and travel to Kansas. The good news is that Ehlinger warmed up on the sideline and was really in Tom Herman's ear about coming into the game. For now, here are five thoughts about the Longhorns' big win: Shane Buechele is selfless and serviceable After losing the starting job to Sam Ehlinger in the offseason, Shane Buechele could have easily exercised his option to transfer like so many other quarterbacks have in the past. Instead, the junior took on a mentor role with Ehlinger and remained ready to be called on. When Buechele's number was called against Baylor and tonight, he's been more than serviceable at the position. There's no doubt that the offense is entirely different when Buechele is in the game. Opposing defenses do not respect Buechele's ability to run, and it certainly makes this offense more predictable. When that happens, the pressure is turned up on Buechele, who does not have the pocket awareness that Ehlinger has and often can't get away from pressure. All in all, Buechele is a very serviceable backup quarterback who could be a starter in a different offensive scheme. As Tom Herman put it best, "He's the definition of a teammate." Resurgence of the defense Something must have snapped in Todd Orlando this week, because the Texas defense played with its hair on fire tonight. Todd Orlando's unit reeled in 6 sacks, 9 TFL, 1 interception and 1 forced fumble. The defensive line played unbelievable, and asserted pressure on Brock Purdy all night. Gary Johnson was placed as a spy on Purdy all evening, and laid some solid hits on the freshman several times throughout the game. The statline may not show it, but Kris Boyd had a great game guarding Hakeem Butler. At times Boyd gave up some plays to the 6'6 junior, but that was to be expected. Boyd also made some fantastic plays that cut Iowa State drives short. One of the biggest performances came from the Texas LB corps. The rushing attack has been a huge weakness of Texas' this year, but this unit stuck to its assignments and really made Brock Purdy air it out. It certainly helped that David Montgomery was out for the first half, but he was only able to accumulate 33 yards rushing in the second half. As a team, the Texas defense only allowed 62 yards (!) rushing. You have to credit the Texas LBs for maintaining gap integrity and the defensive line for getting a constant push up front. This will undoubtedly give the defense confidence as they head into the final stretch of the season. One last win in DKR for the seniors This year's senior class has arguably been through more turmoil than any other in Texas history. Abrupt coaching changes in-season, constant regression, and an embarrassing loss to cap off a forgettable era were followed by the arrival of a new coach with a completely different attitude and style. It took a while, but the seniors finally bought in to his vision and saw results. They came to Texas with the goal of bringing the Longhorns back to where they should always be, and now they are ever so close to that achieving it. To Charles Omenihu, Breckyn Hager, Gary Johnson, PJ Locke, Davante Davis, Kris Boyd, Chris Nelson, Anthony Wheeler, Calvin Anderson, Patrick Vahe, Tre Watson, and countless others: thank you. All of you are shining examples of the types of players Texas wants to wear the burnt orange and white week in and out. The season is far from over, but just know the Longhorn faithful are glad you chose Texas and will forever be on your side. Closing out games As Tom Herman said best, "We've always got to make it interesting, huh?" You sure do, coach. Just as this game was all but wrapped up, Texas decided to give Iowa State some life. It started with a Ryan Bujcevski line drive punt to Tarique Milton that was taken back to the Texas 15-yard line, and then moved further up due to a Ryan Bujcevski facemask. Iowa State scored a couple of plays later, but failed to recover the onside kick. Okay, no problem, Texas fans thought. Then, instead of deciding to take a knee to run out the clock, Texas decided to give it to Daniel Young — a player who has been notorious for coughing the ball up. And guess what happened? Young fumbled, and Iowa State recovered. Thankfully, freshman pass rusher Joseph Ossai wanted to go home. Ossai got a step on the outside and strip sacked senior quarterback Kyle Kempt, which was recovered by senior Charles Omenihu to seal the game. This team always has to make it interesting, but a win is a win. This cannot happen in the future, as turnovers like that or missed field goals could end up being costly. One more win... And Texas will be heading to Dallas for its first Big 12 Championship appearance since 2009. Who would have thunk it after the Longhorns lost to Maryland to open the season and almost blew a lead against Tulsa at home? 8 regular season wins and a chance at 9 is a big improvement from 6 a season ago. All in all, there is no doubt that Tom Herman has this program heading in the right direction. It will be very interesting to see how Texas comes out against Kansas next Friday. Many of the seniors on this time know all too well what it feels like to lose in Lawrence with a lot on the line. This time, Texas has a Big 12 Championship appearance on the line and much more at stake. After putting up 40 points against Oklahoma today, it is safe to say that Kansas should not be taken lightly. It will be the Jayhawks Senior Day and the last time David Beaty will coach a game there. Emotions will be running high, and Texas must be ready. How ready they'll look will also depend on the health of Sam Ehlinger. Tom Herman announced after the game that Ehlinger has an AC contusion at the moment, with an MRI scheduled for tomorrow. A contusion is certainly not as severe as a sprain, but it's concerning to see Ehlinger take more hits on his throwing shoulder. One more win, Longhorn fans; the drought remains, but rain is in the forecast. We'll see if it comes down on Friday.
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I like this
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    Only took Tom Herman 2 years to get Texas into the Conference Championship Game. I don't care what you say, that's pretty damn good!
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    Happy Thanksgiving Errrrrrrbody!

    I am thankful this year for many things. I am thankful that I was able to make through some troubling times (and at times, carried through). I am thankful for all the blessings I was given this year or became a part of. I am thankful the economy has done so well this year and given my business a real boost. And I'm thankful for this place. Hornsports is like the small, quaint neighborhood bar where some great people come to talk. I am thankful for you all. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!
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    Whooaaa there Dalton my friend. This is a regular season game, not a bowl game. I can understand sitting out a bowl game. But a regular season game is part of the job description. What if the rest of the team decided to "take a night off?" What world do we even live in now where thats okay? If you conducted yourself with integrity for your short career at Houston, why stop before it's over? Did Usain Bolt stop 10 meters before the finish line during his last race? I take my hat off to Major for doing what he did, even when its his best player. No one player is better than the team. As it is, a very fine player made a complete ass of himself on national TV. Get mad about a jacket? If thats the worst thing that happened to you on ANY given day of your life, then you had a very good day. Geez.
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    Idk, I get it. Major really didn't do anything "wrong". I mean, Oliver held himself out of the game. I personally think he's blessed that he's even allowed on the sideline. The jackets are to keep the guys who are playing warm in between series. If Ed is a chosen spectator, he should have brought his own jacket. Kinda think it's "arrogant" to think he can choose when he plays and the times he chooses not to, still reap the same benefits of those who have fought and bled all week for the reward of playing the game. IMO, Oliver may as well not play another game this season. If draft status is his concern, then remove yourself completely from the team and wait for April.
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    Interesting development here.
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    Damn that was ugly! Hopefully all you negative nanceys will relax, exhale, and breathe now. You guys are a trip
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    You have to love it when a plan comes together. Just like last cycle, many worried about Texas’ recruiting efforts in the trenches and just like last cycle things are falling into place. The Longhorns recently added another Louisianimal in Many (LA) defensive end Myron Warren after he de-committed from TCU and now they have added another versatile piece that recently de-committed from another regional rival in Oklahoma. Jacoby Jones was offered by Texas months ago, but opted to shut it down in favor of the Sooners. With defensive efforts appearing to be optional these days in Norman, Jones decided to take an official to Austin and re-open his recruitment. Jones was on hand to witness the Longhorn defense put on one of their best performances of the season against a ranked Iowa State squad and on top of that they were able to show him where he fit within the defense in the immediate future. With Breckyn Hager, Charles Omenihu, and Chris Nelson all graduating after this season, the Texas staff needed to find a way to replenish the depth chart and they found a very capable player in Jones. Film Analysis Player Information Name: Jacoby Jones Position: DE, DT Junior College: Butler Community College City & State: El Dorado, KS Measurables Height: 6’4 Weight: 250 40-yard: N/A Shuttle: N/A Vertical: N/A Statistics 2017: 21 tackles, 4 TFLs, 3.5 sacks 2018: 55 tackles, 10.5 sacks, 1 FR Film https://www.hudl.com/profile/9622278/Jacoby-Jones Pros: § At 6’4, 250 pounds Jones possesses good size and athleticism that will allow him to be a versatile piece along the defensive line. § Lines up everywhere from a head up nose out to the 5 outside the tackle on tape. That kind of versatility is a big plus with how Todd Orlando likes to deploy his defensive lineman. § His box score stats don’t do him justice. Very disruptive player, who can do from several spots along the defensive front. § Doesn’t disappear when he kicks inside between the guards. Still able to stack bodies and get penetration despite giving up some size to his opponents. § Flashes a good get off and a nice speed to power move that includes a long arm. § Shows good quickness vertically and laterally on rushes and stunts. Shows the ability to get back underneath tackles when lined up outside and cause problems in the backfield. § Active with his hands and doesn’t rely on doesn’t rely on brute strength. § Shows a good motor on film and is constantly hustling to get involved plays down the field. Cons: · Tends to lean on power moves as a pass rusher. Will need to do a better job of diversifying as a rusher with the step up in competition. · Jumps inside at times during rushes a bit prematurely at times. While that works at times, it can open rush lanes for the quarterback to escape. · Needs to improve on how he takes on pulling offensive linemen. Summary Jacoby Jones is a 2-year junior college starter out of Butler Community College via McCluer North high school in St. Louis, MO. At 6’4, 250 pounds Jones has been a versatile defensive chess piece that has lined up at several spots along the defensive front at Butler. Jones lines up everywhere from a head up nose over the center out to the 5 tech on tape and he was active and disruptive from every single spot. That versatility is one of the biggest positives I took away from my film review on him due to how Texas likes to deploy and use their defensive linemen in odd fronts. Jones’ quickness on stunts has potentially to be problematic for interior offensive linemen and could be a real weapon on passing downs. Along with his quickness, Jones does a good job of using his hands and does a nice job of converting speed to power in his rushes and has enough play strength to drive offensive linemen back into the pocket. Jones has the production that shows up in the box score (14 sacks) and he also has the kind that won’t, as he logs a lot of pressures and hits on the quarterback. Jones is going to make his fair share of hustle plays due to the effort he plays with consistently, as you see him often hustling down the field to get in on plays and making tackles. At this point in development I only have a few knocks on Jones given the tape I’ve seen on him. One of my critiques is that he seems to lean a little heavy on the power rushes on tape rather than fully utilizing his skillset more. I think as he continues to develop and unlocks his full potential as a rusher that he has a chance to be a real problem. On top of that, I would like to see him attack pulling offensive lineman more aggressively, which is something that is relatively minor and can be coached up in time. It’s just something worth mentioning since it could prove to be problematic if not corrected in time. Final Verdict With Jones now in the boat, Texas has a rock solid defensive line group for this recruiting cycle, and just like last year things came together down the home stretch despite the hand wringing that took place from those who follow recruiting closely. At this point the staff has earned the benefit of the doubt with how they operate on the trail and they’ve certainly shown they are capable of filling out their recruiting classes with capable bodies when things aren’t looking so rosy in-state at particular positions. With several players graduating at the position after this season, I’d expect that Jones will immediately push for playing time and even though he still has a redshirt available, he probably won’t be needing it going forward unless an injury occurs. Jones versatility will give the staff flexibility in different packages as they try to optimize their different groupings and is something that makes him such an appealing prospect . The staff has shown that they like to go with the smaller, quicker defensive linemen for their odd fronts so that they can put them on the move and create negative plays, and Jones fits that bill exactly. With the recruiting cycle hitting the home stretch, spots are now at a premium, but Texas has a chance to net a second consecutive Top 5 recruiting class if they can close with a bang.
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    It's a tweet from LJH's mom saying she wants him to return but they both have decided to wait until after the season to discuss...
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    View from the Cheap Seats-Iowa State

    View from the Cheap Seats-Iowa State Welcome back defense, welcome back welcome back The youngsters might not remember the tune of Welcome Back Kotter, the show that gave us John Travolta but the tune is a catchy one. And never so welcome a sight as to see Coach Orlando's crew make a YUGE statement on Senior night. After 5 weeks of highly questionable defensive football, TEXAS fans were treated to the best defensive performance of the year. Time to wonder where this D had been all season later. For now, let us savor an evening where a whole bunch of seniors stepped up in a bigtime way and shut down the Cyclones very effective offense. And give some love to our true freshmen Safeties as BJ Foster and Caden Sterns had nice nights as well. The D was so stout, it would not be until the 2:16 mark of the 4th quarter before ISU reached the red zone down 24 to 3 and the game out of reach for all practical purposes. Many fans cringed when TEXAS won the toss and deferred. Coach Todd's crew would reward the call by forcing a punt on ISU's opening drive and setting the tone for a game which decided one half of the BigXII Title game. The D's efforts were complimented by a highly efficient ball control offense which saw TEXAS enjoy a 10 minute advantage in Time of Possession. TEXAS' D, lead by their seniors, played like we had not seen all year. The D would force 6 punts and 2 turnovers on ISU's 11 drives and would only give up 1 trip to the red zone courtesy of an odd fumble in the 4th as TEXAS was trying to run out the clock giving ISU their only short field of the night. And we would be remiss if we did not mention TEXAS logging 6 sacks while holding ISU to 5 of 15 on 3rd downs. One of the big questions for TEXAS and Coach Herman in the second half of the season is whether or not they could win, whether they could put teams away. OU had scored 21 in the 4th requiring a very late FG for TEXAS to win while Texas Tech would put up 24 in the last stanza requiring TEXAS to drive late to win the game. Then there were losses which coulda/shoulda/woulda been wins vs OSU and WVU where TEXAS failed to play solid D football. No pressure Coach Herman and Coach Todd, win the game and you are in the driver's seat for a BigXII title game berth, lose and it's a debate over how much real improvement TEXAS enjoyed in their 2nd year. And let's set the stage, playing for a berth in the BigXII title game thanks to Coach Mullett and the Cowboys last second rally vs West Virginia, this game had all the makings of another BigXII/last team with the ball wins shoot out. TEXAS' defense had given up 21 points in the 1st half over the last 5 games and made some pretty average QBs look like Heisman contenders. In a season of tests for Tom Herman and TEXAS, this was another big one, can TEXAS step up with everything on the line? Can the defense answer the bell? Wow, simply WOW. The defense showed pride, passion and frankly played with something to prove in their best performance of the year. Now pre-season if you said the season would come down to beating a USC, TCU, OSU, WVU or OU. . . sure we buy that. But it's #16 Iowa State coming to town lead by a true freshman QB who was playing lights out ball. Wait. . ..what????? A ranked Iowa State team, in November? Who would have thought that ISU would be such an important match pre-season? Certainly not the networks as this was one of only 3 games between ranked teams this weekend. Instead of a prime time ABC or Fox match up, the game was reduced to LHN with little of the country able to watch. Don't let TEXAS only scoring 24 points make you think the O did not play well, they actually played very well. Up against the best run D in the BigXII, TEXAS' run game would rush for 179 yards to go with 226 yards through the air paving the way for TEXAS to almost double up ISU's total offense 405 to 215. As mentioned, the offense would enjoy a 10 minute Time of possession advantage that helped the defense play fresh including 8 of 15 on 3rd down. The biggest play of the game in the 1st half came with 4 seconds left as Sam E, having another great night, re-injures his shoulder not to return. Enter Shane Buchelle in the 2nd half and TEXAS was largely playing in "hang on" mode. In the 1st half, TEXAS would go on drives of 9 plays, 10 plays, 11 plays and 7 plays leading to 2 TDs, a FG and a FG attempt. The 2nd half would open with 2 drives of 8 plays each, with the 2nd culminating in LJH's impressive catch and run TD. We've become used to LJH balling out every game but have to mention some great run blocking and Tre Watson having his best night as a Horn in his last game at DKR. He would finish with 14 carries, 95 yards, 6.6 per carry. Some very tough running by both him and Keoatay Ingram who contributed 59 yards on 12 carries. And props to our play calling which had ISU's defense off balance most of the night. We give the play calling a bit of a pass in the 2nd half as TEXAS seemed fine playing stout D and running out the clock. TEXAS would also play a largely penalty free game. Key drive of the 2nd half was TEXAS' 2nd possession. TEXAS would drive 69 yards on 8 plays leading to a 3rd quarter TD which put the game out of reach. Shane was 10 for 10 passing and played well. Lil Jordan Humphrey would also become the 1st 1000 yard receiver for TEXAS since 2014 and John Harris' senior year. With 3 games to go (assuming we beat Kansas), Collin Johnson sits at 730 yards so not far fetched TEXAS has 2 1000 yard receivers this year. A pair of 1000 yarders has not happened since 2008 and the days of Quan&Ship. 5 Key Plays in winning 1st drive of the game, TEXAS' D steps up and forces a punt. Dating back to OU, TEXAS' D had given up 4 TDs and 1 FG on each of it's opponents opening drives. OK, not 1 play but certainly a tone setter for the evening Chris Brown intercepts a tipped pass to snuff out ISU's 1st drive of the 2nd quarter. Shane Buchelle hits Lil Jordan for 27 yards and a Touch down on a 3rd down play. Now Shane gets credit for throwing the ball beyond the sticks to LJH but LJH literally throws off the DB draped all over him and runs the final 11 yards into the end zone to put the game out of reach. Tre Watson 39 yard 2nd quarter run, TEXAS' longest of the season which flipped the field and resulted in a FG. 2nd quarter, TEXAS starts their drive at their own 6, 3rd and 6 at the 10. completion to LJH for 8 yards but LJH and the pile drive for 20. Single biggest play of a 94 yard TD drive. Offensive player of the Game: Senior and Grad Transfer Tre Watson. His tough running keep drives alive and this against the #1 run D in the conference. Just behind him, Lil Jordan Humphrey. Defensive Player of the Game: Kris Boyd. Matched up with Hakeem Bulter who might be the best WR in a conference loaded with great WRs, Boyd was tested time and time again. His biggest play was breaking up what looked to be a long reception by ISU's Montgomery. His ability to fight through a receivers arms to break up receptions has been his strong suit all year. Gotta give some love to a player who has largely been maligned. Anthony Wheeler had a great game with 5 tackles, 1.5 tackles for losses and a sack. Conclusions/looking forward Pre-season reaching the BigXII title game would be labeled a "successful season". No reason to change that now. Granted there were some ups and downs and we still have to travel to play an improved Kansas team on a short week. Will make no bones we are cheering for WVU to beat OU. TEXAS will need to bring Sat night's level of defense to either. And the biggest question, how healthy is Sam? Because as Sam goes, so goes the TEXAS team. He went from a pre-season question mark of potential meaning he ain't done it yet to the unquestioned heart and soul of the team. Just the Cheap Seats take but if he's not 90%+, we'd sit him vs Kansas and build the gameplan around Shane. Winning the BigXII title in CTH's 2nd year would make an impressive statement and get Hager a hair cut. Gotta say, the Willie braids were pretty cool. Bold prediction, if the D plays like it did vs ISU, TEXAS is your BigXII winner vs either team. In a shoot out, we like TEXAS chances vs WVU more than vs OU. Which is not to say OU isn't beatable. It would be great to make Murray "take the loss pussy" twice in one year. Ranking the BigXII: #1 Land Thieves: Their game with WVU for the right to play TEXAS in the BigXII title game. Winner of the BigXII gets most likely Georgia in the Sugar Bowl if they win. If they lose, they are a candidate for one of the New Year's Day bowls #2 TEXAS Thank you coach Mullett for turning the TEXAS/ISU game into a battle for a berth in the BigXII title game. Looks like Sugar or Alamo for the Horns as the Alamo Bowl gets 1st selection (Sugar being an automatic). With the caveat that even with a loss, TEXAS might be very attractive to one of the 3 New Year's Day bowls. #3 WVU. Sugar or Camping World appear WVU's most likely bowl options but a 2 loss WVU with a Heisman candidate at QB might make for an attractive New Year's Day Bowl game. #4 ISU. Matt Campbell earning 2017's BigXII coach of the year is clearly well deserved. Most likely coming back to Texas to play in the Academy Sports Bowl vs an SEC opponent unless one of the top 3 goes to a New Year's Day Bowl then Alamo here they come. #5 OSU Coach Mullet with an impressive end to the year 2-1 vs the conference big dawgs and a bad pass on a 2pt conversion from being 3-0. Liberty or Cheez-it bowl for the Cowboys The next 4 teams listed all must win their final game to go bowling. You can also list these teams in about any order. #6 TCU Faces Okie Lite, betting they don't make it #7 Baylor Faces Texas Tech in a battle to secure a bowl spot #8 Texas Tech Faces Baylor to assure the BigXII a 6th bowl team #9 Kansas State Faces Iowa State, does Coach Campbell let 1 loss become 2? Can the Wildcats send Coach Snyder out with a bowl trip? #10 Kansas They are improved, they are about to welcome Les Miles and we predict they make TEXAS work harder than they should in their last game of the season. BigXII is assured 7 bowl slots. The problem is that barring upsets, they may only have 7 eligible teams. Would not be shocked to see the loser of the BigXII title game selected for one of the New Year's Day bowls so the BigXII might not fill all it's bowl slots. Playoffs #1 Bama, think they are in even if they lose their CCG #2 Clemson,like Bama, even if they lose their CCG they are likely in #3 Norte Dame, rolled a Top 12 'Cuse team, not sure a USC upset knocks them out. #4 Michigan, as a 1 loss team, has to beat tOSU and Northwestern. Barring upsets, the Top 4 are pretty solid but upsets raise some very real questions. #5 Georgia, how do you keep the SEC champ out if they beat Bama and Bama gets invited either way #6 OU? They are eeking and squeeking by with win but do they have a shot at the final 4? The Wacky Wild Card is none other than Wazzu and everyone's favorite pirate. They have the Apple Cup with UDub this week then a Pac12 title game. College Football Playoff (CFP) Selection Process The CFP Selection Committee ranks the top 25 teams and selects the four teams to participate in the semifinal games. Then, after the contract bowls are filled based on conference agreements, the Committee will assign teams to fill the remaining New Year's bowls. Each conference champion from the contract bowls (ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, SEC & Pac 12) has a guaranteed spot in its contracted bowl or in another New Year's bowl (Sugar, Rose or Cotton) if the contracted bowl is a semifinal game and the conference champion is not selected to participate in a semifinal game. The highest ranked champion from the Mountain West, American, Conference USA, Sun Belt or MAC is guaranteed a spot in a CFP bowl and the remaining spots are filled based on the rankings of teams after the contract bowls have been filled. College Football Playoff Bowls Peach Fiesta Orange (semifinal) Cotton (semifinal) Rose Sugar CFP National Championship Game (Santa Clara, Calif.) New Year's Contract Bowls Allstate Sugar - (Big 12 vs. SEC when Sugar is not a semifinal game) Rose - (Pac 12 vs. Big Ten when Rose is not a semifinal game) Capital One Orange - (ACC vs. highest ranked SEC/Big Ten non-champion or Notre Dame when Orange is not a semifinal game) Other New Year's Bowls Goodyear Cotton Playstation Fiesta Chick-fil-A Peach Big 12 CFP Contract Bowl Qualifier The Big 12 champion will earn the Conference's automatic berth for its CFP contract bowl slot. Additional Big 12 Teams in the CFP If a Big 12 team(s) is rated in the top four of the CFP, it will play in one of the semifinals. This does not affect the Big 12 designee being placed in a CFP New Year's Bowl if it is not one of the top four teams. There is not a limit on the number of teams from one conference that can be placed in CFP bowls. Additional Big 12 teams may be selected for other CFP New Year's bowls based on their ranking in the final CFP Poll. Big 12 Bowl Partners Once the CFP has filled its bowl slots, Big 12 bowl partners will make selections from the remaining bowl eligible teams. Following is the order of selection. A bowl may pick from any available teams when it reaches its spot in the selection order. Valero Alamo Camping World Academy Sports + Outdoors Texas Bowl AutoZone Liberty Cheez-it Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl Game Date / Time (CT) Site Matchup Network Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl Dec. 22 2:30 p.m. Fort Worth, Tx. Big 12 vs. AAC ESPN Cheez-it Bowl Dec. 26 8:00 p.m. Phoenix, Ariz. Big 12 vs. Pac-12 ESPN Academy Sports + Outdoors Texas Bowl Dec. 27 8:00 p.m. Houston, Tx. Big 12 vs. SEC ESPN Camping World Bowl Dec. 28 4:15 p.m. Orlando, Fl. Big 12 vs. ACC ESPN Valero Alamo Bowl Dec. 28 8:00 p.m. San Antonio, Tx. Big 12 vs. Pac-12 ESPN CFP - Capital One Orange Bowl Dec. 29 3/7:00 p.m. Miami, Fla. Nat'l Semifinal ESPN CFP - Goodyear Cotton Bowl Dec. 29 3/7:00 p.m. Arlington, Tx. Nat'l Semifinal ESPN Autozone Liberty Bowl Dec. 31 2:45 p.m. Memphis, Tn. Big 12 vs. SEC ESPN Playstation Fiesta Bowl Jan. 1 12:00 p.m. Glendale, Az. CFP ESPN Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Dec. 29 11:00 a.m. Atlanta, Ga. CFP ESPN Allstate Sugar Bowl Jan. 1 7:45 p.m. New Orleans, La. CFP ESPN CFP National Championship Jan. 7 7:00 p.m. Santa Clara, Calif. Semifinal Winners ESPN
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    Daniel Seahorn

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Would be such a USC hire with either of those guys. I can understand Del Rio, but if anyone hires Fisher to coach their football team they deserve all of the 8-8 finishes that come with it.
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    I will smile Saturday night as LSU totally curb stomps these ignorant goobers. They will be proud of the multi TD loss because it will have been to a sec bro. Stupid is.....stupid does.
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    A quality Power 5 program can never have enough big men up front — and the Texas Longhorns know this. With this need in mind, Texas turned its focus towards former TCU commit Myron Warren. After committing to TCU in May of this year, Warren began to warrant the attention of several SEC schools such as Tennessee and Missouri. He also got Texas' attention, and the Longhorns have been in constant contact with Warren over the past few months. Then, Texas offered Warren. When we spoke to Warren, it was obvious that the interest was mutual from his end. "Texas is a school that loves to win," Warren said. After notching the offer, Warren subsequently decided to de-commit from TCU, and the writing was on the wall. Texas now has three defensive ends in its 2019 class — T'Vondre Sweat, Peter Mpagi and Myron Warren. All three prospects are highly touted, and are viewed to have high ceilings. Warren fits the bill of a large potential project, but such "projects" are more certain when Gary Patterson is evaluating. Nonetheless, Warren is a welcomed addition to a Texas defensive edge that is going to need pass rushers after 2018. Player Information Name: Myron Warren Position: SDE High School: Many City & State: Many, LA Measurables Height: 6’3 (Verified) Weight: 240 (Verified) 40-yard: N/A Shuttle: N/A Vertical: N/A Statistics 2016: 21 Tackles, 4 TFLs, 1 Sack, 1 FF 2017: 41 Tackles, 3 TFLs, 0 Sacks, 4 FF Film Film unavailable to the public. Pros: High intensity and motor. Does not ever slow down and always hustles. Displays high athleticism for his size. Is able to get keep up with just about anyone on the perimeter. Possesses good length and an ideal frame for his position. Not afraid to get physical. Warren often finds ways to make plays by physically dominating others. Creates turnovers. Last season, Warren had 4 forced fumbles. Utility player. Can build into his frame and play multiple positions in the Big 12 at a high level. Cons: Needs to improve his pass rushing abilities. Does not get to the quarterback often. Is not extremely technically sound. Relies on his physical attributes to help him make plays. Sometimes is too aggressive and overly pursues. Will be fixed with coaching in college. Not much tape available, but is certainly viewed as a project with a high ceiling. Summary Ultimately, there is not much film available for Warren. However, we were able to speak to a reliable source who has seen the Many, LA native in action. Anytime Texas lands a defensive recruit that Gary Patterson evaluated and wanted, it is a win-win situation. Warren is a high ceiling prospect that will need at least a year in the weight room and under Todd Orlando. However, this does not mean that he lacks the skill necessary to succeed in Todd Orlando's scheme. Warren actually reminds me a lot of Malcolm Roach coming out of high school — both in regards to his recruitment and his style of play. Warren has a non-stop motor and a relentless pursuit to the ball. He displays sneaky athleticism with an ability to hold the perimeter of the field against most, if not all, ball-carriers. His physical dominance is obvious when watching him play for his small high school, and he sometimes relies on his physicality to a fault. When he enters college, he will certainly need to improve his technique — especially when it comes to getting to the quarterback. Warren is a utility-type player that can play multiple positions well in the Big 12, which is something that Todd Orlando likely loves in a prospect like this. Orlando loves players like Warren — those who possess a relentless pursuit and a win at all costs attitude. Although Warren has a tendency to over-pursue at times and uses his physicality as a crutch, these are easily fixable once he is in Orlando's system. Final Verdict Texas has developed itself quite the pipeline of defensive line recruits from Louisiana. Malcolm Roach, Deandre Christmas-Giles, and now Myron Warren all hale from the boot. Todd Orlando knows how important it is to have a solid unit up front, and is only going to make it better with the addition of Myron Warren. Warren now joins T'Vondre Sweat and Peter Mpagi as the headlining edge defenders in Texas' 2019 class. With the perimeter of the defensive line appearing to be locked up, Texas can now shift its focus to interior linemen. After missing out on DeMarvin Leal, the Longhorns have some work to do at the position, even though both Keondre Coburn and Moro Ojomo are expected to be big contributors in the near future. The addition of Warren is important, especially because of the departures of seniors Breckyn Hager and Charles Omenihu after this season. Texas is desperately going to need young edge defenders to step up and help bring pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Although Warren will need at least a year to be ready from both a physical and mental standpoint, he is certainly going to be a factor. Under a Todd Orlando defense, Warren could be just what the Longhorns are looking for.
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    BY JAMESON MCCAUSLAND Texas put together its cleanest and most complete game of the season on Saturday night, knocking off Iowa State and putting themselves a win away from playing for a Big 12 championship. Let’s a took at the good, bad and ugly from a big win over the Cyclones: The Good Great performance from the Texas defense During Tom Herman’s press conference last Monday, he told the media that the defense was going to get better. Todd Orlando echoed Herman’s statement on Wednesday, telling the media he asked Herman to put full pads on Tuesday so the defense could clean up fundamental issues. Whatever the Longhorns did, it worked. Texas turned in their most complete defensive performance of the season against Iowa State, holding the Cyclones to 210 total yards. Texas finds success running the football It was mildly surprising to see Texas have consistent success running the football against an Iowa State defense that ranked at or near the top of every statistical category in the Big 12. The Texas offensive line did an excellent job of establishing the line of scrimmage for 4 quarters, allowing Tre Watson and Keaontay Ingram to find running room. The duo combined for 150 yards on 27 carries, with Watson ripping off a season long run of 39 yards in the 3rd quarter. Shane Buechele plays well For the second time this season, Sam Ehlinger left a game with a shoulder injury. This time, Ehlinger suffered a bad bruise after having a defenders facemask go directly into his throwing shoulder. Despite playing in only his 2nd game of the year, Shane Buechele finished the evening a perfect 10 for 10 for 89 yards and a touchdown. Should Ehlinger have to miss Friday’s game in Lawrence, Buechele will be tasked with trying to lead the Longhorns to a victory over Kansas and clinching Texas a spot in the conference championship game. The Bad Cameron Dicker misses a chip shot Freshman kicker Cameron Dicker has been reliable for most of the 2018 season, but he has had a few kicks he would like to have back. One of those came in the 2nd quarter, when Dicker missed a 28-yarder wide right. It has been a short sample size, but Dicker seems to be more comfortable kicking from the left hashmark, and his miss came from the right hashmark. Regardless, anything inside of 40 yards should be pretty automatic. It didn’t end up costing Texas, but every play will matter if Texas gets into close games to finish the season. Coughing up the football Texas tried to get Daniel Young a couple carries at the end of the game, but the sophomore coughed up the ball on the first play, giving Iowa State another possession trailing only by 14. Young has seen inconsistent playing time this year, but he may be tasked with a key role next year with the departure of senior Tre Watson. Young possesses the most physicality out of any back on the roster, but he has to protect the football if he hopes to see an expanded role in 2019. The Ugly Injuries It is not an ideal time for Texas to have a short week before going on the road. In addition to Sam Ehlinger’s shoulder injury, the Longhorns have several starters who are nursing injuries. Keaontay Ingram continues to battle and play through a hip injury, Zach Shackelford and Kris Boyd played through injuries and Brandon Jones has not returned from an ankle injury. Jones went through pre-game drills prior to the game and had limited practice throughout the week, meaning he could return this Friday against Kansas. Tom Herman has made it clear injuries will not be an excuse, but the Longhorns will look to get through the final regular season game and a possible conference championship game before a well-deserved rest prior to its bowl game.
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    Don't look now but in the last 5 games, Ryan Bujcevski has punted 20 times for a 44.75 average. And it's been consistent. Lowest average was 42.7 and highest was 48.0.
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    Unless you are the $ec champion.
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    “I would rather be the jester to LSU and Alabama than play for a championship.” If it is possible for me to have any less respect for this group of nitwit dumbasses, I think that quote does it. I don’t even know where to begin.
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    If they have a rule that only active players get jackets then I don’t have a problem with it. Either the rule applies to everyone or no one. Major asked another coach to ask Ed to take off jacket and Ed refused, that’s why Major got involved. It doesn’t help the Ed is out there jumping around pregame and not showing any signs of being hurt. Time for Ed to stay off the sidelines
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    If a player chooses to end his obligation to a school because of self interest, I may not like it, but I do understand it, kinda, sorta. However, he should no longer feel entitled to wear team gear at his whim when he has chosen to not be a part of the team, IMO. Thanks Ed, next man up...

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