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    Interesting stats 8 total Texas offensive possessions in the game 1 ended taking a knee 1 TD 1 FG 1 Missed FG 4 Punts 0 Turnovers All of this on the road in a place where Texas has not won in a long time Texas is 4-1, 2-0 in conference Anyone here would have taken this if offered after the Maryland game. Absolutely everyone.
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    Check out the following HUDL link: https://www.hudl.com/v/2AUF77 My nephew had the longest pass last week in Texas HS football (weekend of September 21th). FWIIW: UT coaches have been talking to him.
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    It’s Great to be a Longhorn!

    Well, well, well. I really hate to say I told you so. Not. Our defense was stout. The Shark lived up to his name. Brandon Jones showed us why he was a 5 star recruit. Colin Johnson got his, and LJH got what he could, both with defensive backs draped so far over them you would have thought the dbacks were Minks. Never was a flag thrown. Need I mention The Wolf? Didn’t think so. Now, let’s talk about Sam for a minute, shall we? He played another really good game. Good thing he doesn’t listen to the noise some people make. Just listens to the people who count good for him. The kid has courage & perseverance. I respect those qualities. Did I mention confidence and loyalty? No? I should have. Well, on to the next game. This season is really looking good to me. Liking what I see. Later, Hook ‘em!
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    Duane Akina, straight off the field last night after Stanford's crazy OT win against the Ducks...sees me and exclaims excitedly..." how about our Horns!!"
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    Hey MBHORSNFAN is Herman still done, finished and over? Honestly do you think this is just a blip on the radar and he's for sure still gone? Cause you seemed pretty damn sure.
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    I’m shooting these off from my phone so forgive me for the typos and disorganization. Big win tonight on a big stage with a lot of eyes watching. Much needed confidence booster heading into conference play. The Battle In The Trenches I said earlier that if Texas wanted a chance to win they were going to have to get the run game going and they did that as they scratched out 160 yards the ground. It may not be a huge number, but when you go back and look at some of those runs late and see how physical and demoralizing some of them were you will see the importance. The Texas offensive line really went to work and outmuscled the USC defense down the stretch and it was fun to watch. When you take into account that Texas didn’t have Keaontay Ingram tonight it makes it even more impressive for me. Speaking of rushing yards, the Texas defense absolutely suffocated the Trojan rushing effort to the time of -5 yards. That dog will hunt. Winning The Third Down Battle Early on it looked like it was going to be more of the same when it came to executing on third down on both sides of the ball, but then Texas seemed to flip the switch. The Texas offense was able to convert 10/19 on third down and also converted their only 4th down attempt. That’s remarkably better than the last two weeks and makes a world of difference. On top of that, the defense held the Trojans to 6/15 on third down and most of those came early before things went down hill. USC was also 0/2 on 4th down and one of those came on a goal line stand. Another instance of Texas showing improvement in area they struggled in the previous two weeks. Special Teams Are Special Again? Don’t look now guys, but Texas may have found themselves a kicker. And his name is Dicker. I’ll show myself out in a minute. Seriously though, the freshman from Lake Travis was fantastic tonight as he went 3/3 on FG attempts (including two from 46 yards out) and made all of his PATs. If Texas can get that kind of consistency out of the freshman it could be a difference maker at some point this year. Speaking of field goals, Caden Sterns blocking USC’s only field goal try of the night resulted in a Texas touchdown the other way and almost brought the house down. That was a dagger in the heart of the Trojans as they were looking for any sign of hope. Slow Start, But Strong Finish By The Defense It did not look pretty early from Todd Orlando’s bunch, as they allowed two early scores, but that ended up being all they allowed on the night. The defense really bowed their necks and righted the ship after struggling early and proceeded to get after USC’s young quarterback. The defense pitched a shutout for three quarters and kept their boot firmly on the throat right up until the final snap that resulted in a Charles Omenihu sack fumble on 4th down. This group stayed in hunt mode and didn’t let up once they had USC and Daniels on the ropes. They deserve plenty of kudos tonight. Momentum Builder In Recruiting There were a ton of eyes both in the stadium and on televisions watching this game tonight and Texas didn’t disappoint. Tom Herman and his staff needed this win in a major way and not only did they get it, but they got it with style points in prime time. USC may not be the USC of old, but they came in ranked and are still a program that many respect, and a win over them will no doubt help efforts on the trail. Imagine being in Austin right now as a blue chip recruit after a win like that. It’s going to be a wild weekend in Austin and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear recruits singing the staff’s praises come Monday.
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    5 Thoughts Following The Win Over USC

    My only thought at this point is that Texas had a prime opportunity to get either Shane or Rising some snaps late in the game and for whatever reason chose not to. This is disappointing to me, because is Sam goes down, moments like tonight would go far in giving one of them some confidence and playing time under the lights. Nights like tonight where a P5 Top 25 team is playing in your house, with an electric crowd behind you, and said opponent is down 20+ late, do not come around very often. You have to take advantage of that. My 2-cents
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    We’ve been waiting on this one for awhile. This profile has been written since the spring. Finally it’s public.
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    5 Thoughts Following The Win Over TCU

    Always the Ambassador Triggered much?????? We can at least end the "we suck until we don't". Beating 2 ranked opponents back to back officially means we don't suck
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    This. Texas has beat a ranked opponent in back to back weeks and folks are still angry lol.
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    2020 Recruiting Board/Thread

    An aggy friend tonight on FB was going on about how aggy looked good tonight . . . I'm like whut? Bama hung 45 on you and made it look easy. You're paying $75 million for a .500 team. How is that looking good? lol
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    at least this will stop the "replace herman" narrative.
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    If we’re casting votes then I vote yes for Kate
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    This anyone from Horn sports?!?

    "Back story. This was in the alumni section. An elderly couple left their seats behind this guy and two USC bros showed up and sat in them. USC guys were obnoxiously drunk. When the couple returned to their seats, they told USC bros that they were in their seats and the bros started yelling at them. One of the bros took a swing at the older guy. This guy was in the row in front and he grabbed the guy who threw the fist and told him "I'm going to let you go but just leave" When he let the punk go the guy came at him and the UT guy went off o n him like you see in the video. The guy did jus t about what anyone would do. He didn't st art the fight, but he sure ended i t."
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    View from the Cheap Seats-KSU

    View from the Cheap Seats-KSU IT's A TRAP A classic trap game but the Horns survive, by the skin of their teeth. So far the Horns have faced some important tests, they bounced back from an improbable opening game loss, they beat a "name brand" team at home then come back from that emotional win to beat a conference foe who frankly has had TEXAS' number the past 5 seasons. With those tests passed, TEXAS goes on the road to face a well coached team with a YUGE game on the horizon they might be peeking forward in anticipation. In other words, the classic trap game. TEXAS has not won in Manhattan since 2002 when it beat a Wildcat team that would finish in the top 10. Sorry to say this KSU team will struggle to go bowling and the Horns were in another 'Tale of 2 Halves' style game. But the key, TEXAS survived the trap as both the offense and defense stepped up in the 4th quarter to make plays which sealed the victory. In what might be the biggest "back story" of the game, Tim Beck missed the trip with an illness. Does that indicate anything as TEXAS ran their most creative offense of the season? It was clear someone different was making the calls. More WRs involved in the game plan, though CJ and LHJ still did the bulk of the work. We saw a passing scheme that did not totally avoid the middle of the field and that used some much more creative ways to get pass catchers open. TEXAS would rack up 19 points in the 1st half including a S when Charles Ominehu recorded a 2nd Quarter sack in the end zone for his 2nd sack of the series. Those points would critical to the outcome of the game. We even saw a throw back to the QB pass which was awesome. Offensive Player of the Game was Keaontay Ingram was very much the straw stirring the drink for TEXAS though glad he was limited to 10 carries in his 1st game back from knee injury. 3 of his 10 rushes were for 1st downs and 2 would put us in 3rd and short. He brings an electricity and elusiveness no other back on the team possesses and is a very real threat catching the ball out of the backfield. Honorable mention: Sam, very effient and some excellent completions. Defensive player of the Game: Charles Ominehu with 2 sacks in one series including a Safety. HM: Breckyn Hager with a 4th quarter, 3rd down pass block which would close out the game at the 6:27 mark. TEXAS' defense looked pretty awesome in the 1st half, pitching a 1st half shut out behind forcing 3 punts, a Safety and a turnover on downs. ZERO 3rd down conversions in the 1st half. 2nd half? Well not so much. Coach Orlando's crew gave up a 10 play 82 yard opening drive for a TD, a punt then would allow an 11 play 70 play drive for another TD making the game score 19-14 with KSU's 3rd drive of the 2nd half leaving many fans thinking "oh crap, here we go again". Coach Snyder made a pitching change at half bringing in Sklyer Thompson, the passing QB of the 2 and the difference was marked. TEXAS did not appear ready for a quality passer and failed to pressure Thompson who would go 8-18 and lead KSU on two TD drives to make the game very interesting. The stadium was rocking as KSU got the ball back in the 4th and appeared to be starting yet another drive. But on 3rd down, Breckyn Hager would knocked down a pass forcing a punt at the 6:27 mark and TEXAS would go on a 10 play drive to close out the game. Biggest play of teh game? Maybe so. The camera caught Coach Herman's sigh of relief on TEXAS last 1st down allowing them to go to victory formation for the last 2 snaps of the game. Make no mistake, would rather win ugly than lose pretty. . . we ain't Aggies. Very pleased to see CTH reading the Cheap Seats, it was clear our WRs spent time this week focused on their blocking and TEXAS' play calling which utilized the middle of the field. Sam seemed to have more passing routes which pushed the ball further up the field and generally he showed very well. There were 2-3 misfires but you cannot expect a QB or any player to be perfect. 5 Key Plays of the Game #1 D'Shawn's 90 yard punt return for a TD. He would later lose 14 yards on an end around effectively ending a 1st half drive. But the TD was YUGE. #2 Throw back pass from Watson to Sam. Had KSU not pressured Tre, he likely gets the ball to Sam quicker so Sam scores but it set up a score and was a great play. Now OU will have to watch for it, even if we never run it again. #3 Charles Omenihu's back to back sacks, the 2nd for a Safety and the ultimate margin of victory in the game #4 Hagar bats a 3rd down pass forcing KSU to punt at the 6:27 mark of the 4th. KSU would not get the ball back again. #5 3rd and 11 following a false start, Sam completes the ball to Collin Johnson for a 1st down with just over 4 minutes left in the game. Honorable Mention: Deep in TEXAS' own end, Sam is stripped of the ball dropping back to pass but recovers his own fumble. Had he not done this, KSU has a very short field. Key Stats: 105 to 0 Penalty differential. TEXAS simply has to play smarter 8-14 on 3rd down, offense did well and sustained drives. If not for stat #1, score might look very different 29-36 and no turnovers, 1 TD. Average yards per completion are not high but Sam with a very efficient game. 4-8/2-2 After pitching a shut out of KSU on third down in the 1st half, KSU would record 4 of 8 3rd down conversions and 2 of 2 on 4th downs. Tale of 2 halves. 105 to 0 Did we mention that? Very disturbing stat. On Deck It's the Red River War and the thieves of land are on deck. Annually the biggest game of the year and very much so this year. They are coming off a track meet vs Baylor and in back to back weeks they have been pushed by inferior teams. To be the champ, you have to beat the champ. Really hope we get Ingram for 15-20 carries and BJ Foster is back. TEXAS needs all hands on deck. After stumbling out of the blocks, CTH has his young charges poised to take the lead in the conference. Need the best game of the season. And this will very much be a battle of the best young coaches in the conference. Lincoln has a leg up, can CTH knock him off that perch? Nuff said. Ranking the BigXll. #1 OU They are #1 till someone knocks them off #2 WVU Winning in Lubbock is not easy #3 TEXAS #4 TCU bounces back from TEXAS loss with win over ISU, 3 wins to go bowling. Coin flip if they make it #5 TT Off a week of being ranked they lost to WVU, needs 3 wins to go bowling, they should get there #6 OSU Beat the league doormat, 2 wins to go bowling #7 Baylor track meet with OU for a moral victory loss, need 3 wins to be bowl eligible #8 KSU Played their hearts out, need 4 wins to go bowling, we bet against it happening #9 ISU Played TCU close but 5 wins from going bowling #10 Kansas Is it basketball season yet? PS/PSA Cheap Seats is typed with a heavy heart today. As we were watching the game in the 4th, received an urgent text from a friend's wife. My friend Matt of over 30 years had been battling cancer and she asked that I get to the hospital. They were taking the breathing tube from Matt (a YUGE Nebraska fan and one of my longest term friends) as the cancer had won.. . .Cancer is a BASTARD. A vibrant man and a great friend. He left a wife, a daughter with a year left in college and a son just starting college who was at a Nebraska tail gate in Matt's honor. Watching him stop breathing was brutal, we lost him WAY too soon. The PSA? Men get regular check ups. Matt had avoided this the last 2-3 years and they might have caught the cancer sooner. Don't know if it would have saved him but it would have given him more time with family. Keep my friend in your prayers if you would. Oh yeah, make sure you protect your family with life insurance.
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    Winning 4 straight hasn't happened in 6 years. Beating KSU in Manhattan hasn't happened since 2002. Whether you realize or not, this is a BIG win!
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    Knock. Out. Punch. Texas is going to take this.
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I dedicate that Kate to Mike, who is troubled with the "I suck until I don't" issue. We should take him to lunch or something.
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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    speaking of Kate....As I remember a few posters I had never seen or heard of chipped in and said they were giving up HS because of Kate. I never believed they were really part of the forum. I didnt miss em before they said they were leaving and I havnt missed em since......seems odd they never came back to say...now, thats better..no Kate
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    Gonna let the kid have his moment.

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