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  2. Weekly Film Review: USC (by Ryan Bridges)

    Sam Darnold's ability to throw his WRs open is off the charts NFL level stuff. I mean that 1st TD. He threw it where he wanted the WR to go and where the knew the Texas defenders couldn't get to it, even though there were 2 defenders between him and Burnett. It's impressive and something our QBs struggle with immensely.
  3. Chris Warren III

    Not a mensa moment
  4. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Well, we did lose to them the last time we went to their place. lol
  5. I love the idea because of the mixed color combinations in fall and also the fact that trees, in general, like being around each other and trees of other types. You could mix in Pecan trees, Hickory, and even Persimmon. If Oak Wilt has been present, I would refrain from planting Oaks right now until some time has passed since the last of the Oak Wilt has been observed. Trees you know that have it should be removed. What size trees are you looking for and where is this located?
  6. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I wanted to say Bite your tongue. But I actually think DMAC's response is much more appropriate
  7. Thanks. What do you think about a mixed combination? I'm looking to replace about 4 acres of trees around the house.
  8. Horn Sports Recipes

    Camp House Chili This recipe is for three or four servings (if you like smaller portions). 2 lbs ground beef Brown and drain ground beef Add One med to lg onion roughly chopped Two finely chopped cloves garlic Two Tbsp chili powder Two Tbsp paprika One Tbsp ground cumin One can Rotel One 8 oz can tomato sauce One Tbsp worcestershire sauce One can of beer Sliced fresh Jalapenos Salt & pepper to taste If you're a yankee or okie you can add a can of ranch beans
  9. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    1 punt return for a TD. Had nothing to do with Buechelle. Texas did not score an offensive touchdown until the 2nd half. Buechele was picked in the 1st qtr., right after Buechele was sacked near the end zone. Defense with back against the wall. One of Maryland's three 1st half TDs was on a blocked kick, which had nothing to do with our defense. Its a known that teams make their single greatest improvement from game 1 to game 2 of any given season. So I won't argue that our defense is not better now. But the offense that showed up against USC gave the defense something to work with, unlike the one that showed up against Maryland. Buechele enjoyed the blocking of an All-American OT, unlike Ehlinger against USC. Now that we have a defense, watch what our offense looks like with Buechele. Its several steps slower. It's a different team when he's in there.
  10. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Here’s a new name to file away. Mesquite Horn WR/LB Maureese Wren. Committed to Arkansas. http://247sports.com/Player/Maureese-Wren-93957 https://www.hudl.com/video/3/4599706/59b7ecc9f569cf0a14019d86?utm_expid=159232322-86.JA2ExsiwQ2aQHhj9vX_VjA.0&utm_referrer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.hudl.com%2Fembed%2Fvideo%2F3%2F4599706%2F59b7ecc9f569cf0a14019d86%3FautoPlay%3Dtrue%26isTimeline%3Dtrue
  11. View from the Cheap Seats-USC

    Sorry not pleased with moral victories and I hope the team hates the loss too. I know Herman said as much as well.... YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME.... Moral victories are for aggys...
  12. View from the Cheap Seats-USC

    Well that's certainly not gonna happen this year so don't get your hopes up. Your crazy if your not pleased with there performance. Have played better every game. All 1 person can ask for. To this day 8 win season is still success and moving in the right direction.
  13. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    What I'm suggesting is simple. Had our defense that played USC would have showed up against Maryland we would have run the Terps out of the stadium i hate to break it to you but all the moxie in the world won't help if your defense sucks. What we been missing is a defense.
  14. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    If you're suggesting that Ehlinger got better as the game went on, I'll agree. But thats about it. We'll have Shane in our next game, but we'll look more like the team that played Maryland instead of the team that beat SJSU and played USC to the wire. The reason is – we're a different team when Ehlinger is in there. I hope everyone has noticed. As the game went on, Ehlinger became or at least seemed to feel more at liberty to tuck and run, which caused USC trouble and opened up other opportunities. If we can analyze the rest of the game instead of just one half of it – we'll see that other contributors stepped up. Foreman's grab in the end zone was spectacular and most won't make that catch. He did. Our OL began pushing SC's DTs around. Announcers were openly saying USC's D was worn out. While I agree the play calling was atrocious, we almost overcame it. When Ehlinger settled down and played within himself, you began to see the future in him. Players played inspired because with Sam pushing the envelope in both runs and passes, he set the example. With Shane, there's a lot of pretty stuff during the in-betweens but lacks substance when it matters. Example – 400+ yards of offense against Maryland. Yet, we lose. Ehlinger racks up half of that and we almost beat USC. You don't see "moxie" in the stats. They don't keep up with that and can't measure it. But Ehlinger clearly has it and it's apparent we've been missing it.
  15. View from the Cheap Seats-USC

    No I prefer to actually win games. By stepping up I mean win the f##king Big 12 more than once every damn decade......
  16. Chris Warren III

    Warren is averaging over 10 yards a catch. . .if you don't trust him running, throw it to him. Against tOSU in the shoe, mack brown started a true freshman rb on what was clearly a much bigger stage with National Title implications. If you don't trust Warren, get one or both of the true freshmen ready to go.
  17. View from the Cheap Seats-USC

    Ah yes, the legend of Sam grows. . . .the guy who was 3 passes over 50% vs a tomato can in SJSU and 50% +1 vs USC but suddenly he's the next coming. I'll stand by my observation, USC could not have afforded to stack the box vs Shane, that is reality. . . . .we win frankly we might win going away with Shane at the helm. . . .maybe next year Sam will learn to throw a pass. . .
  18. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    I want to emphasize again how well our defense performed on Saturday. They had a couple of hiccups but to hold USC to 17 pts in regulation is unbelievable. I reviewed our Offensive play by play again and that information really drives home the fact that we had no business being in this game. Our defense kept us afloat along with Collin Johnson. Our offense was truly atrocious when you really examine their performance throughout the game. If you omit the final drive and the overtime periods from the statistics its clear how anemic we were for the other 12 possessions. We completed 9 passes for 147 yards (there were a couple of flip jet sweeps that are considered passes that I didn't count) with 2 interceptions . If you couple that with the fact Collin Johnson had 5 receptions and 123 yards on those drives its incredible. The rest of our guys had 4 catches and 24 yards. That's only 2 more than USC's defense. We rushed for 96 yards when you don't count the 22 yards we lost in sacks. We scored 3 points. In the 1st half we had 87 passing yards (76 by Collin Johnson) and 32 rushing yards (without sacks of course). Think about that for a minute. Everyone not named Collin Johnson on the offensive unit accounted for 11 passing yards and 10 rushing yards. The USC defender who grabbed Chris Warren's facemask moved us forward 15 yards. Todd Orlando and his crew almost beat USC.
  19. Yesterday
  20. View from the Cheap Seats-USC

    Going to TX/o who this year and I can't wait to see Baker crying after his cocky ass has had the crap kicked out it for 4 quarters! Hook 'em!
  21. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I believe after seeing Herman's demeanor at the presser when he was asked multiple times about letdowns after experiencing success, that this team will be fully prepared to wipe the field with the cyclones on Thursday. Hook 'em!
  22. View from the Cheap Seats-USC

    This weekend wasn't a step up?
  23. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    ........ We would never lose to Iowa State......nvm I suffer from selective amnesia
  24. Tom Herman spoke to the media Tuesday night as the Longhorns were back on the practice field in advance of their Sept. 28 Big 12 opener at Iowa State.View the full article
  25. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Unless you lose to Iowa State on Thursday.
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