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  3. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    Here are two things that are fairly obvious to me: 1) Shane is a better QB right now. 2) Coach Herman seems to prefer Sam. Who knows exactly why.... he's an alpha, a vocal leader.... fits the offense better.... reminds Coach of himself (I have heard all these). The most likely answer is that Sam is a better fit for the Herman offense. Shane ran the ball 15 times against Maryland. Does anyone look at him and think that he is made to do that? Shane is a much more accurate passer which IMHO is the most important tool for a QB. But I have my doubts that he is going to be the starter.
  4. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    http://texas.thefootballbrainiacs.com/2017/09/open-post-wednesday-september-20th/ I think he meant "rhymes" instead of "reminds". So Rising is recruiting Jaylen Waddle.
  5. Weekly Film Review: USC (by Ryan Bridges)

    I was in awe of Darnold's ability to jump up into the pocket to avoid Malik(game over if he makes that sack), and then jump again to pass the ball to the RB.
  6. View from the Cheap Seats-USC

    Sam may give us the best chance to win the conference in the future but not this year. He simply is too poor a passer today though I doubt he is scared of BigXII defenses at all. We might have faced our most talented D last Sat, though KSU will be well coached. Frankly he looks much the same as he did in the spring game. And honestly, not sure Rising doesn't push both of them in 2018. No question in my mind, everything else being equal (which is pure hypothetical), we not only beat USC, we beat them by 2 scores. We had recievers running open and a few completions forces USC out of 8-9 in the box which opens up hte running lanes.
  7. It would nice to cross reference this against how many times each receiver has been targeted. And how many catches per targets...
  8. New State Fair Foods

  9. Saw this on another site and thought it was interesting that Lorenzo Joe has only 3 receptions this year but has the 2nd most snaps among WR's. Here's how WR snaps have shaken out over the course of three games as we head into the short bye week:Collin Johnson - 166Lorenzo Joe - 132Armanti Foreman - 107Lil'Jordan Humphrey - 98Reggie Hemphill-Mapps - 92Devin Duvernay - 64 Dorian Leonard - 60Jerrod Heard - 53 (mostly at QB)John Burt - 27 (total of one combined snap last two games) If you look at how many snaps each WR has to be on the field to yield 1 catch.......1 catch per 7.1 snaps - Armanti Foreman1 catch per 7.7 snaps - Reggie Hemphill-Mapps1 catch per 10.4 snaps - Collin Johnson1 catch per 12.0 snaps - Dorian Leonard1 catch per 19.6 snaps - Lil'Jordan Humphrey1 catch per 27.0 snaps - John Burt1 catch per 44.0 snaps - Lorenzo Joe
  10. New State Fair Foods

    New foods were released today. What are your thoughts? The Funnel Cake Bacon Queso Cheeseburger looks niiiiiccccety! https://bigtex.com/food/newfoods/
  11. Tryouts scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 3.View the full article
  12. I just re-watched the game last night and all I can say is I agree 100%!
  13. Not exactly sure what happened to either of these players but doesn't look like they made it to campus. Diakite isn't listed on Oklahoma State's roster and Mading isn't listed on Texas Tech's roster. No official news on why either of them didn't make it to campus. Pretty strange. Souleymane Diakite(6'8 Fr PF). NR by any recruiting services. Daniel Mading(6'9 Fr PF). NR by any recruiting services. https://cyclonefanatic.com/forum/threads/2017-18-season-what-players-big-12-teams-are-losing-returning-and-adding.220069/
  14. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    When a freshman comes in and it is evident to all his teammates that he will run headlong into a buzz saw to win the game the marker was laid down to the rest of the offensive unit. Foreman's two great catches (final TD and maybe more impressive, his late 1st down conversion) and Johnson's stellar play were examples of accepting responsibility by players on the offensive side. Let us hope, regardless of who plays QB, that this persists. The defense was FRICKIN' INCREDIBLE. In fact, it was the defense that allowed Texas to stay in the game until Ehlinger got his legs under him. The bend but don't break mentality is a thing of beauty. To see Malik finally play like the heat seeking missile that has been long advertised but rarely seen was inspiring. The D line is deep and will continue to cause havoc. It is hard for me to give an individual game ball on the defensive side because I saw great effort and execution by many consistently. The timing of the bye should allow Texas to be properly healed and prepared as conference begins. Iowa State are a scrappy bunch.
  15. View from the Cheap Seats-USC

    My opinion about Shane was evident in Cheap Seats last season when his 'legend' was being crafted. I do not believe Sam is the 2nd coming of John Elway. I do know he is a leader and one tough SOB. I believe Sam gives Texas its best chance to win the conference. Someone stated earlier in the thread that we had better be glad we have them both. I agree. Shane cannot take big licks and Sam will learn soon enough that it is improbable he will out-tough the entire gauntlet of Big XII defenses. If I were a starting linebacker about to play Texas I would be licking my lips at the opportunity to tattoo the freshman QB who thinks he is going to cram it down my throat.
  16. View from the Cheap Seats-USC

    Yea if Herman really believed it maybe he'd kick a field goal in the first half if he had a do-over And it's not about a moral victory bs, it's REALISTIC for Hermans first year. At the begining of the year did you have a W by UT name against USC????? Lastly did you feel the same way with the loss this weekend as you did the loss to Maryland? If the answer is no then you like "moral victories" as well and if you said you feeled the same then well...got nothing for ya. It's great progress period. i want em to win every game and every natty championship as bad as the next guy but im trying to stay realistic and thinking bout what Herman walked into. Yes talent, but CS made a hell of a mess. Hell we lost to Kansas. Glad he wasn't the coach Saturday night
  17. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    LOL?...SHA....I aint laughing.
  18. Weekly Film Review: USC (by Ryan Bridges)

    well said.....We lost to a degree on Darnolds immense ability to make a play when needed. Sometimes you have to tip your hat to the other guy. The pass you describe and that jump pass were special.
  19. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    Sounds like a plan. Let's just see what happens
  20. With his first full season completed and fall baseball beginning, Texas Baseball head coach David Pierce and his staff have announced the establishment of six postseason team awards, each named after former Longhorns: the James and Huston Street Longhorn Award, the Brooks Kieschnick Team MVP, the Keith Moreland Offensive Player of the Year, the Greg Swindell Pitcher of the Year, the Spike Owen Defensive Player of the Year, and the Sean Braswell Academic MVP.View the full article
  21. Weekly Film Review: USC (by Ryan Bridges)

    Sam Darnold's ability to throw his WRs open is off the charts NFL level stuff. I mean that 1st TD. He threw it where he wanted the WR to go and where the knew the Texas defenders couldn't get to it, even though there were 2 defenders between him and Burnett. It's impressive and something our QBs struggle with immensely.
  22. Chris Warren III

    Not a mensa moment
  23. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Well, we did lose to them the last time we went to their place. lol
  24. I love the idea because of the mixed color combinations in fall and also the fact that trees, in general, like being around each other and trees of other types. You could mix in Pecan trees, Hickory, and even Persimmon. If Oak Wilt has been present, I would refrain from planting Oaks right now until some time has passed since the last of the Oak Wilt has been observed. Trees you know that have it should be removed. What size trees are you looking for and where is this located?
  25. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I wanted to say Bite your tongue. But I actually think DMAC's response is much more appropriate
  26. Thanks. What do you think about a mixed combination? I'm looking to replace about 4 acres of trees around the house.
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