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      We are still cleaning up a few loose ends related to the maintenance/upgrade performed last night. The message boards are functional and please email us info@hornsports.com if you encounter significant issues that require immediate attention.
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      Hi guys, we are working on the forum theme now, which is why you might notice a "different" look.  It shouldn't take too long.  We didn't want to disable the forums so feel free to post, etc and we should be back up with our old look soon.

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  2. Did admins make the predictions and I miss it? Don’t see it
  3. Texas 61 - Butler 48

    Yes, he is being escorted out by a coach and police officer. What's funny is it's from a WVU web-site!
  4. *****Texas vs. Texas Tech Game Thread*****

    Per Jarret Johnson for insidetheredraiders.com, it looks like Tech is going with a QB shakeup for tonight. JUCO transfer McLane Carter, originally from Gilmer, will start at QB. Very interesting.
  5. Today
  6. *****Texas vs. Texas Tech Game Thread*****

    Yeah the spread dropping like that doesn’t make sense unless there is something going on that we aren’t aware of. Very interesting.
  7. *****Texas vs. Texas Tech Game Thread*****

    Report is now out that Carter will start. I’m familiar with him from his TJC days and thought he was a pretty solid pickup for Tech. Not an ideal situation to get his first start though.
  8. Common Guy Prediction Thread - sand aggy

    Tomorrow's newspaper finally arrived. We have our best rushing game of the season. UT 45 sand aggy 14 and it really wasn't that close.
  9. Texas 61 - Butler 48

    this wins for the day haha. Texas ball looking MUCH improved. big test tonight. ps. digging your profile pics of Hager. was that this weekend as he got escorted out for a hell of a hit?! loved it. but I'm kinda old school.
  10. ohhh boy.... surly we kill that spread.... but then again a W is a W at this point
  11. *****Texas vs. Texas Tech Game Thread*****

    Also interesting that the line took a pretty good move overnight from 10 to 7.5. Don't know if it has anything to do with it but evidently some Texas players were sick earlier in the week.
  12. Those seem like good numbers but he hasn’t started all season for a reason, see if he can do it against Orlando and company
  13. Please curb stomp tt. amen.
  14. *****Texas vs. Texas Tech Game Thread*****

    Rumor is that Shimonek is out and that McLane Carter, lefty juco transfer, will start at QB. Played HS at Gilmer and one year at Tyler JC where he threw for over 300 yards in 7 straight games including 578 yards in one game.
  15. Common Guy Prediction Thread - sand aggy

    Ya I disagree about laying down some since we made it bowl eligible. These kids were highly recruited from the get go and live from winning. Now that they inally have something going there ate up with it and will finish this season 4-0. I don’t see em laying down anytime soon. Not with this coaching staff on em! texas- 38 tech-17
  16. Texas Longhorns (6-5, 5-3) vs. Texas Tech (5-6, 2-6) When: Saturday, November 24, 2017 Time: 7:00 pm CST Venue: Darrell K. Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium Location: Austin, TX Television: FOX Radio: local affiliates Satellite Radio: Sirius 132, XM 199 Audio Stream: Web, ios app, android Live Statistics: ios app, android All-Time Series Record: Texas leads Texas Tech 50-16 Last Meeting: Texas defeated Texas Tech 45-37 (November 5, 2016 – Lubbock, TX) Relevant articles/information: Offensive Grades: West Virginia Defensive/Special Teams Grades – West Virginia West Virginia Film Review: Lucky Break Get to Know Texas Tech’s Offense Get to Know Texas Tech’s Defense/Special Teams Depth Chart – Texas vs. Texas Tech
  17. Common Guy Prediction Thread - sand aggy

    No. No. No. Baron! We demonish them. Kingsbury has to force them to run on the field in the second half. Their receivers don't want to catch the ball due to the punishment they have received, thus far. Kingsbury baked a cake, but it did absolutely no good. Sad, really. When that happens, he knows he's lost the team. Hook 'em!
  18. Happy Birthday SirHornsALot

    Happy birthday, SHA! Your humor, knowledge, and optimism have been welcome gifts to all on this board. May you continue on for many more years!
  19. Elliott combines knack for interceptions, hard hits in breakout junior campaign.View the full article
  20. Happy Birthday SirHornsALot

    Most Valuable Poster on the Burnt Orange Board. Happy birthday
  21. Texas 61 - Butler 48

    I think they will, might even beat them. Excuse me while I go get another cup of burnt orange Kool-Aid.
  22. Texas 61 - Butler 48

    They played Butler's game. They'll play better tomorrow but not sure they'll be able to stay with Duke. It would be a lot cooler if they did.
  23. Texas 61 - Butler 48

    It wasn't the prettiest game I have watched but it was a win, one that last year would have probably been a loss. After a rough 1st half, the Horns opened it up in the second half by almost scoring more than Butler did the whole game. They face #1 Duke tomorrow but I'll be at DKR so I'll have to tape it. The good news is this team can do some damage in the Big XII if they keep playing defense like they did tonight.
  24. Happy Birthday SirHornsALot

    Happy birthday Sir!
  25. 2017 Texas Volleyball

    I'm just repeating what the announcers were stating. There was a poll that came out, like the football poll, that showed Texas at #5. The teams ahead of them haven't lost since that poll came out. Nell was stating if Texas beats Baylor, how could they not included the BigXII undefeated champs, with only 2 losses to 2 Top 10 teams, out of the Top 4. Watch it on the LHN, they will show the game again.
  26. Happy Birthday SirHornsALot

    Happy birthday Mark.
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