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  2. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    The one with the bigger forearms is the winner. lol
  3. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    You be the judge. So far, . . Purdue lost to #11 Louisville by 7 in the opener, 35-28. Beat Ohio 44-21 the next week, as they should. Beat Mizzou, 35-3, at Mizzou. Michigan, by comparison . . . Beat a horrible Florida team, 33-17 at Jerryworld. Beat Cincy, 36-24, which is down a little this year, in Ann Arbor And eased by Air Force 29-13 in Ann Arbor. The AF game was still in question entering the 4th. IMO, this game is a toss-up, but I give Purdue the advantage playing at home. And Rondale Moore will be there
  4. Today
  5. http://texas.thefootballbrainiacs.com/2017/09/open-post-sunday-september-17th/
  6. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    You know better Embrey. That is a pretty lame argument. He was a true freshman last year in new offense and was so terrible he landed on the 7th spot for single season passing yardage. No disrespect intended but you know better. The defense was ranked 106th out of 126 teams in the FBS. Even great QB's enjoyed a decent defense. If our defense had played like they did vs Maryland (or last year for that matter) at USC that game would have been ugly regardless who the QB was. 1 Colt McCoy 3,859 2008 2 Colt McCoy 3,521 2009 3 Major Applewhite 3,357 1999 4 Colt McCoy 3,303 2007 5 Chris Simms 3,207 2002 6 Vince Young 3,036 2005 7 Shane Buechele 2,958 2016 I like both Sam and Shane but neither one has lit it up yet. Sam will be better leader than the quiet Boo will. Shane is a better passer right now. Sam is a better runner. Sam is durable and shane is not. So on and on. I dont care about QB controversies I just want to win. Whichever gives us the best chance to win should be the starter. I want to see Shane in another game though.
  7. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Thanks for always posting theSe! Saves me from going to brainiacs page. "See how season plays out" umm is Purdue even relevant?
  8. 4. I agree. But he wasn't asked to win games with his arm. And no reason to with Cedric Benson flanking him. And when he was asked to pass, he had Roy, Sloan, BJ, Scaife, and D Thomas to chuck it to. With the exception of TE, this squad is eerily similar (dynamic runner, adequate passer (more on that in #5) & an extremely talented group of receivers. 5. If all the plays called for the Heard package, he's been given the opportunity to pass 3 times (I think). Of course defenses are gonna assume run. Until Beck gives him more opportunities to pass, at least show it as a threat, defenses will continue to do so. And I think is fully capable right now to lead this team providing we establish the run. He's shown that he's a more than capable passer imo.
  9. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Tom Herman got himself a chopper.
  10. As far as carrying the football, Porter should be about the fourth choice.
  11. 1. I agree with you on Beck. He's probably had lots of splaining to do. That must have happened after the Heman PC. 2. I am also bothered that Warren's carries were so limited last game. Wth was that? ITS HOW YOU WIN. 3. Not as bothered about the QB situation. I am now very comfortable with Sam Ehlinger. He's a winner. I am anxious to see Shane come back and play. Let the best one play. Forget the classification. You are as old as you act. 4. I thought Vince passed okay during his junior year. Maybe its just me. 5. Heard was inserted into the game against USC. It did not take long before "why did they do that?" emerged. The change interrupted rhythm and momentum and it showed. UNTIL Heard shows he can be a weapon passing the ball, I don't see the Heard package being very effective going forward. You could clearly see USC called BS when Heard went into the game and loaded the box.
  12. Yesterday
  13. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    This pisses me off...............but it is damned funny.....well played Sir.
  14. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    Yup. Disciplinary reasons.
  15. I have absolutely no insight but I wonder if Tom Herman is the least bit annoyed with Tim Beck. Idk it just seems to me that this offense should be, or I would at least hope it would be, clicking on all cylinders going into conference play. We've only had 1 game where we established any semblance of a running game. And that came against SJSU. And regarding the qb, who's the guy? I mean we're about to hit a stretch where this team needs to be rocking and rollin. While it appears that this defense is hitting its stride, the offense is a crap shoot. Personally, it's starting to bother me that between the 2 runningbacks who see significant playing time that these coaches refuse to play the one whose better adept at doing his primary job; which is run the damn ball. I get it, he sux in pass pro. In my not so humble opinion, you continue to give him carries, let him establish a rhythm, and beat his a$$/punish him every time he misses a block until it's ingrained in him to do so. Porter should only get carries when Warren needs a breather. Another way to circumvent that is you play the qb who's better at escaping a collapsing pocket. 2 of the 3 qb's on the roster were top 5 dual threats coming out of high school. As talented a passer as Shane is, he's not as fleet of foot as either Sam or Heard. And there A LOT of yards to be gained from the qb position in college football. Seeing how your best runningback isn't the best blocker and we're depleted, due to injuries, across the offensive line, why wouldn't you play the qb who gives you the best chance to mirage those deficiencies? We forget that Vince didn't become the passer he was until his last season. Before that, he was extremely suspect and he had a trio of wideouts who may be the best to ever play here. Greg Davis tailored the offense around what he did do well (zone read) while allowing him to develop. I vote to allow history to repeat itself with either Sam or Heard. I believe either gives us the best chance to win now while also helping us to mirage any shortcomings we have at other offensive positions...thought?
  16. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    I am judging Shane on 13 games (5-8). Everyone seems so scared of a QB controversy. Like it might hurt the team's mojo. Get this straight, this is a losing team full of kids that do not know how to win at this level. This team has zero mojo.
  17. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    I don't know if he just tries "to survive it" but I get what you're saying. To this day, offensive players, hell every player on the national championship team still say "we always knew we would would win because we had VY". Of course Vince's skills were otherworldly, but a lot of that had to do with the intangibles he brought along as well. His swag or moxie, his ability to keep the team loose. His leadership. We seem to see more of those traits in Sam as opposed to Shane. That's not to say Shane isn't talented or even a leader. He and Sam just approach the position in a different way.
  18. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    I want us to be NC contenders but this year I would settle for beating teams soundly that we should beat. I am cautiously optimistic after the San Jose State game.
  19. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    Hopefully ISU doesn't pitch another shutout.
  20. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    They will certainly look like USC when they take the field, but they won't play like them. lol I've watched Iowa State a little. They aren't bad. And we obviously provide them with a lot of motivation while historically, we don't get up for this game. I hope thats not in play this year. But they aren't a bad team.
  21. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    I wasn't actually confused, just a bit of humor. I do agree with putting it to the test. I'm afraid Iowa State could be a false positive regardless of who plays.
  22. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    If Purdue beats Michigan Saturday, look out.
  23. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    The only way one can know if they're right or wrong, in this case on how the offense runs and how the team responds, is to put it to the test. I think we're a different team with Sam in there as opposed to Shane. It has to do with moxie, personality, etc. Sam attacks the job. Shane seems to try to survive it. I've just noticed. Maybe I'm wrong. I feel like the plays develop way too slowly when Shane is in there. Its almost at HS speed. I get the impression when Shane passes, certain things have to be in alignment for success to happen. Perfect route, protection, etc., Only way to know is put Shane out there and see what happens.
  24. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    That explains why he didn't get burned in the secondary until late in the game
  25. Oh Aggy, Part Deux

    Joel Klatt on aggy. Ask Randolph Duke about aggy's ability to "buy any coach they want". Ain't happening.
  26. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    We are all judging Shane on 1 game. In that game the defense and OL was garbage. Shane is listed #7 all time for single season passing yards as a true frosh. I like Sam long term but hes a true freshman made some critical mistakes but I like his moxie. He did give us the lead with 35 secs left. Cant discount that at all. 3 weeks ago was about the time we heard Shane was out for 3 weeks. Herman likes to hold his starting QB close to the vest. I am betting Shane starts next week but either is fine with me. Just win and FFS run the ball and play that killer defense we saw vs USC and we will run the BIG 12
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