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      Site Conversion Update

      We are still cleaning up a few loose ends related to the maintenance/upgrade performed last night. The message boards are functional and please email us info@hornsports.com if you encounter significant issues that require immediate attention.
    • Aaron Carrara

      Working on a few things!   09/13/2017

      Hi guys, we are working on the forum theme now, which is why you might notice a "different" look.  It shouldn't take too long.  We didn't want to disable the forums so feel free to post, etc and we should be back up with our old look soon.

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  3. Spring Game Injury List

    Per the school, here are a list of players who will NOT be participating in tomorrow’s spring game. Have to say that I am most disappointed we won’t get to see Caden Sterns tomorrow night.
  4. ***New Orleans vs Texas Series Thread***

    Horns win, 8-6!
  5. ***New Orleans vs Texas Series Thread***

    Texas gets out of a bases loaded 0 out jam. Still tied
  6. ***New Orleans vs Texas Series Thread***

    Game is tied at 6 heading to the 8th
  7. ***New Orleans vs Texas Series Thread***

    Texas takes the lead, 6-5
  8. ***New Orleans vs Texas Series Thread***

    A Duke Ellis Groundout ties the game at 4
  9. ***New Orleans vs Texas Series Thread***

    Kody Clemens connects on a 2-run homer to make it 4-2 in the 5th
  10. ***New Orleans vs Texas Series Thread***

    UNO adds a other and it is 4-0
  11. ***New Orleans vs Texas Series Thread***

    Texas stands 2 more runners in the 3rd. 3-0 New Orleans after 3
  12. Definitely F aggy, leisure suit larry and especially their sheep humping fans.
  13. ***New Orleans vs Texas Series Thread***

    Clean half inning for Kingham in the top half the 2nd
  14. ***New Orleans vs Texas Series Thread***

    Texas threatens with a pair of base runners with 2 outs, but can’t do anything. 3-0 after 1
  15. ***New Orleans vs Texas Series Thread***

    Not a good start for Kingham, who allows 3 in the 1st.
  16. Yesterday
  17. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    6PM news here in Austin, Game is on, rain chances reduced to 40%, no big rain accumulations. Beer has started to flow, BBQ is up next
  18. But where is that conference love? I’m right there with you. And while you’re at it, f aggy.
  19. Behind early, No. 21 Texas Baseball stormed back on two occasions to take an 8-6 win over visiting New Orleans on Friday night at UFCU Disch-Falk Field.View the full article
  20. My perfect world is every team in the Big 12 Not named the Longhorns is them losing every game they play in every sport every year. F ALL OF THEM
  21. Let me preface this by saying as always, thanks SHA for answering noob questions like mine. Do you have a good way to determine exactly what type of grass you have? I pulled some samples from my lawn and am having trouble telling if it is centipede or bermuda. I had St Augustine growing up and it is not that...the blades are very thin. I am in the north DFW area. I ask because it looks like some lawncare products can damage if used with the wrong grass type. I need to fertilize and also get rid of the Dichondra which is spreading from the high shade areas. Maybe instead of getting a single solution there is fertilizer that is safe for anything, and separately I can kill the Dichondra?
  22. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Doesn't sound too excited...
  23. ***New Orleans vs Texas Series Thread***

    Peep it was 10-2 Texas
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