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      We are still cleaning up a few loose ends related to the maintenance/upgrade performed last night. The message boards are functional and please email us info@hornsports.com if you encounter significant issues that require immediate attention.
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      Working on a few things!   09/13/2017

      Hi guys, we are working on the forum theme now, which is why you might notice a "different" look.  It shouldn't take too long.  We didn't want to disable the forums so feel free to post, etc and we should be back up with our old look soon.

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  2. ***Midweek Game Thread: Lamar vs Texas***

    10 hits for the Horns tonight from all location in the order. 4 hits allowed by 5 Ps for UT. Let’s get to Baton Rouge!
  3. ***Midweek Game Thread: Lamar vs Texas***

    Verplank slams the door, and Texas wins 7-2!
  4. ***Midweek Game Thread: Lamar vs Texas***

    Bryce Verplank in for Texas.
  5. ***Midweek Game Thread: Lamar vs Texas***

    Zubia flies out to CF with the bases loaded. We head to the 9th with Texas leading 7-2.
  6. ***Midweek Game Thread: Lamar vs Texas***

    Back to back 2 out walks by Clemens and Todd.

    When you shot less than 30%, you lose. What's amazing is they kept it close until the final couple of mins.

    Tonight reminded me why I don’t watch basketball on a regular basis.
  9. ***Midweek Game Thread: Lamar vs Texas***

    Matt Whelan is the new pitcher for the Longhorns, and the right hander strikes out the first batter he faces.

    Well that pretty much does the Horns in.... gotta find a offense by the NIT tournament
  11. College Baseball Top 25: February 19

    As good a place as any to bring up, but with the Andy C. situation at Mississippi State, I know that program had hosting on its mind with the upgraded ballpark opening, it might open a spot if Texas continues to play welll.
  12. ***Midweek Game Thread: Lamar vs Texas***

    Texas can’t get anything after getting 2 runners on. To the 8th we go.
  13. ***Midweek Game Thread: Lamar vs Texas***

    Reynolds collects a single in his first at bat of the game.
  14. ***Midweek Game Thread: Lamar vs Texas***

    Tate Shaw draws a 2 out walk
  15. Today
  16. ***Midweek Game Thread: Lamar vs Texas***

    Bocchi allows a lead off walk, but a flyout and double play ends the half inning. 7-2 heading to the bottom of the 7th.
  17. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    aggy will be trending until Clemson comes to town. That's when some of the recruits will get a wake up call. There is a long way to go in recruiting.
  18. ***Midweek Game Thread: Lamar vs Texas***

    Hamilton leads off the bottom of the 6th with a single. Hamilton tries to advance to 3rd on a single by Hibbeler, but is thrown out. 1 away.

    This is a LOW scoring game. And slowwwww
  20. ***Midweek Game Thread: Lamar vs Texas***

    A solo homer by Robin Adames gets Lamar on the board again.
  21. ***Midweek Game Thread: Lamar vs Texas***

    Matteo Bocchi is on to make his Texas debut. Ryan Reynolds takes over at 1B and Petrinsky moves to catcher.
  22. ***Midweek Game Thread: Lamar vs Texas***

    Shaw’s ground ball to the pitcher is thrown away, scoring the run and allowing Shaw to advance all the way to 3rd. McCann then scores Shaw on a sac fly. Texas leads 7-1
  23. ***Midweek Game Thread: Lamar vs Texas***

    Petrinsky hits one into the LF gap, scoring Todd. Zubia then lines a triple off of the CF wall. Texas starting to break this one open, lead 5-1.

    33-28, K-State leads Texas. 15:45 left in the game. Every one counts for the Longhorns down the stretch. They need to find a way to pull of another road win to bolster tourney chances.
  25. ***Midweek Game Thread: Lamar vs Texas***

    DJ having a night!
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