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#201202 2015 Recruiting Thread

Posted by DBOOK23 on 01 February 2016 - 01:01 PM

Lol I've been telling y'all about this secret commit for a while now, I'm assuming the issue is that he's committed to another school and doesn't want anyone to know, me and my source are actually good friends and he won't even give me the name, that's how fragile this thing is.

Staff feels good about all of its targets still so I don't care what everyone else is saying, the staff feels good about these guys. I told you all that Brandon Jones was ours in December, he was one of the first silent commits we had, so I'd be pretty surprised if anything changes. We will have a big haul at DT, and man I wouldn't be surprised if Jackson picked us today, whenever I talk to my buddy he says that Jackson is the number one target - the defensive staff views him as the best edge pass rusher in the country - and that they feel like they have a good relationship with him so idk I'm not gonna say he's all OU until pen meets paper on Wednesday. They feel good about Hudson and idk why ole miss is considered a lock for Anderson , because I'm being told it's more like 50/50. D Jack had a great visit and I'm sure that he's in. Elliott will be a beast in the 3-3-5 look, as he's almost like a Malcom Brown clone.

Things change but as of right now the staff feels good about mostly everyone, this signing day thing was planned a while ago by some of the recruits so Texas will be the talk of the country come Wednesday. As I told you, this team is hungry and I expect some heads to be turned come the fall. Charlie has tolsd all of the recruits that the goal is to win the conference next year, I don't think he'd put that much pressure on himself if he didn't actually believe it would happen. I'm right there with the rest of you in excitement and can't wait to see our haul and most importantly us win some games this fall.

By the way I'm not claiming to be an insider at all, I'm a die hard fan with a buddy on the staff and when I found this site I thought that it would be cool to share some of the stuff he tells me and just talk Texas football with other Texas fans , so if I'm coming accross as an "insider" or "know it all" then I apologize.

I hope everyone has a great day! @dbut #wegettinerrbody
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#104986 Exciting News!

Posted by HornSports Staff on 06 August 2014 - 11:18 AM

Horn Sports is officially a credentialed media member for Texas football!
For those that don't know, UT is extremely rigorous in vetting candidates for season credentials. This has been an ongoing project for months on our behalf. Not only is this a credit to some strategic moves that you'll hear more about in the coming week, it's also in large part because of YOU...UT has been watching the site closely and the standard with which this board conducts itself really helped us advance our case. Thank you.
This means Horn Sports will be delivering coverage from the press box, from news conferences and at all media-only functions. The value of your membership here just got a major boost!
Stay tuned for lots more news over the coming week. The media credential is only one piece of a larger focus by Horn Sports to make sure we're delivering a new and different outlet for Longhorn fans.

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#143134 2015 Recruiting Season is in full swing

Posted by Sirhornsalot on 26 January 2015 - 08:19 PM

Ok ladies and gents . . . . just got off the phone with a friend I've been waiting to hear from.  


Daylon Mack will be a Horn. The conversation was more interesting than that but sharing it would give away who he is.


Best HS DT in the nation, IMO.


Nothing on Murray at this time.






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#244056 Personal Announcement: Please Read

Posted by Mike Roach on 15 February 2017 - 12:26 PM

This community means a lot to me, because I fully believe it has the best group of readers on the internet.  It is for that reason that I'm excited (and a little sad to announce) that I'm leaving HornSports.  An opportunity came along to push my writing career in a new direction, and after a lot of thought and prayer on the subject I've decided to accept it.  I can't yet say where my next destination will be, but I wanted to thank the readers of this community for giving me a shot to build the foundation of a dream job here.  You all have been very supportive to me while I tried to bring you the best information I could.


This decision wasn't particularly easy because I'm a big loyalty guy.  I talked things over with Aaron Carrara, and he encouraged me to take the next step.  I can't tell you how much Aaron means to me as both a person and a mentor.  Together he and Matt Cotcher gave me the opportunity and guidance to break into an industry I have a true passion for.  Aaron is one of the best people I know, and that made the decision to leave difficult.  The opportunities afforded to me here in my 3 years with the site were unbelievable.  I never thought I'd have an opportunity to be on the road with a major college football team reporting from the pressbox.  I'm not sure I can ever repay Aaron for these things.  


I feel I did a good job as a recruiting reporter because I worked with a tremendously talented staff.  Daniel Seahorn and I clicked right from the start, and I have full confidence he will succeed in whatever he chooses to do because he's hard working, honest, and an overall good person.  Ryan Bridges taught me so much more about the game of football, and he became a vital sounding board for me to bounce ideas off of.  Will Baizer helped me get into podcasting, and he expanded my thinking in creating new ideas.  He also gave me the opportunity to serve as a teacher for him as he tries to go the same road I went down.  Harrison Weir was an incredible asset to us as soon as he came in.  His ability to pick things up and run with them was a tremendous help to me.  Chris Flanagan and I didn't cross paths much as I try to stay away from basketball as much as possible, but his support for me was a huge boost early on.  


I'll still be around the internet, and I might even drop in here from time to time to see how everything is going.  I have great confidence that this site will continue to grow in this industry, and I'm happy I was a part of helping to put us on the map.  Thank you all once again for your support.



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#127072 Lunch Notes

Posted by Darrell McPhaul on 01 December 2014 - 02:17 PM

I had a doctors appointment near campus today so, I scheduled lunch with an old friend and he brought along someone near & dear to the program.


One of the first issues you all asked me to address is: Texas looking at any JUCO QB's?  The answer is yes but, we are not impressed enough to offer at this time.  The staff does not believe there is a JUCO QB that will beat out Heard much less Swoopes.  With that said, there are only so many practice (snaps) reps to go around & both Swoopes & Heard could use everyone they get. The other issue is we don't want to burn another scholarship on a QB unless we are confident he is going to compete for the backup Or starters position,


I asked about the issue about trying to fit a peg (Heard) in a round hole with the type offense Strong wants to run.  He said that's not true.  Both Watson & Wickline are not opposed to running an offense that fits the QB's talents and Watson has showed as much at Nebraska with Taylor Martinez.   He also said that the talk of Watsons pro set offense being to difficult for kids to pick up is hogwash.  He said that Watson has been complemented by pro coaches for coming up with a system that is easy to understand for younger QB's.  He said Heard would have the same problems he is having no matter what offense he was being taught.  It's the speed of the game and reading basic defenses that has been the issue.  Not uncommon for any true freshman trying to make the jump to this level.


He also said that you need  to to keep in mind that Swoopes should have been the third string QB this year behind Ash and Brewer (Arizona transfer) and all the sudden this 3rd String QB is surrounded by an offense that lost:


Top WR in Sanders & Top Playmaker in Daje arguably the top 2 talents on offense.

Gray coming off a major injury.

3 OL that have never played in a college football game and one of those (Hutchins transferred over from the DL.

The two OL that had played before this season had a combined two starts.

Suspensions of the top 2 OT's.

Lost starting Center that called out the OL alignments.


This staff member has been with Texas for a long time so, I took the opportunity to ask him to compare Watson with the other OC's.


He said Watson is a teacher like Davis was and has the intensity of Harsin.  He said that all the QB's appreciate his teaching methods.

He also said that between Watson, Strong & S&C Moore, they have a plan that is centered around building confidence in Swoopes.  He went on to say that the plan is 180 degrees different from the previous staff.  He said this is going to be like the Marines approach it and either Swoopes will respond or won't.  


Since he brought up Harsin I would ask about the rumors of Harsin not getting along with other staff members and not being a favorite amongst team members.  He said he couldn't see clearly why it was an issue but, now that time has passed he see's it as Harsin & some other hard core coaches like Searles not being able to instill  the sense of urgency & discipline that they believed was necessary.


He said it's ironic that Mack believed that coddling the players built a family atmosphere but, in reality, he now sees it brought dissension amongst staff members.  Some staff members went along to get along with Mack and the one's like Bennie Wylie, Stacy Searles and Brian Harsin resented them for being complacent.  He said the truth of the matter is this team is closer with this coaching staff than they were ever under Mack and as a matter of fact, this team is closer with the staff than any team he has been associated with and he has been associated with two major schools.  


I asked about Wickline sticking around for the Eyes and if there was anything to it?  He laughed and said no, that Joe is just one intense son of a gun and takes his craft extremely serious.  He said no one wants to be around Joe after a loss.  


Concerning Transfers:


This staff is dead panned honest with the kids and let them know where that stand every second of everyday.  If they don't see you getting any reps, they tell you as much but, they also tell you what you need to work on to become an option.  There are no misunderstanding between the players and the staff.


When can the fans expect Texas to compete for a B12 title?


There are two crucial area's a team cannot fall behind in recruiting and  player development and that is the QB & OL positions and we have.  Until we develop real Div 1 talent & depth at these positions it's good to be hard to compete for a B12 title.


BTW, Applewhite is talking to several schools about a staff position, not OC at this time.


















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#143252 2015 Recruiting Season is in full swing

Posted by Sirhornsalot on 26 January 2015 - 10:38 PM

Ok, had another phone call come in. This time, it's the KM situation at hand.


I was given a lengthy backstory, an eye-opening version that is so controversial that I am deciding not to repeat it until after KM signs an LOI. I think it's safe to say two things. 1) things between dad and sumblin are/were worse than we thought. Sumblin will be on his knees on Thursday night, but it's not working because 2) Kyler Murray will be a Horn.


Some egos are just two large to exist in the same geographical location.


That's all I can say, here or in PM.



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#237690 Prayers needed!!!!

Posted by lovemesomecolt on 08 December 2016 - 09:19 AM

The Marine F-18 pilot that ejected yesterday in the ocean near Japan didn't survive. He is a Texas graduate and the brother in law of a former Longhorn football player. Great family. Please pray for this great American family, he leaves behind a very young child and his wife is pregnant. God, please be with this family.

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#234505 Some thoughts following Charlie Strong's Monday presser

Posted by Mike Roach on 21 November 2016 - 12:57 PM

1) One reason we weren't one of the sites itching to jump on the "breaking news" pile yesterday is that our sources were very clear that an official decision has not been made.  We know that Texas had a team meeting yesterday, and sources told us the message was conveyed that Strong would not return for 2017.  Players were understandably upset, and they voiced that displeasure over twitter.


2) Once Mike Perrin came out and denied reports of a firing yesterday we geared ourselves up for a potential circus.  Our only hope internally was that Charlie Strong would announce things on his terms.  


3) First thing's first.  Charlie handled that press conference like a true pro.  I thought he was very dignified in the face of a tough situation, and it's easy to see why players love him and recruits flock to him.  The problem is that the Texas AD just left the door open for a potential Les Miles moment.  Imagine Texas beats TCU (a team still fighting for bowl eligibility) and carries Charlie off the field on Friday.  They've now set the stage for a huge meltdown from players and some fans if they were to fire him.  In my opinion it should not even be up for debate after losing to a 1-9 Kansas team.  If it were to happen we'd have moved the bar for success from 8 wins at the start of the season, and 9 wins mid season to 6 wins at the end of the year.


4) We are following up with some sources today, but there is a concentrated effort to control the narrative after having several leaks yesterday.  Today's events turned Strong into a sympathetic figure advocating for his job with a strong show of support from his players.  Our sources were pretty adamant that a decision had been made, and several key people were notified yesterday.  That said, all bets are off with this administration.  If things stick to the way they were yesterday we expect an announcement to be made following the TCU game, but again the door is open a crack for a comeback.


5) This is what happens when you don't have an experienced AD presiding over things.  Texas has a potential PR nightmare on their hands for the 2nd time in 3 years.  That's not a great look leading into a potential job search.  Texas needs to make a move on the AD front as quickly as they can to establish some stability at the upper level of the program.  


6) The purpose of this is neither to scare you or calm you down.  We've reported what we've been told by reliable sources along the way, and we expect Texas to start a new coaching search a week from now.  We will continue to report what we hear, but what could have been an easy transition was made just a bit tougher by today's events.

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#170802 If you have a second and can spare a prayer....

Posted by joeywa on 30 July 2015 - 04:58 PM

One of our HS members, Shevis Irons, (aka Pockey, aka Dennis,) posted this just a bit ago over on OBs. 


"So, my Orangeblood brothers, I've been told there's nothing more that can be done.

So even though I have been heeled, the Journey in this world comes to an end. I moved to Hospice Care today.

Thanks for the prayers, they were all answered."


If you have a minute to say a small prayer to whomever you pray to, please say one for Dennis; a great man, father, husband, Longhorn and friend. 


He's got a great attitude, spirit and a zest for life like no other.  And please keep his wife and family in your thoughts as they go through this as well. 



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#141054 Some thoughts on the latest Kyler Murray rumors

Posted by Mike Roach on 23 January 2015 - 02:56 AM

The internet has been going crazy since the moment Kyler Murray and DaMarkus Lodge confirmed they were in Austin for an unofficial visit.  Things went up a notch Thursday night when Murray showed up to the Dallas Morning News Awards Banquet wearing an orange tie, and Orangebloods.com published a report of a possible press conference next week announcing a decision has been made.  This thing has a ton of moving parts and interesting angles so I'll give you my thoughts on where things stand right now.


1.  Earlier today, we posted some extra burnt ends regarding the situation in which our sources indicated a shared optimism about the situation.  I posted a few days ago that I spoke to someone who was acquainted with Kevin Murray and stated he was a fan of Strong and Watson and admired Watson's ability at developing quarterbacks.  Based on our separate sources plus what is out there from other sites, I think there is enough of a consensus to say that is correct.  An Aggie legend signing off on his son playing for Texas is monumental and it looks like that is what is happening here.  I don't get the sense from sources that his father is running this whole thing, but being a former athlete himself he certainly can provide the proper guidance in this situation.  Mix in the fact that Lodge enjoyed his visit, and Malik Jefferson is already on campus and you'd have to say the tea leaves are trending positively.  


2. Since it's been talked about on nearly every recruiting site around, I'll mention that the report Orangebloods.com put out regarding the visit is a big deal.  Say what you want about Geoff Ketchum but he's an established guy with good sources.  A lot of his information falls in line with what we've heard so I have no reason not to believe him at this point.  Make no mistake about it, this wasn't click bait.  This was an all in, ballsy piece in which Ketch all but guaranteed an imminent flip.  I will say that Ketch does a great job managing the expectations of his readers and only appears this confident when he has a reason to.  If it comes out that this was false information that place will burn, and he doesn't want to be the one dealing with that.  If he feels this confident about the situation, it's because he has a reason to.


3. I want to take this opportunity to talk about Kyler the person as I had a chance to interact with him at the Elite 11 camp last summer.  This whole situation caused me to go and dig this up.  

I spoke with Murray at that camp and he's a very guarded person.  That probably comes with the territory when you grow up the son of a college football star and have been lauded as a generational talent for your whole life.  Murray keeps things close to the vest and protects the information he wishes to protect.  On the flip side he also has no bones about speaking bluntly when he absolutely wants to deny something.  With that in mind let's talk about the Dallas Morning News Awards Banquet.


4. So Kyler Murray, fresh off breaking the internet by showing up in Austin wears an orange tie to an awards banquet.  While I usually don't put a ton of stock in that sort of thing, but he had to know there would be questions that came with it.  

 Murray did talk to some media at the event , and addressed his tie situation by saying "Orange goes with brown".  Murray also said he's "Still committed to A&M".  Two thoughts on that, with as guarded as Kyler is I doubt the choice of wardrobe was purely coincidental.  The second thought is probably the most important aspect of this whole thing.  Kyler says "I'm still committed to A&M", Here he had an opportunity to silence everyone by making a definitive statement.  He could have said, "I took a visit to Texas, but I'm 100% solid to A&M and will be signing with them.  I have no plans to open up my recruitment".  He didn't, and he made a pretty non-committal statement.  That's a huge thing to me because he has never been about the public attention that other recruits have.  He committed pretty early and could have taken things all the way to signing day.  This whole situation has brought down a lot of public thunder on him, and he could have ended it.  He didn't. 


5. Here's one under reported thing about this whole deal.  How big of a role does Matthew Merrick play in this whole thing?  Merrick is coached by Kevin Murray and brought him along with him on his visit last fall to Austin.  By virtue of Murray getting to be around the coaching staff on gameday he got to see how Watson operates and spent time with the coaching staff outside of the context of a father-son recruiting trip.  I literally haven't seen this talked about anywhere and to me it seems like a pretty obvious positive.  


6. Several Aggie sites reached out to sources tonight and debunked the Orangebloods rumors saying there was no press conference scheduled.  They didn't specifically address any other aspects of the report, and didn't really debunk anything since Ketchum reported "he heard a press conference could be scheduled next week".  


7.  Keep an eye on the Soso Jamabo situation.  Jamabo is currently in Austin on an official visit and is very close with Murray.  Soso and Murray say they want to play together, but Jamabo cancelled his official visit to A&M last week.  UCLA is the main competition for Jamabo, but if he and Murray can work something out he could be huge in getting Murray to take those final steps.


8.  Despite all of this we have to remember that recruiting is a funny game and Murray is a unique prospect.  Murray is a long time commit to the school his father starred at and did a lot of recruiting for that school.  He has friends there as well, and those factors make for some hurdles still in the way.  My guess is that if something happens it will be quickly, Murray will want to get some of his uncommitted buddies on campus if he were to switch and the announcement will probably come out of nowhere.  I don't foresee a situation where they call something a week ahead of time and make an announcement.


9. If you're looking for positive signs then cheer hard for the press conference.  There's no way they call a press conference just to announce they are staying with A&M.  This isn't a decommitment situation yet so there's no need to do that.  An official announcement weighs heavily in UT's favor.


10.  I don't buy the whole "they are trolling" angle perpetrated by Aggie fans out there.  As I've detailed they just don't seem like the type of people who would open up this can of worms and deal with it just to pull one over on another school.  Kevin Murray's status as a private quarterback coach wouldn't benefit from that either so I can't see it happening from that angle.  There is some serious interest here.


11. If this happens to the Aggies it will be catastrophic for them, and as I said yesterday would be the decisive blow to turn the tide for Texas.  It would also leave A&M with one scholarship quarterback on campus unless they were to get someone late in the process.  It's not a dagger to the heart, it's a knife to the jugular.  In MMA terms, Charlie has Sumlin's back with both hooks in and is looking to secure the choke to finish the fight.  Kyle Allen certainly had some nice moments in their bowl game, but he's by no means a sure thing.  Even if this doesn't happen you have to wonder about all the unrest in Aggieland.  Is this something that can save them or is it something that won't matter in the long run?  We  also talked about the gamble Texas was taking, and it's a big one.  All signs point to Zach Gentry defecting barring a masterful job by Watson during his in-home tomorrow.  This is an incredibly high stakes game for seemingly all the chips.  If Texas wins they take the whole pot.  That means Lodge, Mack, Jamabo, Boyd, Hill, Newsome.  That's a massive blow going into 2016.


12. Finally, regardless of the outcome how about a hand for Charlie Strong and his staff of "non impact recruiters".  In December this looked like a class that would limp to a top 15 finish, and now we are talking about one of the potentially all time classes coming off of a 6-7 season.  This staff has put in a tremendous amount of work to stay in the fight and it's always nice to see hard work pay off.  Buckle up folks, we are less than 2 weeks away.

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#121854 Vance Bedford on alternate uniforms

Posted by Matt Cotcher on 05 November 2014 - 01:30 PM

At Wednesday's media availability, Defensive Coordinator Vance Bedford was asked if he thought Texas would consider wearing alternate uniforms. He responded with:


"Absolutely, 100% NO! We're the University of Texas. 

I mean, if a uniform is going to make you a player - I think when we wear our Whites, it's as pretty as any uniform out there.

When the University of Texas walks out there, with that logo and that uniform, you know who they are. If you look at USC's uniforms, you know who they are. If you look at Notre Dame, you know who they are.

It's nothing personal. I just don't need all that stuff. I'm just an old school guy. I'm not a young guy that needs all that stuff to say, 'Yeah, this is who I am.'

Give me the nice, clean-cut stuff and let's go play football."

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#250102 The Tom Herman Recruiting Machine Is Off And Running In Austin

Posted by Daniel Seahorn on 09 May 2017 - 02:18 PM

Not too long ago, some were legitimately worried about the ability of Tom Herman and his new staff’s ability to recruit. This past cycle, the new staff came in with limited time to work, had to pick up where Charlie Strong and his staff left off, and had to try to close some of the best recruits in the country. Not long after their arrival, Walker Little announced that he was going to play his college ball in Palo Alto. Later on down the line, K’Lavon Chaisson spurned the in-state Longhorns to head to Baton Rouge and play for Ed Orgeron after silently being committed to Texas.


After Longhorn fans witnessed an epic closing on NSD the year before, many were left a little dazed and confused when NSD came and went quietly without any kind of fireworks. This should have been expected, given that transition classes should come with tempered expectations. With Herman being the head man in Austin, many had high hopes that he would pull a rabbit or two out of his hat and finish with a flurry. There was no flurry to finish off the 2017 cycle, but it hasn’t taken long for Herman and his staff to get their feet under them for the 2018 cycle.


NSD 2017 was simply the calm before the storm brewing beneath the surface that has brilliantly been dubbed #revolUTion18.


It started during Junior Day(s) with the big flip of then-Florida State commit Justin Watkins and getting the state’s top recruits buzzing about Texas in a major way. Flipping Watkins from the Noles certainly grabbed the attention of many, but recruits leaving campus sold on what Herman and his staff were selling was absolutely imperative and was a bit of a tone-setter for what was to come down the line.


March came and went quietly, but things revved back up in April as the rangy and athletic Fort Worth Eastern Hills linebacker Byron Hobbs opted to commit to Texas over other regional programs like Oklahoma and Texas A&M. His commitment was followed a few days later by Casey Thompson, which gave Texas its [first] quarterback commitment for the class in the form of an Oklahoma legacy. This is where things get interesting in more ways than one. With Thompson in the boat, most assumed that Texas was done at quarterback despite there being some chatter of the staff wanting two quarterbacks in this class due to the lack of numbers on campus.


In the words of my man Lee Corso: Not so fast, my friend! After hosting him on a visit during the spring game, Cameron Rising aka the California Kid decided he wanted to represent the Longhorns in the Cotton Bowl in October rather than head for Crimson and Cream colored pastures. There was no hype or build up to this one. Just a simple tweet that set the recruiting world on fire as Texas flipped its archrival’s QB1, and at the same time, potentially opened some doors out West for the staff to walk through on the recruiting trail.


The fun didn’t stop with Rising either. The next day, Reese Moore, hailing from Seminole, got into the boat as the West Texas representative for the 2018 class and gave the Longhorns an athletic, raw, high upside offensive tackle to help protect their investments in Thompson and Rising. Moore’s commitment fills a big need this cycle for offensive line coach Derek Warehime and now allows the staff to focus on landing the likes of Rafiti Ghirmai out of Frisco Wakeland or Louisiana tackle Cameron Wire.


Just when you think this story couldn’t get any better, it does. With Rising and Moore now sporting the Burnt Orange, the Texas staff dug deep and went for the trifecta as they set their sights on heavy Sooner lean Ron Tatum, III. Tatum resides in the Sooners’ backyard North of the Red River and only visited Austin once this spring before announcing his decision date. The math in this one seemed pretty simple even though Tatum loved his trip to Austin. One thing I’ve learned covering recruiting is that things are never as simple as you think. The night before Tatum’s scheduled announcement, word got around that the pick was going to be Texas; the next day, Tatum put on a Longhorn hat and t-shirt during his announcement in his high school gym.


In boxing that is what folks like to call a haymaker, and the Texas staff landed it squarely on Bob Stoops’ chin. After years of Oklahoma poaching Texas talent, Herman has promptly put the shoe on the other foot and is making the Sooners have to protect their state borders. This should be fun to monitor going forward.


Kickers need love too, so I can’t write this piece without mentioning Lake Travis’ Cameron Dicker getting the month kicked off (see what I did there?) properly by giving Herman and his staff their second specialist commitment since they arrived in Austin late last year. Dicker is ranked third nationally by recruiting services and it shows that Herman isn’t leaving anything to chance when it comes to special teams.


Just when you think they are out of surprises, this staff continues to show that they have their aces lodged somewhere up their sleeves. With Cy-Springs safety Leon O’Neal Jr. looking like a safe bet to end up in College Station and trending towards the Aggies, many wondered what the backup plan would be. This staff apparently doesn’t believe in Plan B's, because they promptly focused their efforts on Cibolo Steele stud safety and LSU commit Caden Sterns.


A few days ago had you asked me what the chances were that Texas would flip Sterns from the Tigers, I would have said less than 5%. He had been very vocal about his love for LSU and seemed bent on playing his collegiate career in Baton Rouge. Always expect the unexpected in this thing called recruiting, folks. The Texas defensive back brain trust that consists of Jason Washington, Craig Naivar, and Michael Huff must have put one hell of a sales pitch together, because after showing up on campus midweek, Sterns was floored to the point that he called Ed Orgeron and Corey Raymond and said he was staying home to play for Tom Herman, again putting the recruiting world on its ear.


To say the least, this first spring under Herman has been eventful in more ways than one. I don’t think that even the “brightest on sunshine” pumpers could have predicted that the new staff would be off to this kind of start in recruiting before putting some W’s in the win column. I certainly expected them to land some good players, but I didn’t foresee them flipping commits from Florida State, LSU, Oklahoma, and landing heavy Sooner leans.


As my man Ryan Bridges put it, what Herman and his staff are doing right now feels like December/January Charlie Strong in the way that he would blitz kids and close them late. Except, it’s May. It also feels like the Mack Brown days where he would land studs early on in the process and go on cruise control for the rest of the cycle. Like with Brown and Strong, Texas fans are having to adjust to the way that Herman’s staff operates.


For me, it’s almost a blend of Herman’s predecessors’ recruiting styles in the sense that he isn’t afraid to push for early pledges, he won’t wait until late in the cycle to hit the gas in recruiting, and he certainly isn’t afraid to get into dog fights with blue bloods down the home stretch. With Brown, we saw him at times fill up on “bread” by taking early commitments rather than try to get into contested battles down the line, and with Strong, we saw him allow schools to gain the upper hand with recruits early in the process and try to be the comeback kid, which worked in some cases, but in others, not so much.


With Herman at the helm, there is a completely different feel to recruiting in Austin and it makes things that much more fun to cover and follow throughout the cycle. With the way the staff has sprinted out of the gate so far, it’s impossible to not start thinking about what could potentially unfold down the line if they meet their expectations on the field. With a productive spring under their belt, and a potentially promising summer on deck, this cycle could end up being what the 2017 cycle was supposed to be had the team produced wins. I don’t want to oversell what this staff is doing so far, but right now, they are way ahead of schedule considering where the program has been prior to their arrival. It’s just the beginning. 

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#243093 10 NSD Thoughts

Posted by Mike Roach on 01 February 2017 - 12:21 PM

1. We can't sugarcoat things.  This recruiting class was a disappointing finish for those who had high hopes when Tom Herman was hired.  Herman had close to no hope with the elites in state making early decisions (Walker Little, Anthony Hines, Baron Browning) but he did have a chance to close on guys like K'Lavon Chaisson, Stephan Zabie, and Grant Polley.  Texas missed out on a top 10 player in the state according to the 247 composite rankings, and their highest ranking recruit was #20 (Sam Ehlinger).  Schools that scored higher ranked players than #20 include Oklahoma State, Michigan, Stanford, USC, TCU, Alabama, Texas Tech, Notre Dame, Texas A&M, and Ohio State.


2. The state of Texas as a whole took a hit.  Only one player in the 247 top 10 stayed in state (Anthony Hines - Texas A&M), and only 4 players in the top 20 chose to stay home.  The top priority for this staff in 2018 should be to close the borders while still cherry picking from elite out of state options.  It's a tough task for sure, but it's in the job description for the head coach at Texas.


3. This class was always going to be tough when the previous staff shut the recruiting operation down mid-season.  A majority of the blame for losing out on top targets goes to them, but we have to point out the failings of the new staff. Chaisson himself told multiple people over the last two months that Texas is where he was headed, but LSU got in last minute and made an impact.  Nothing matters except closing time.


4. All this said, I will still reserve judgement on the recruiting abilities until he has his first full class under him.  In 2014 Charlie Strong lost a number of commitments and added Edwin Freeman, Poona Ford, Chris Nelson, Elijah Rodriguez, and Alex Anderson.  As you know, Strong went on to put together two very good recruiting classes, so keep that in perspective.  Herman was able to keep the majority of this class together, and he added some nice pieces including Gary Johnson, Marqez Bimage, Reese Leitao, Jordan Pouncey, and Toneil Carter among others.  


5. Since we put some blame on the previous staff let's give them some praise.  The one thing that can mitigate misses like Texas had in this class is the level of talent Charlie Strong assembled in the last two classes.  If Herman and company can close a top 10 class in 2018 they shouldn't have many problems down the line as they look to build their roster.


6. Despite the disappointment of losing out on several highly rated players, Texas fans should feel good about many of the players the staff did land.  Sam Ehlinger is thought by many to have a big future, and he'll continue to add quality talent to the quarterback position.  Toneil Carter and Damion Miller are game breakers with big play ability.  Derek Kerstetter looks like a steal on the offensive line, and the tight end position was addressed with a great duo in Reese Leitao and Cade Brewer.  On the defensive side of the ball they were able to put together a strong secondary class with the trio of Kobe Boyce, Josh Thompson, and Montrell Estell.  Gary Johnson is a guy who should play immediately, and Marqez Bimage looks to be one of the most underrated players in the state.  The Longhorns also addressed the kicking position with JUCO kicker Joshua Rowland.


7. The early feedback from 2018 prospects is strong so far.  Job 1 will be to hit the ground running in this class and get off to a fast start.  Texas is high up early for several elite guys including BJ Foster (top player in the state), and if they can land someone early they should be able to get some momentum going.  


8. Winning is the quickest fix to these issues.  Charlie Strong was recruiting with the strength of Mack Brown's tenure at his back, and while Brown struggled in his final seasons he still was within a half of winning the Big 12 and a bowl game.  Playing time was an easy sell, and a quick re-build wasn't out of the question.  Fast forward to today, and all of those things look more difficult following 6-7, 5-7, 5-7.  If Tom Herman can put together a good season in his first year he should be able to make some waves on the recruiting front.  


9. I'd expect a very aggressive push starting on junior day for the next class.  This staff understands the urgency at hand, and they will have a much different early recruiting approach than the previous regime.


10. Thank you to everyone who followed along this cycle.  We're committed to bringing you the best recruiting information we can here, and our staff puts in a lot of hours to gather information for you.  Recruiting never sleeps, so we'll be back on the grind tomorrow to introduce you to the newest Texas targets on the board.

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#242260 2017 Recruiting Thread Part 1

Posted by Mike Roach on 24 January 2017 - 09:37 PM

Until Inside Texas says different on Graham I will not be worried.

All due respect to IT, but we've had the Graham commitment really well and have been saying not to worry for the last few weeks. In fact, I was told today by our fantastic source on the matter he's debating canceling his OU visit.
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#225170 Shane Buechele

Posted by UT1983 on 11 September 2016 - 05:29 PM

I had the good fortune to visit with Shane after church today. He is very unassuming and was willing to have his photo taken with several parishioners after Mass. It was nice hearing the "Yes Sirs" and "No Sirs" as well.

Not only is he a gifted athlete, but he is a fine representative of the University of Texas and its football team We are fortunate in many ways he is our QB at UT.
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#196521 2015 Recruiting Thread

Posted by Juan on 21 January 2016 - 07:11 PM

As much fun as all this aggy trollin is, there is a deeper, much more meaningful and powerful message being delivered.

The players are aware of what people were saying this season due to the bad losses --  the media and the fans.  Questions were being asked about Strong's longevity and whether he had full admin support, or even the full support of his own AD.


Well, the players that Strong recruited have been delivering their own message.

They know the story.  They understand what it means if he fails.

They like Charlie, they love him even and they fully support him.

They want him to succeed at Texas.

They are fully invested themselves in that success.

It's a powerful message they have been sending and amazing to watch it snowball.

This was a 5-7 team with no bowl game after all.



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#190632 On the cluster F in College Station

Posted by Mike Roach on 16 December 2015 - 06:14 PM

I touched on some things in Burnt Ends about the troubles going down in College Station.  Today's events are just confirming that it is toxic there.  Today's been a little crazy for me because my wife had to have an emergency medical procedure done (she's doing well now) so I had a lot of time to sit in a waiting room and follow the dumpster fire surrounding the A&M program.  I've known some of this for months, but since this isn't an Aggie site I haven't put a lot of it out there since I didn't see a need to.  The events of the past 2 weeks are enough for me to paint a picture.


For those who don't know what I'm talking about I'll try to construct a timeline based on things known, things rumored by others, and what I've heard.


1) After the Aggies lost to Alabama and Kyler Murray reportedly cussed out Jake Spavital on the sideline, things started to get sideways.  Allen was clearly hurt, and from the looks of things the Aggies kept running him out there.  Why?  I haven't the slightest idea.  I think they wanted to not cause a QB controversy but they went about it in the worst way possible.  Murray was benched when A&M played Ole Miss and JUCO transfer Jake Hubenak took the backup snaps in a game where Allen's injury was clearly causing him trouble.  From what I was told back then this caused a huge rift in the locker room.  The older players siding with Allen, while the freshmen sided with Murray


2) I spoke to someone about a month ago who told me the way Allen was treated with his injury was causing him to seriously consider transferring.  There was a lot of talk that he didn't mesh that well with the team and saw himself as an outsider while Murray (the Texas high school legend) was more of a golden boy.  It became clear at that time that something was going to give and one of these quarterbacks wouldn't be here following the end of the season.


3) Fast forward to last week.  While the Longhorns were trying to wrap up an embarrassing coaching search, Kyle Allen decided to put in his transfer papers and let it be known he was gone.  It wasn't surprising based on what I knew and it wasn't surprising to anyone watching the situation.  I didn't think much of it but I kept hearing something wasn't right in college station.  All of a sudden, recruits who I had penciled in to A&M started to back off and word behind the scenes was there was a near mutiny going on.


4) I spoke with some coaches this weekend who had players being recruited by A&M.  I wasn't even on the subject but two separate coaches brought the troubles up to me and said that A&M players were actively telling recruits to look elsewhere.  This is one of the worst signs you can see and if you remember the end of the Mack Brown era it was rampant here.  While checking on recruits I was told on a number of them that things were trending away from A&M.  I reflected that in my crystal ball part of Burnt Ends this week but still played it cautious because I believed in my mind that any coach could see what was happening and squash it.  I assumed the problems would be ironed out and the long lasting relationships would prevail (and they still might).


5) Last night it was reported by 247 that Kyler Murray and his family were meeting with Sumlin to discuss his role in the offense.  My antenna went up immediately but I just couldn't see any way a transfer was on the table.  What did Murray want?  He already had the starting job defaulted by Allen leaving and the show was about to be his for better or worse.  There were rumors out that the Murray family demanded to know what the plan was for the next offensive coordinator and even wanted a say.  I have no clue if those are true or not, but the way I saw it Sumlin was in a no win situation.  He could give in to Murray and lose the respect of everyone, or tell his quarterback to stay in his lane and piss him off.  


6) Today it was reported by TexAgs.com that Murray was seriously consider transferring and that some sources indicated the decision was made.  Kyler Murray was not at bowl practice today and Kevin Sumlin downplayed it by saying he wasn't feeling well so he told him to skip practice.  He also said he expects Kyler to start the bowl game.  I'm not sure if the reports about Murray were premature or if Sumlin is doubling down on stupid.  Right now neither scenario would surprise me.  Pair that with the decommittment of Quartney Davis (Langham Creek WR) and the fact that Kevin Murray recently followed Texas, Oregon, TCU, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma on their twitter accounts and I'd say it's likely Murray is transferring.  We also know that the Murray's were close to sending Kyler to Texas last year, but the Aggies won it in the end.  Once again I find Sumlin in a no win situation.  If Murray transfers they are left with only Jake Hubenak at QB, and if he doesn't you have a talented loose cannon at QB who could fold at the first sign of trouble next year.  This player thought about torpedoing his recruiting class and is now thinking about torpedoing this program.  Why would anyone have faith he's a good and loyal soldier for the rest of his career?


7) The Ags got a reprieve when GigEm 247 reported that 2017 5 star Tate Martell was looking into forgoing his senior season to graduate early and rescue them.  I won't even tell you why it isn't a good idea to start a 5'10 170 lbs. 18 year old in the SEC West.


8) The most fascinating thing is that the Aggies so flush with 5 star talent at the QB position neglected to recruit a quarterback this year and now find themselves in a mad scramble to secure one.  I've heard from a recruit that might be headed there, but this was before the other stuff blew up so who knows now.  That recruit has some nice tools but isn't a sure thing.  Mack Brown should call Kevin Sumlin up and tell him what happens when you neglect the QB position and skip a class in recruiting one to nail down a future commitment.  It's also puzzling that the Ags believe every 5'10 QB will be Johnny Manziel but that's another story.


9) Sumlin's seat is red hot right now, but the problem is they owe him a lot of guaranteed money (20 million) plus the money they owe to several coordinators (Mark Snyder and John Chavis) and the money owed on their new stadium.  That's a lot of dead money to pony up plus the new costs of bringing in a new coaching staff.  


10) I didn't give my opinion on this last year when it was going down because I didn't want to bash a teenager, especially one who was potentially headed to Texas, but I never got a good feel from Kyler Murray in the times I talked to him.  I don't think he's a bad kid but his arrogance was out there for everyone to see.  Several other reporters have mentioned this to me in private so I know I wasn't the only one.  Just like last year about this time, he holds the fate of A&M in his hands.  Some will ask if Kyler will transfer to Texas and I don't believe it's a fit.  Texas has guys coming in and Kyler would have to sit a year if he was even granted a release which is doubtful.


11) What does this mean for Texas?  Potentially good things.  There are several Aggie recruits and commits the Longhorns would love to have.  While Texas isn't without their own problems surrounding stability, they have a chance to come out of the dead period swinging while a staggering Aggie program tries to regroup.  Jeffrey McCulloch and Brandon Jones are two impact guys that A&M had slated to be in the class.  I'll have to do some checking to see where they stand but things could get hairy for everyone involved.  I'd also take runs at Justin Madibuike who could be the biggest coup of this entire deal because of his immense talent at a need position.  Defensive ends Mark Jackson and Alton Robinson would definitely get a call from me along with DB's Charles Oliver and Travon Fuller.  Tight End Irvin Smith is already on the fence and Texas is sitting in a good position there.  It's also worth noting that Quartney Davis who decommitted today started following several Texas coaches on twitter.  Texas has a chance once again to make some hay with several big time in-state recruits because of mistakes on Sumlin's end.  They should absolutely swing for the fences because the window could close if the Aggies are able to right the ship.  One thing's for sure, we are in for another wild finish.

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#145017 2015 Recruiting Season is in full swing

Posted by BevoBlake on 29 January 2015 - 09:07 PM

Nobody has a freaking clue what these kids are going to do. Some of them may not have decided at this point. i think the Newsome kid decided while he was at the microphone the other day. He darn sure didn't appear to have a clue when he started talking. All these kids might say Texas or they could all go elsewhere. 

Bad thing about coming in second in recruiting is you might as well be last for all the good it does ya. Actually hurts to come in second because you wasted a lot of effort on a kid and got noting out of it; when you could have been after another kid you might have had a better chance at. 

If we don't get a QB, we are screwed. Its as simple as that. After seeing what we have, kids should have been knocking the door down to come here looking at how Strong was working to fix the OL. Instead we have nothing going into February, but one guy who says he is still solid with FSU, and an Aggy legacy who has been an Aggy lean all along and may opt for MLB.....Losing Gentry is a dagger in the heart of we don't get one of those guys to PLAY for us next season.


Alright. I've been holding my tongue. 


I occasionally go and check your post history, as there doesn't seem to be much in the way of parity. I'm not saying that you should be a sunshine pumper but you're as far off on the negativity end as one could possibly be. At some point, if we haven't already reached that point, people are going to stop giving your posts any credibility. Because rather than coming across as an objective Longhorn fan, you resemble what I'd expect an Aggie who is looking to stir the pot to act like. I think I can speak for many who have tried to engage you in thoughtful debate regarding your "interesting theories" when I say, you really need to open your very mind up to differing opinions and more importantly...substantiated facts. Because as somebody who wants others to find you as an intelligible and objectible Texas fan, you're really missing your mark. In the event that you're actually a fan of another team, even A&M, that's fine. We have a few posters that support other teams, including A&M, who are highly respected here. Either way, its not coming across great right now.

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#131390 before I leave for the day

Posted by JimR on 19 December 2014 - 02:44 PM

was this the best f##king day ever, or what????!!!???!!!

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#125916 Ya'll keep Shevis Irons in your prayers

Posted by Shevis Irons on 26 November 2014 - 09:24 AM

Thanks guys, you have no idea how much this means to me. Prayers and well wishes are always appreciated .

I cannot express how surreal it is to walk into MD Anderson as patient rather than a visitor.

My first rememberence of this fine institution is when my father's close friend Randal McDonald was there. He was an important UT Alum and former managing partner at Arthur Anderson and CEO at Pennzoil. He was diagnosed and passed within three months. There have been at least a dozen other friends and family members I Have visited there at least a hundred times. I have witnessed great acts of courage and healing take place there. It truly is the best Cancer Hospital in the World.

As for me what was first thought to be simple Thyroid Cancer has turned out to be something all together different. What, they don't know yet. They're tired of doing biopsies because everything they biopsy comes back positive. I have a bunch of tests yet to do..... after being turned into a pin cushin and having my picture taken more than I ever have and that includes the Premieres of some of the movies I've done.

I have an incredible Surgeon (though she saw my Longhorn Belt and promptly told me she was a LSU Tiger (I already knew this from my research, I had to eliminate any aggy or sooner Doctors, right?)) The staff is wonderful yet somewhat oblivious to my perverse sense of humor (think Randolf Duke on Crack.) I wish I had a dollar for every time someone looked at me and just said.... " whatever."

As an actor, my life is pretty much an open book so I'll keep y'all informed of this journey The Lord has directed me to. It should be wonderful. Your prayers are always welcome.
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