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Another week of official visits are in the books, and as we near National Signing Day we have the latest on recruiting at the 40 Acres. We’ll start with some odds and ends we picked up from this weekend before we move into the forecast.
  • There’s nothing new to report with Galena Park North Shore DE K’Lavon Chaisson. There was never going to be a commitment from the North Shore DE coming out of the weekend, and a source described this as everything going according to plan from a visit standpoint. With just 9 days to go until the decision we urge you to not ride the rollercoaster with Chaisson.
  • Winter Park,(Florida) Athlete Jordan Pouncey raved about his visit to several sources we spoke with. If National Signing day were tomorrow I’d put my money on the Longhorns, but we will see what happens once he gets home, and the post-visit high wears off.
  • Port Arthur Memorial DB Kary Vincent had a good time, but no one we've spoke with felt that Texas has a chance at flipping him at this point in time. They will give it their best shot down the stretch, but this one will take a miracle.
  • Keep an eye on the name of Georgetown WR Beau Corrales. Corrales recently committed to North Carolina, but Texas might look his way if they feel they are missing on Pouncey. From speaking with some people near Corrales this weekend we believe he’d be very receptive. Just file that name away for the last few days of this cycle.
  • There’s been a twist in the recruitment of Denton ATH Chris Miller that might give Texas a slim chance in the race for him. We can’t go into details at this time, but we’ve been told that Texas is working hard to get him on campus for an official. We’ll see if he visits, but a source we spoke with advised that Baylor and Ole Miss have far better chances, and Texas is probably on the outside looking in.
  • A source near Texas commit Taquon Graham told us that his TCU official visit was a non-factor. The source said the visit was “unorganized” and “focused solely on negative recruiting against Texas”. We feel that Graham is very solid and will be a Longhorn, but the OU visit was always the more worrisome one.


This week in the recruiting forecast we bring you the targets who are on the board for Texas, and where we feel they end up with our confidence rating (from 1-5).

NOTE: We are only forecasting recruits still on the board and not committed to Texas. Positions like quarterback and running back are full and will not be shown.

Wide Receiver

Omar Manning – Lancaster

Manning shut his recruitment down shortly after we released Burnt Ends last week. This was a bit of surprise to the sources we spoke with in both Austin and Lancaster. We’ve been told it might not quite be over still, but that moment made things quite a bit more difficult for Texas.

Prediction: TCU

Confidence: 4

Charleston Rambo – Cedar Hill

Rambo was mulling over a Texas visit, but Bob Stoops shut that down pretty quickly. This one is over.

Prediction: Oklahoma

Confidence: 5

Jordan Pouncey – Winter Park (FL)

Texas did a ton to make some ground up with Pouncey, and as I mentioned above I believe they have the lead for now. This will probably be the most interesting recruitment to watch down the stretch.

Prediction: Miami

Confidence: .5

Offensive Line

Grant Polley – Denton High School

Much like Omar Manning, no one expected Grant Polley to shut things down based on the feedback he gave after the visit. We were told that Colorado put the press on him to do so, and that he wants to play with his high school teammate Chris Miller. Things could open up with Polley again if Miller does indeed jump ship.

Prediction: Colorado

Confidence: 4

Stephan Zabie – Austin Westlake

Ole Miss and UCLA have been hard at work here, but Zabie is incredibly close with Sam Ehlinger, and he’s expected to visit this week. If Texas pushes for him I see no reason not to get him.

Prediction: Texas

Confidence: 3

Defensive Line

K’Lavon Chaisson – North Shore

We covered Chaisson’s visit in the first section, but we are still sticking with Texas as the pick here.

Prediction: Texas

Confidence: 4

Larrell Murchison – Louisburg College (NC)

Murchison was in prime position to flip last week, but Georgia came in with an offer this week. The North Carolina native might find himself at home in the south east.

Prediction: Georgia

Confidence: 3

Bryan Jones – Madison Prep

I don’t get the feeling that Texas is pushing here for whatever reason. Houston and A&M are the leaders, and if the Aggies push they will get Jones.

Prediction: Texas A&M

Confidence: 3

Jamari Chisolm – North Eastern Oklahoma A&M

Chisolm has yet to be offered, but we believe that if one comes through Texas would sit in a prime position. Since he’s yet to be offered we don’t have a confidence rating or prediction.

Ryan Johnson – Mobile St. Paul (AL)

Johnson will visit Texas late in the month, and while we think they could be a likely landing spot, Auburn seems to be the leader at this point.

Prediction: Auburn

Confidence: 3

Defensive Back

Chevin Calloway – Bishop Dunne

Texas gave it a good shot, and they will definitely be in it until the end, but we expect Calloway to end up in Fayetteville.

Prediction: Arkansas

Confidence: 4

Javelin Guidry – Vista Murrietta (CA)
Texas did a great job with Guidry on the official visit, and he’s got a strong relationship with this staff. I’d expect Texas to take a close look at the numbers and press or back off depending on how they work out.
Prediction: Texas
Confidence: 3
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