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In this edition of Burnt Ends we bring you more from our time at Nike's Opening - Houston Regional (yes, this is Part 2 from last week's edition). Again, we caught up with some of the playmakers that hold Texas offers and some of the guys flying under the radar that will emerge as legit candidates to receive a future offer from the Tom Herman staff.

Let's get started.

Theo Wease Jr. (2019 WR, Allen HS)

The highly sought after 6’1.5” 189lbs sophomore out of Allen had a very good day on the field in Houston. Theo is really in his element when he can get down the field and can use his athleticism to high point the football. He checks off a lot of the boxes for a good WR: He’s a natural hands catcher, good speed, length, and athleticism. I’m interested in seeing how he develops throughout the process.

HS: How does the Texas offer feel?

That was the first offer that left me speechless. My coach called me over to the office, and Coach Warehime was waiting for me to surprise me. I just walked in and saw him, and he told me I had an offer and I was speechless.

HS: How’s Coach Warehime?

He’s a cool dude, super cool. He treats me like a son. That’s what I like about him so much. He treats me like family.

HS: Do you know if you’ll be going to Jr. Days?

I don’t know yet.

HS: Who do you model your game after?

That’s tough, but I’ll say Julio Jones.

HS: Come on!

Yeah. *laughs* I just like how he’s big and fast. And he’ll still outrun you if you guard him with size.

HS: What are you looking for in a college offense?

Somewhere where I feel comfortable. Somewhere I know I’ll have multiple chances, not like where if we throw once that was my chance to get the ball.

Max Wright (2018 DL, Katy Taylor HS)

Another one of our favorite kids in this class, and not just because he’s a beast on the field, but because he’s a big-hearted guy that is always a pleasure to talk to. On top of this he’s big and strong with great technique and incredible burst for his size. He came in and measured in at 6’5.5” and 270lbs. While he didn’t want to talk about his 40 time (nobody did well in the 40 due to the weather conditions) he still had a shuttle time of 4.3, jumped 29”, and threw the power ball over 40.

When the drills switched to 1-on-1’s he was basically unstoppable. He didn't lose a single rep; however he was not awarded a spot as one of the best 5 defensive lineman in the camp, which we thought was the robbery of the day.

HS: Break down what it’s been like since the season ended.

It’s been fun with the recruiting process kicking up. Hasn’t been hectic, but it has been a little more involved. It’s been fun, but I’m kicking into baseball now.

Baseball was my first love, and it started when I was about 5 years old that I got into all that. I played on a little team called the Texas Patriots. It was us and the Banditos.

HS: What’s your baseball jersey number?


HS: So 44 and 99? I think I see a pattern going there.

Yep, because it’s the biggest jersey they got.

HS: Now that you have all the offers to sort through, what is coming next for you? Will you be narrowing your list soon?

Pretty soon.

HS: You have a timeline?

*audible drawn back thinking* Nothing set in stone. It’ll definitely be in the next couple of months.

HS: What’s going to help you keep a school on that list?

I need to be comfortable there. That’s a big thing for me. I don’t want to go to a school where I feel super uncomfortable. I want to really love the school.

HS: What do you think about Texas in that sense?

My brother is at St. Edwards University, which is right down the road so I’ve been to Austin a lot. I like Austin a lot. It’s a lot of fun and a great place. With the river down there, we went standup paddle boarding, went to the fresh water spring. It’s a fun place.

HS: What do you think of the new coaching staff there?

(Tom) Herman’s legit. He’s awesome. I was real close to him when he was at Houston, and I saw that kind of happen. I saw how he turned that all around. I’m ready for it.

HS: What other school are you really considering?

Texas A&M, Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Alabama… the big dawgs.

HS: You recently went to Alabama too. How was it?

It was fun. They definitely pulled out the red carpet.

HS: What was it like after they the loss in the National Championship game? Did they just turn the page?

I could tell that they were definitely on fire to go win.

HS: What other visits do you have lined up?

Texas and some other school that may jump out. We’ll see.

HS: What scheme do you think fits you best?

I think that I could really fit into a lot of schemes as a 4i or 5 tech rusher. I love rushing off the edge. There is nothing like it because when you get that one-on-one… and there’s nothing like it *laughing.* But I think 4 tech would work if it needed to. I like being a 5. I could be a 2i or 3, and I like that because it’s what we do at my school and where I get most of my pressure.

HS: Well the 3-4 uses guys in the 4i and 5 tech, but you don’t like the 3-4, right?

The 3-4 is hard for guys like me. It’s a linebacker set, I guess you could say in high school because we’re supposed to eat up blocks and let the linebackers run. It’s not hard to make all the plays you could, but in a 4 man front it’s a lot easier. I really like the freedom to get after guys.

While we think the Longhorns trail in his recruitment at the time being, he’s a Houston guy. Don't count Texas out of the game from anybody in this strong Houston-area 2018 class.

Taye Barber (2018 WR, Cypress Springs HS)

Most haven't heard about the speedy slot WR from Cypress Spring, Taye Barber, before the Houston Regional. After seeing him person, he’s a name people need to get familiar with. Barber has some serious speed and ability to create separation that was unlocked when the players went to one-on-ones. No matter where the quarterbacks threw the ball, Barber found a way to reel it in. He is a wonderful fit for the slot position.

When a player sits at 5’9” and 183lbs, they need something to standout, and Barber has some elite athleticism and recorded the 8th best Nike Rating of 110.97. Keep your eyes on him, because his stock is about to skyrocket and he will be at Texas’ Junior Day. Expect him to grab an offer by the time the summer is over.

HS: You looked great today. Is there something in the water out there at Cy-Springs?

I just wanted to come out to compete and do my best.

HS: What schools are talking to you right now?

I’ve been talking to Texas, Missouri… a lot of schools. I just got an offer from TCU. I got back from visits to TCU, Tulsa, and Oklahoma State.

HS: Who’s talking to you from Texas?

Coach Naivar.

HS: How you liking Texas? Will you be going to their Junior Day?

I’ll be there. February 25th. They told me to be patient with an offer, but I’m going to be talking to the wide receivers coach when I get there.

HS: Whose game would you say you model yours after?

Odell Beckham Jr. He can do it all.

Alan Bowman (2018 QB, Grapevine HS)

Bowman is a player the media takes notice of at camps, but for some reason his recruitment hasn’t taken off. Bowman had the best day of any of the quarterbacks by far and was rewarded by being chosen as QB #1 among the top 5.

He’s a big athletic passer with a wide 6’3” 206 lbs. frame and he can spin the ball down the field or hit the crossing route over the middle. Accuracy is the name of his game. One thing that he could improve upon is his decision making, but Bowman has all the tools to make him a highly sought after QB. While he’s currently flying under the radar in the recruiting circles, he put on a performance at the Opening Regional that had all the pundits buzzing.

HS: Who are you talking to right now?

Recruiting has been a little rough. No offers yet. But I’m talking to Iowa, and North Texas and UTSA stopped by. Virginia is going to come out for spring ball, and I’m talking to guys from Missouri. They seem to be the most interested. Then again, it’s all talk. Spring ball is going to be huge, but I’m excited to continue pushing. It’s fun and I can’t wait to see what in the future for me.

HS: What do you plan to work on the most?

Of course, it’s getting bigger, stronger, and faster in the offseason. That’s kind of a given with everyone. I definitely want to get more accurate in everything I do. I do feel like I’m one of the more accurate quarterbacks, but you can always be better. I also want to work on arm strength and velocity. I want to be able to make every throw on the field.

Tanner Mordecai 2018 QB Waco Midway

The QB from Waco seems to be one of the hottest names in the state among quarterbacks. While he was Texas’ favorite QB under Sterlin Gilbert, this staff seems to not have made their minds up on him and seem to still be deliberating.

Mordecai measured in at 6’2, 213 pounds at the Opening Regional and told HornSports he was invited to Texas’ Junior Day by Tim Beck and he will be in attendance. Along with Texas’ Junior Day, Mordecai will also visit Texas Tech.

Jalen Green (2018 DB, Heights HS)

There wasn’t a WR on the field that Green couldn’t put on lock down all day long. In fact, it’s hard to even find anything he did wrong all day. The Opening staff agreed with me on this as they extended an invite to him to go to The Opening in Oregon. In a class filled with some of the best defensive backs ever seen in Texas, the 6’1” 173lbs Jalen Green is making a case that he is the best. He ran a 4.6 40 and had a shuttle of 4.01.

HS: How you feeling about picking up the Texas offer?

I feel pretty good. Coach Washington called my coach to let me know that I got it. It felt good. It’s amazing. I’m going to take a trip down there to see how it is.

HS: Are you going to Texas Jr. Days?

I’ll be out of town that day, but I’m going to rearrange and make something happen.

HS: How do you feel about your play today?

I played amazingly. I really wanted to play more off, but I didn’t get a chance to.

HS: How about that invite to The Opening?

It’s a dream come true to be honest. I’m excited.

HS: Whose game do you model your own after?

Devonta Jackson.

HS: What type of defensive system do you guys run at Heights?

We run lots of man coverage.

Austin Stogner (2019 TE, Prestonwood Christian Academy)

Austin is a very soft spoken kid, but when he’s on the field he anything but soft. This young guy will be the talk of the 2019 class next year and he’s already blowing up. On Sunday he grabbed four offers in the span of a few hours. That’s a pretty good Sunday. Almost as good as his Saturday where he played so well that he was awarded the WR/TE MVP of the Houston regional.

He came into the day measuring at 6’6” 230lbs, which is great size for his position and with room to grow. He’s also a basketball player, and you know what they say about basketball players. They make great TEs. He’s proof positive of the saying. Stogner was fired up about earning MVP honors, and told HornSports he had a visit to Houston planned the same day of the regional. He also told HornSports that he will be attending the Under Armor Camp and will try to add more accolades to his resume.