8/11 practice report – 1st one in pads

  • Johnathan Gray and Malik Jefferson waged several quality blocking battles tonight during drills. Two proud players and neither was conceding.
  • Plenty of focus on the running game tonight, but it was mostly fundamentals. Technique, handoffs, pitches, and quarterback decision-making were focus of run game work tonight.
  • It was the first night in full pads and the guys were chippy:

- Peter Jinkens broke out a full suplex after whistle during sideline/close quarters. A shoving match ensued.

- Breckyn Hager and Jake Raulerson kept after it long after the whistle.

- Anthony Wheeler literally tossed Kirk Johnson when he tried to go outside.

- Kris Boyd was mixing it up all night. At one point, he took a wideout to the ground which started another shoving match

- Even Vance Bedford and Joe Wickline started jawing at each other during drills (each coach was talking up his players to the other).

  • Brandon Hodges got individual instruction from Wickline during drills. After coaching him, Wickline made him line back up and do it correctly.
  • Joe Wickline worked on the first step with OT's –“It‘s all about your 1st step to be in position to block…”
  • After finishing positional drills with Traylor, the tight end group joined the OL to finish drills.
  • DeAndre McNeal immediately lined up at h-back after joining Wickline's group.
  • Roderick Bernard looks good with the ball in his hands. He has vision like a RB.
  • As a whole, the WR's got the best of the DB's in blocking drills.
  • Chris Warren does a nice job of staying behind his pads in traffic.
  • It felt like Tyrone Swoopes took too much time looking downfield. After a few reads, he throws it away instead of tucking it and scrambling.

- But if Swoopes’ 1st option is open, he delivers passes with accuracy and authority.

  • Kai Locksley got full-squad rep’s much earlier in today’s practice compared to Friday.

- The freshman feels the pocket very well and does a great job of “standing tall”.

- There was no consistency in Locksley’s throws tonight - very erratic.

- Locksley threw the lone touchdown in the final period of 11’s

  • Throws over 20 yards are very low percentage plays so far.
  • Shotgun snaps were too low from all three centers tonight.
  • During 7-on-7 work, Shawn Watson had a very animated chat with Jeff Traylor about play/route design (judging from the hand gestures).
  • Jerrod Heard continued to look like a backup QB tonight:

- After missing a hand-off (fumble), Heard had to run a play again. The 2nd time around would have been a procedure penalty for an early step/shuffle by 13.

- In the final period, a WR had a step on a go route but heard fluttered the pass and Kris Boyd closed easily for a PBU.

- In live settings (7’s or 11’s), Heard never seems to get his feet set.

  • Armanti Foreman has been one of the top performers thus far. Tonight he made one cut on a jet sweep and was instantly headed for the end zone.
  • Doesn’t appear to be anything major, but Paul Boyette and Alex Norman both had slight limps when walking to the far field.
  • Speaking of that walk, Tank Jackson is still moving slowly.
  • Antwaun Davis is not shy of contact – no fear in 25.
  • Dalton Santos is not a full practice participant yet but he never left the field tonight and was vocal even when not a participant.
  • The D-Lineman practiced moves on tackling dummies. Shiro Davis and Quincey Vasser both knocked dummies so hard that people were stopping to look downfield at the noise. Those two need to get off the bus first.
  • Vance Bedford was in full form, yelling "What just happened?!?" at Kris Boyd when the freshman missed making a play, and then “Give me a rip!" at the entire defensive backfield (encouraging turnovers).
  • Near the end of practice Brian Jean-Mary could be heard yelling "gotta step it up" and pulled Jinkens, Freeman and Jefferson aside to give them an earful.
  • In an surprising look, Chris Nelson, Quincy Vassar and Jake McMillon was the up blockers in punt protection.
  • Michael Dickson got the most kicks tonight but the emphasis was on protections and blocking (not punts or coverage).
  • Daje Johnson made a nice running catch on a punt from Dickson
  • Nick Rose got all the field goal work tonight. He was good from 31 & 33 yards; 1/2 from 45 yards; 1/2 from 44 yards; and finished practice by making a 38 yarder.

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