Most recruiting fans are focused on the class of 2016, but those who already have an eye towards the 2017 class know the name of Anthony Hines. The Plano East linebacker boasts over sixty offers from Division I programs, and turned heads by winning his position's MVP award at DFW's regional The Opening combine as a high school sophomore.

Considering the level of success and recognition Hines has already earned, he remains grounded and respectful. For casual recruiting fans, a 2017 player sounds like the too distant future, but Hines has the personality, and skill, to make people forget how young he is.

Hines earned an offer from the Longhorns last Fall and really likes the Texas program, saying, “Since they offered me, it’s been awesome. Coach Bedford has been calling my coach, asking him how I’m doing. I call them avidly every two weeks. I keep in good contact with them and I have a strong interest.”

Visiting Austin last season for the West Virginia game, Hines liked what he saw. That visit is when he received his offer to play at Texas, and he says he would like to get back to Austin soon.

How soon? “Possibly a spring practice,” said Hines when asked if he was planning to visit the state capital again.

Hines has yet to put together a list of favorites, but he told HornSports that if he did so, the Longhorns would definitely be on it.

After last season, Hines competed in the International Bowl (USA vs Canada). He also attended the underclassmen combine for the US Army All-American Game.

As for this Spring and Summer, Hines mentioned he had some camps that he’s planning to attend. Based on the attention that will result from those camps, expect Hines to become a household name in national recruiting circles.

For diehard recruitniks, Hines is already a name being followed. The recruiting cycle is starting earlier and earlier, and a 2017 prospect with the sheer volume of offers Hines possesses is more than enough to garner attention.