Can hope sustain the Longhorn fanbase?

That is the critical question for the Longhorn coaches and players this season. There is no easy way to ascertain the future. The Longhorns were great in the first half of the Baylor game and then it all fell apart in the second half. That very well could be the story for the rest of the season.

Texas has a tough road ahead of them. Oklahoma is next.

Let's assume they lose to OU. They will be 2-4. Then, they will play 3 more ranked teams this season:
  • at Kansas State
  • at Oklahoma State
  • TCU in Austin (on Thanksgiving)
5-7 is staring them in the face. That would be two sub-.500 seasons in the last five years. That may not get recruits excited about Texas.

Here should be the goal for Texas fans: 6-6

I know this is tough to hear but there is a huge difference between 5-7 and 6-6. If Texas goes 6-6, they go to a bowl game. That's 15 additional practices to develop these players...which means more time for Swoopes and this offense to learn to play together.

In-season adjustments don't happen very often - most of the time spent during the season is focused on game prep and specifics of each opponent. Teams don't work on footwork, timing, and other crucial elements of football - no team has time to do that.

So how do coaches compensate? They make play calling adjustments that tailor strategies to a player's strength.

That responsibility falls squarely on Shawn Watson. He has a very young, inexperienced what should he do?

Instead of running straight ahead, he should move the line in one direction to open up holes, or counter the football the other way. Watson needs to run the option even if his quarterback looks like a wounded elephant running the football.

The bottom line is that coaches must get creative because they have to win football games.

The play-action game works well and Swoopes can throw the ball. But the power running game is not a strength and therefore should rarely be used. The Longhorns have to find more ways to move the football. If they don't, they will not make a bowl game and that is crucial for the development of this program.

Other College Football Week 6 notes:

- And the Aggies finally go down...they were dominated by the Mississippi State Bulldogs early on Saturday. Dak Prescott should be a Heisman candidate but the biggest question is going to be "How far will Texas A&M fall?" I would hope they would fall out of the top 10 but I have a feeling that they won't because of "SEC toughness". They shouldn't even be in the top 15. What is Texas A&M's biggest win? South Carolina? Please.

- How bad is Illinois football? They got blown out by Purdue at home. The Big 10 is one heck of an academic conference and that's about all that is going for them.

- Should I feel bad for Tennessee? I guess I should. They were up 9-0 on an inept Florida team, until Florida finally replaced Driskel with a freshmen, With a new quarterback, UF went on to win 10-9. You know, because SEC toughness.

- I will say this, Texas did a smart thing passing on Larry Fedora.

- Hotty Toddy! What a game and Katy Perry still looks hot with short hair.

- Do you know who were the big winners on Saturday? The Big 12. Despite Oklahoma's loss, the Big 12 should have 5 teams in the top 20. I guess that means the Big 12 is down...amirite?