The Texas Longhorns shut out the Kansas Jayhawks 23-0 Saturday afternoon. Yet we are here with more unresolved questions and more doubt about the future of this season.

While this was the first shutout by the Texas Longhorns since 2012, it's one that leaves Texas Longhorns fans with a uneasy feeling. Sure, the Texas defense looked dominant and kept a good running quarterback contained. However, they gave up a number of long runs and both running backs for Kansas averaged nearly 5 yards per rush.

The Texas defense got 4 interceptions...but on one of the worst quarterbacks in the Big 12. Can they create those turnovers against the better Big 12 quarterbacks?

Tyrone Swoopes showed some flashes of greatness and then other times some questionable decision-making. Can Texas rely on him when they need to win a game?

I guess the hope was that they would build off the great but oh-so-close performance against UCLA and just destroy the Jayhawks. I didn't see that killer instinct that fans have been salivating for all season long. That didn't happen.

This win was all about the defense. And that's a great thing to have as a football team. You want to win these type of games. If the opposing team can't score, you can't lose.

However, BYU was only 3 weeks ago. While the Texas defense has only 1 bad quarter, it was a really bad quarter. If your defense has 1 bad quarter against Baylor, Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma, you're done. The biggest thing many of us who follow the Texas Longhorns wanted to see was some great offense against a bad Kansas team.

Yet the Longhorns still couldn't run the ball, they couldn't consistently make big plays, and only converted 41% of their 3rd downs. Not to mention the offensive line couldn't hold the Kansas defensive line - not Kansas State, the Kansas Jayhawks.

At the end of the day, a win is a win but the question becomes how many will the Texas Longhorns enjoy?

Week 5 College Football thoughts:

- I know everyone is dying to hear my thoughts on the Texas A&M-Arkansas game...but, there isn't much to say. Both Texas A&M and Arkansas will benefit from this game. I wouldn't be shocked if Arkansas didn't get more votes than they got the previous week (they had 9 votes the previous Sunday's AP poll). Kansas State lost at least half of their votes even though they played a very close game with Auburn. If I see the Razorbacks get more AP points after losing, I am going to be upset but not shocked.

- I like the Florida State-NC State games in Raliegh. They are always entertaining and go right down to the wire. Great game.

- I wouldn't be shocked if Tennessee got some AP votes after losing to Georgia. Because insanity apparently runs rampant in poll voting.

- Wisconsin struggled with South Florida to the end. Another black eye to the Big 10.

- If you think Texas has it rough, then you haven't seen the mess in Ann Arbor. Michigan is absolutely terrible and are likely going to be on their 3rd coach since 2007. They might ask Les Miles again but he isn't leaving talent-rich Louisiana. Michigan as a state is losing people and the talent left behind has not been great. At least Texas has a rich pool of football talent to recruit from. Michigan as an elite football program is in a desperate situation. The good news may be that Texas could surpass them in all-time wins if the Longhorns get their act together.