"Almost doesn't count."

You hear this a lot. In a results driven world, it obviously matters. But with the Texas Longhorns, almost can and does matter.

Yes, Texas played UCLA without Brett Hundley for most of the game. They also gave up some big runs, a big return, and a soul crushing touchdown pass from a second string QB who is the son of the last coach at UCLA.

But almost does count. Why? Because Texas may have found the quarterback they have been looking for for five seasons.

Tyrone Swoopes played like a man possessed on Saturday night. He knew he was the guy, and he played like a superstar. The media sensed it, the crowd sensed it...even people in Norman, OK sensed it.

This kid could be something special. He didn't hit on all of his downfield passes but when he needed to make them, he did. He showed moxie, maturity, and the will to win. It takes all of those things to succeed as the Texas quarterback.

Does that mean he is the second coming of Vince Young? No, absolutely not.

What it does mean is the Longhorns have hope at the quarterback position. Hope is something that has been lacking for too long on the 40 acres.

The next game will be in Lawrence against the Kansas Jayhawks. I expect Swoopes to have a great game.

Will Swoopes and the Longhorns avoid the 2-4 start that is staring them in the face? Probably not, but that doesn't matter.

Almost does count, and it counts big time for Tyrone Swoopes. Almost certainly counts for the Texas faithful too - they've been waiting what seems like forever for this moment.
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