This year, the BCS is being ushered out by a playoff system. Division I college football will ultimately crown it’s champion in the same way that almost every other sport does. The BCS gave fans an improved championship game for 15 years.

Since it’s inception when Tennessee beat Florida State in 1998, the BCS matched the top two teams (as determined in their poll) every year. The Associated Press only managed to have the No. 1 and No. 2 ranked teams play each other in a bowl game in 8 times in over 50 years.

There are plenty of questions surrounding the new playoff format. Between questioning how many teams should participate to who will be on the committee that selects teams for the playoff, fans are asking every question imaginable about the new system. Perhaps they should take a step back and ask a more important one...Will the playoff be better than the BCS?

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We just saw the best reason for the new playoff system that kicks off during the 2014 season…the NCAA basketball tournament ends with one team winning. There is finality determined and one true champion.

Our days of worrying about a split national championship in football are over. The argument for the number three team is a thing of the past. While that argument transitions to the 5th ranked team, that changes the argument. If a team is ranked 5th they are virtually guaranteed to have one loss.

Starting with a four team playoff should make it easy in the future to add four more teams. An 8-team playoff ends all arguments about which teams get included.

Because of the negativity based around the current BCS system, most fans believe in the “something is better than nothing” theory. The BCS system had its issues and the lack of an actual tournament was central to any criticism.

Since the probability of a team going undefeated and not making the playoff is extremely remote, no team in the country will be denied an opportunity to play in the final four.

That alone is enough to make the playoff a grand thing.


Everyone is excited for the new playoff system. Why? Do you really want college football to copy March Madness?

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Are you sure? I get my fill of bracketology in March. I don’t need more in December.

But beyond the brackets, there is a fundamental flaw with using a massive tournament to decide on the national champion…anyone can win.

I don’t mean that in the sense that determining a champion on the field of play is bad, rather my problem is that the wrong team walks away as the winner.

This year’s March Madness illustrates my point perfectly. Kentucky played Connecticut for the championship. Those two teams combined to lose 19 games during the regular season. UConn lost to Houston, and UK lost to Arkansas…twice. Neither Houston or Arkansas was among the top 68 teams invited to the championship tournament.

What this boils down to is that college football’s regular season is the best thing in sports. Period. By using a playoff to determine the national champion, college football risks diminishing the importance of the regular season.

UConn beat UK in the basketball championship game. But does anyone believe that the Huskies were the best team in the country? Doubtful. UConn was simply the hottest team during the right three week period.
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