(Lukus Alderman) Can you go into detail on the difference between the development of an offensive lineman vs a skill position player? How does the weight training, playbook managing, and scheme adjustment differ for a freshman at a line position as opposed to a skill position?
More than any other position, college coaches recruit for offensive linemen based on potential. It’s extremely rare that a high school senior is developed physically or mentally enough to play on the line as a true freshman. Power and strength is a huge difference between a 17-18 year old and a 21-year old, even without taking a college strength program into the equation.

Knowing that OL, especially at tackle, players are recruited based on their body frame and potential, the first job when they get to campus is to meet with strength coaches and a nutritionist. As the saying goes, ‘to get big, you have to eat big’ – but it’s not simply a matter of consuming calories, getting bigger and stronger requires you to eat the right calories and that’s where a team’s nutritionist comes in.

Along with a change in diet comes changes in workouts. In college, workouts become more specific to a player’s position. Overall strength, explosive power, footwork, stance/lower body – the list of workouts for a lineman is necessarily specific.

(Lukus Alderman) Was there any sense from the staff or others on the sidelines that one of the major causes of the somewhat underperformance of the offense is due to the fact that Ash may have had a concussion during the game?
Lots of media asked similar questions to different coaches and players throughout the week. To a man, everyone said that they were unaware of any physical limitations from Ash. Even Ash himself said he was surprised at the symptoms when they cropped up after the game.

Off the record, both coaches and players said similar things. We heard several reasons for lacking offensive production, but none of them involved Ash’s health.

(monarch) what on earth happened with the prospects with disney? i was at the game last week, and i didn't notice anything different as per the game day experience. in fact, i found it outdated, folksy, and lacking. apparently, i wasn't the only one, upon many of my other forums, the overall mood is consistent.. nothing has changed to improve the overall game day experience as per longhorn fandom. there were so very many complaints.. everywhere. the one overall bright spot that i noticed.. was that our fans seemed to come alive within themselves, and started cheering like crazy to help the team on the field. (in fact, i was one of them) many of us, were completely hoarse after the game itself. many fans, were hereby complaining about the team intro, fans were complaining about the problems as per the outdated jumbotron, fans were complaining about the bad food selections, the high prices of water.. the lack of consistent customer service. you name it, they were hereby complaining. what is going on here?
Sorry, but we didn’t hear a single complaint about any of those things. From Steve Patterson and Bill Powers all the way down to entry level donors of the Longhorn Foundation, the only people we talked with were concerned about the product on the field.

With injuries, suspensions and dismissals dominating the headlines all week, our expectation is that the BYU game will be much like the game against North Texas – this is an opportunity to see what this coaching staff can do.

If the team loses, it won’t take long for folks to start grumbling about some of the things you mention. With respect to the answer about facilities (below), the next time we connect with that source, we’ll ask if the contemplated ‘gameday experience upgrades’ are part of the facility-wide upgrade plan, or if it’s something that will be addressed sooner.

(monarch) hey gents, any current news in regards to facilities? what's the vibe upon this avenue upon your corners?
We checked in with a solid source who had plenty of interesting things to share regarding facilities and upgrades. The first thing of note is that overall donors seem more concerned with Baylor’s upgrades than A&M’s. New stuff in the SEC is not perceived as the same recruiting threat as flash and sizzle on the Brazos.

With all the focus on Charlie Strong moving the players back to campus, there are several folks planning a new dorm for athletes that would surpass everyone’s expectations. Fundraising wouldn’t be an issue with the project, but it’s still in the idea stage.

We were also told, “The current facilities and locker room will, for sure, be renovated and we will have the finest in the country when complete.”

(monarch) next week's game against ucla should be a spectacular showdown. especially, should we take care of business, and beat byu. what are your plans in lieu of this forthcoming gridiron spectacle in arlington, tx? shall there be a planned caravan? anything fun looming, as per HS to try and market itself at such a burgeoning event? what are we doing? surely, HS is not going to allow for such a grand marketing opportunity, such at this magnificent event to come and go with no plans... right?
Matt will be in Arlington to cover the game. That is our first priority.

Beyond that, we’re open to ideas for any kind of HornSports get together. The marketing budget is limited, but for the right opportunity…

As evidenced by the recent happy hour in Dallas, we have a solid base of members in the metroplex. From what we’ve gathered, a lot of folks aren’t making UCLA plans until they see what the team does with BYU.

(monarch) ok look, the other day when i got to the airport in houston to prepare for flight to austin, i would have just loved to be sporting a huge, deep burnt orange, large graphics, HS t-shirt. i saw a few OB t-shirts here and there.. there were a few HORN FANS t-shirts.. i saw one INSIDE TEXAS t-shirt.. heck, i even saw two BARKING CARNIVAL t-shirts on fans walking by. now please do not get me wrong, for whenever i travel to prospective longhorn gridiron matchups, i always represent our school in burnt orange head to toe gear.. as god only knows that i own tons of it. however, i would really appreciate the opportunity to try and help out our own cause here at HS as per a marketing opportunity. you know, (a walking billboard) or so to speak. once i arrived to my hotel.. w austin downtown, there were throngs of burnt orange clad fans everywhere. once again, i would have loved to be sporting a HS t-shirt to market our great website / forum. aaron and matt, both of you guy's know that i love you dearly.. right? therefore, please do not take offense, as per my shouting.. WHERE ARE OUR FREAKING HS T-SHIRTS DAMNIT!
We agree! T-shirts are high on our marketing list. In fact, we have a design mostly done (thanks to a good graphic artist). Our hope is that we’ll have shirts ready for our first get together at Scholtz’s in October.

(killrjoe) Forgive me if this is already announced, but what is the status of Daje et al ?
Per Coach Strong, Daje Johnson and Josh Turner will not play on Saturday against BYU. Desmond Harrison was slated to start, but was suspended again on Wednesday.

(drgilbert) Silly question I know, but, how come the decal on our helmet is not the same color as the jersey?
The university goes to great measures to make sure that the school’s burnt orange color is accurately represented. UT has a pantone, CMYK, RGB and HEX color all of which are “official burnt orange”.

The problem with inconsistencies arises from how a material absorbs a color palette – for example: uncoated versus coated paper stock. Coated paper tends to allow ink to dry on it’s surface rather than be absorbed, producing a different intensity than uncoated paper which absorbs the ink.

When you begin expanding the discussion to field turf, decals and dri fit cotton, color matching becomes a serious complication.

(drgilbert) There have been a few things posted about the recruits at our game. Can you elaborate on what was said by recruits as a whole and individually if you can.
Of the handful of the 20 recruits at the UNT game that we’ve spoken to, the reviews were overwhelmingly good. Recruits that play defense saw a unit they want to be part of. Those that play offense saw a squad where they have a chance to contribute immediately.

The majority of recruits in attendance were 2016 kids, so the staff did not expect a rush of commitments. From a recruiting standpoint, the UNT game was about presenting a style of play that attracted recruits and is consistent with the values of the program. From that respect, mission accomplished.

(UTPhil2006) Whats up with the LHN girl? The season has started. Unless Sean Adams is the LHN girl.
The parties are still working out details. Sean Adams was used as a stand-in sideline reporter while contractual issues are settled.
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