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Darrell McPhaul

(streettopeschel) Any chance of an alternate uniform this year?
In a word, “No.” The farthest you might see the team deviate would be a hat tip to history (like the numbered helmets in 2013).

(echeese) So far in every practice clip I have seen, the DLs have been down in 3/4 point stances. I am curious if we are going to see the "amoeba" defense we saw CFS run vs Miami where none of the DL were down in stances but all rushed from a stand up position. . .
Charlie Strong puts more credence into the fundamentals of the game over schemes. With that in mind, and knowing that his team should beat UNT, Strong and Bedford have focused on teaching this squad how to play defense the way the coaches want it played.

We believe you’ll see some wrinkles, but not until the players have proven a mastery of fundamentals.

(UTPhil2006) Whats going on with Hartung's replacement?
As we told you before, it’s done – the hiring decision has been made. There are minor contractual issues that the parties are working through and that’s why it’s not public information yet.

(UTPhil2006) What seating capacity are we looking at when the SEZ is completed? Timeframe?
The project isn’t slated for completion until 2017. Since the timeframe is still so far into the future, officials aren’t talking specifics in terms of seating capacity yet.

(UTPhil2006) Super Bowl prediction?
McPhaul: Denver or Seattle
Cotcher: New England vs Green Bay

(Shevis Irons) After what has happened to tOSU and KU this week, what would be the plan if Texas lost "2" quarterbacks. Is there a player that could be moved to be a backup?
The important thing to understand when talking about moving down the quarterback depth chart is that the Texas offense would change (out of necessity). The offense would look different is Ash, Swoopes or Heard was forced to play an entire game. (Reads become simpler and designed quarterback runs increase as you move down the depth chart.)

If all three of those players were unable to play, the coaches would start Trey Holtz over Logan Vinklarek, today. They would not move a scholarship player to quarterback unless Holtz and Vinklarek were completely overwhelmed (and neither would be, so we’re told). Again, the offense would shift focus in this scenario with a ton of pressure placed on the OL and RB’s.

(drgilbert) Some members have posted videos of TOS at practice and interviewing the players. How close are we to getting to that level.
First, practice is closed to the media. If you’re seeing actual practice footage, it’s originally from
. has had a video camera at some of the player availabilities that all media attend. At this point, HornSports is reporting from those events instead of providing video. If video coverage is something that the membership emphasized a desire for, then that is something that the site would consider next season.

(MikeV73) Is wickline really calling the plays or is it mainly Watson ? Or am I asking the obvious? Party line is a "group effort" and all are involved. Still think this is all a ruse to avoid the Wickline buyout from ok state.
Watson will be the play caller. Wickline will be in constant communication with Watson via headset. The goal is to have Wickline help design the scheme (and plays) during the week and have Watson be attuned to that input before each game.

(MikeV73) Who will be the backup punter behind Russ? Do we have any true punters other than him or just our collection of unproven place kickers to shuttle in for punts as needed? Will Rose continue to handle knockoffs as well as place kicking? I hope, he seems to have a much stronger leg than our other options.
Redshirt freshman Mitchell Becker from League City (Clear Creek HS) is behind Will Russ. Nick Rose and Nick Jordan have focused on exclusively on kicking duties. Rose will be responsible for all kicking duties against North Texas.

(MikeV73) Tevin Jackson, what's his story?
Jackson has been plagued by health issues. If he stays healthy, look for Jackson to be a special teams standout. There at least a half dozen players ahead of Jackson on the overall LB depth chart, but that is more from a lack of practice time than a comment on Jackson ‘s talent.

(MikeV73) Heard Darius James mentioned in a thread for the first time all summer, is he poised for some playing time with or without the suspended guys in the fold?
Charlie Strong said Darius James or Marcus Hutchins will start in place of Desmond Harrison (suspension). We’re told it will be James.

Playing time in the opener is basically an audition for James. If he proves capable at OT, then Wickline has more flexibility on where he uses other reserves.

(CapnHook) Any update on Hammad's status?
Rami Hammad elected to transfer after meeting with coaches.
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