It's NFL Draft Day - we aren't going to debate whether or not today should be a national holiday. That's too easy.

Instead we're taking sides on the Houston Texan's No. 1 overall pick in the draft. There's no arguing that Houston needs a quarterback. The question is whether or not Johnny Manziel is worth the top pick in the draft?

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Hello, Houston? What's the problem? - Matt Cotcher

The Houston Texans are on the clock. What are they waiting for?
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The Texans bungled a similar chance when they did not select hometown hero Vince Young in 2006. Tonight they have a unique opportunity to make amends with their fans by selecting Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Manziel has been the most exciting player in college football over the last two years. He, almost singlehandedly, has eased A&M in the SEC.

Lest we forget Matt Schaub's record-setting proclivity for throwing pick-6's - the Texans need a quarterback. Like, right now. Like, tonight. Like, with the first overall pick.

Some fans are hung up about Manziel's off field antics. The counterpoint to that is Cam Newton - now that he's a professional football player, nobody cares about what happened at Auburn. Newton's attitude and abilities are more suited to the pro game...and Manziel's are too.

And for those of you that are worried about Manziel's skills on the field - Jon Gruden knows more about quarterbacking than you...

Most importantly Manziel will sell tickets and jerseys. His revenue impact is in a different stratosphere compared to any other first round choice. You're not being honest with yourself if you don't think the Texans are weighing the bottom line impact of potential selections.

There isn't a choice with the first pick - not if the Texans want instant results.

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- Sean Adams
I've remarked over and over again that I would love for Johnny Manziel to be my college quarterback. If it goes a step higher than that I get scared.

Some teams do everything they can to win championships. Those teams would be the New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, etc. Some teams look to turn a profit but winning appears to not be a high priority. Those teams would be the Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns, etc.

I could see Johnny Manziel going to the latter group. In a league where coaches have a short shelf life and forgiveness is hard to get, drafting a guy who's highlight reel is 80% off-schedule plays scares the fire out of me.

I hope I'm dead wrong on Manziel because he is must watch television. I fear that if he can't make plays within the structure of an offense to take a team down the field and score, he's going to end up injured and ultimately ineffective.

When he gets to the NFL, his legs don't have to be special - they should just accent his work in the pocket. He, along with Mike Evans, made a bad football team at Texas A&M look good and have some special moments.

He is a huge risk in the first round of the NFL.